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September 6

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Am rakesh as reiki master teacher here i got lot of initation anyway i have here previous account here bt just cant open so i made new pls all r visit my event gift of cure and love n respect ed crish comomish sir

What brought you here?

Ooo god too much love n respect here and much more trespect ''''' i got re too much initation n i will work for saint qnd good peple tnx god aand sir crisj comish

What can you contribute?

Always am ready to giv eany free event and contribute any money for ds site cz ds site is very valuable site for each good persons in wd out any relogion


Am very happy to speek ds my teacher d auther of ds site respected mr crish comish and mr rajendran and very raspected swammi krira babaji in personal i studdied much more energy wrks ,,, ask personal wd 'me


Resppected insdteen and me too love shree math bhagavath geetha,,,, and upanishad specially isavasyopanisad,,, and،،، sooktha sudha,,, anyway also mr comish gave me ethernal sprit,,, ds only,,,


Oooo,,, i like,,only drama,,, sorry fear frnds,,, i so like,,,,, shakespeear,,,


Yesudas),,,,, indian classic


Usui reiki, kundalini reilki,green tara reiki, medicinal buddha reiki, orb of life, shamballa reiki, dragon، gift of cure، kriya yoga، svf,fsh, meridian flush، gemstone initation, imara reilki,karuna ki reiki, and 'more

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