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Hey, i am 29, I'm about 3 years into my Spiritual Awakening. Everyday is Magical. I am Reiki Level 3 attuned. The Path and teachings that have been a constant, resonated from the start, is that of the Ascended Masters, its a passion, i feel as close to them as anyone in this earthly life. I also study The Seven Rays of Creation, very very into that. I am a truth seeker. Also with what i have gathered and discerned so far is. I am a Blue Ray Empath, from Sirius, through the divine feminine. Transmuter. Also treading around ascension, but have alot of ego/shadow/healing to do before i can make any true progress. Also getting into sound healing, sacred geometries, and most recently, last night actually, i was called again to the Kabbalah, through the aurasoma equilibrium i searched up. So now the 72of god's angels, hebrew alphabet, it all spoke volumes to me. Discovering my 3 Angels was so lovely.

What brought you here?

I was studying the esoteric astrology of the seven Rays, then in between sites, i see this as a link and instantly clicked it. Also i then went on youtube to search Shamballa frequencys, and the most amazing one did.

What can you contribute?

Lots of Reiki healing energy, of Love and Light. Communications that will plant seeds. Empathy. Fairness. I promise to speak from my soul, when i do so, i know i have the ability to strike chords of resonance and harmony within. All contributions will be for the Highest Good of the all.


My Reiki Master, Steven, he is my earthly teacher, i have certainly had others cross my path. The other teachers are all being of Love and Light who communicate their wisdom and teachings for all of humanity.


Awakened Empath, Ancient Wisdom of the masters, design the mind, George Harrison, here comes the sun.


I am really really not into movies. I do not watch t.v, or own one for myself. i have them in the house, but its not for me. Even when it once was, i was never able to sit through a movie or want to.


Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, John Lennon, these 3 are the ones who touch my soul the most through their words music, but their souls, they were great beings, who shared so much wisdom and love. Any music i listen to is older music. All sorts, but always 60's 70's


To be a world wide healer and teacher, to spread vast amounts of love and light. To communicate a deep profound message, deep enough to make a difference, to give people knowledge of their true nature, gifts and what we are, Spirit. To heal the hurts of all i come into contact with, that need it. But more importantly be the mirror that will activate the healer in themselves

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  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for being you! We appreciate you! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you are! May abundant blessings be upon you always. Love and Light
  • Hello Georgia! Its nice to see and meet you here.Welcome to the website!

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    I am delighted to welcome you to The City of Shamballa. Infinite Blessings & Overlighting Energies of The Creator's Love & Crystalline Rainbow Light with Ever-Unfolding & Expanding Enlightenment, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You in Every Moment !

  • Welcome to the City of Shamballa! Wishing you many blessings and Love and Light always. 

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