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March 5

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From the age of 7 I knew I had to work with the energies and wanted to be a massage therapist. I saw something the other kids did not see shadows in my bedroom ceiling at night when I slept at night. Over time we found that accounts of javais difficulé at school. I saw several specialists and they are coming to the conclusion that I had what name is a deficit of attention with hyperactivity . So I started to take the famous ritalin , which fesait me at all , so I never go on the drugs. Until I meet with the time that my life was a real mess , and at 28 I had to do something to make my life and take my hands. That's what I did I go see a specialist and I start to take another medication that makes me much better and since my life has meaning. I began to receive many messages from above and made ​​my massage a healing massage . you'll say yes to my poor drug can be but one thing I know it helped my find my true indentity .

What brought you here?

Which brings me here is to understand, learn and which is principally a place with people like me who peuvents me help me and listen. Because in society we can not talk openly about what we live every day , principally made me feel that all massage therapy . Have a place where I 'm no tried and well being.

What can you contribute?

I think it is important to be able to contribute and know that we are not alone in what we are experiencing . Ness of research before I did not know I was a kid Indigo . I know that today I learned alone. I want to be there when someone needs to talk , I know only too well how we may feel alone and push .


All this has the subject: Healing and Personal Development , I love Marie-Lise Labonté .


Patrick Bernard, Deva Premal, Anael, Karunesh, Guy Sweens,


My goal to be a better person silk understand every ache, To find what for , accept and heal. Be able to help other people who are like me suffered as I suffered in the last four years.

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Karine Chamberland

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  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you are! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light

  • "Happy Birthday!"

  • Karine, I am delighted to welcome you to the City of Shamballa.
    Blessings of Love & Light,

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