This is the 6th video in the Transformational Meditation series. i just created a new public video playlist with 6 of the 8 videos in the series: . Even though you will see & be able to view 9 vidoes in the playlist right now, please know that the last 3 videos in the playlist are not in the original series - but are definitely powerful trnasformational videos for ascension & spritual growth that I produced earlier.

And now we merge with our Soul & call forth the Light of God from Source in the Great Central Sun... that Divine Light that Illumines our Soul... that allows us to expand our awareness  into new & higher levels of Consciousness... that allows us to expand our awareness into the plane of Pure Divine Intuition...into the Divine Essence beyond form. And we learn the use of visualizing Triangles of Divine Light connecting our Ajna chakra and our Crown Chakra and a point just above our right eye to bring thru God's Light & clear negative & unwanted thought forms not of God's Light... and we visualize another Triangle of Divine Light connecting points just above each eye to our crown chakra to bring thru Divine Intuition thru our emotional body... and we use the Triangle connecting our Ajna & Crown chakras to the point just above our right eye to bring thru Divine Intuition thru our mental body.

And we allow ourselves to play in the plane of Pure Divine Intuition.... the plane of Pure Divine Knowingness... the plane of Pure Being. We allow ourself to experience the Divine Peace & Joy & Serenity in this plane of Pure Intuition. And from this Plane we bring forth thru our Intuition guidance for important decisions in our life... guidance about our Soul's Divine Purpose...


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