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Sit and enjoy a cup of tea with us. We'll discuss the different kinds of tea, the health benefits of tea, and why tea complements healing, meditation, and health. Relax and enjoy! 

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  • the following table and information is from the Matcha.My website.

    Below table shows the comparison between preparation of Usu-cha and Koi-cha

      Usu-Cha (Thin tea) Koi-Cha (Thick tea)
    Matcha Amount 2g (about 2 scoops) 4g (About 4 scoops)
    Water Volume 60ml 30ml
    Water Temperature 70 Degree Celcius 70 Degree Celcius
    Whisk Type 50-120 prongs whisk 32-50 prongs whisk
    Whisk Movement Rapid "W" or "M" Movement Slow 360 degree rotating
    Results Thin tea covered with foam

    Shiny thick tea with no foam

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  • Welcome to the Tea Room Maggie! Thanks for joining!
  • I LOVE the Zisha teapot. I collect them and would love to have this one in my collection! Thanks Angelite!

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  • Thanks for the beautiful picture of the guywan, Angelite. Sorry I haven't been here in awhile, but there have been some issues I've had to deal with. I will, however, try to check in more often.

  • In another site to which I belong, there's a discussion about whether green tea or black tea is healthier. I know that the main reason I drink tea is to relax and enjoy it. So here's the question. Do you drink tea for the health benefits, for enjoyment, or for both?

  • Glad you're an all arounder! I happen to think that the Chinese teas are some of the best out there. I do, however, have a soft spot for Margaret's Hope second flush SFTGFOP, and I'll pick some up when I can get it.

    As for white tea, you'll find that VERY subtle compared to other teas. With the Silver Needle, while it is THE ULTIMATE white tea, unless you're willing to really pay attention to things like mouth feel and aftertaste, you might mistake it for just a cup of hot water. If you can find it, I would suggest you might start out with Sow Me or White Peony.

    If you order off the net, I can give you a couple of websites to explore.

  • Amen Grant! Do you have a favorite tea, or do you like to play around with different teas?

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Things seem to be a bit slow here, so I'm inviting all members to let me know what they would like to discuss or learn about. There's a reason we all joined this group, so it might be a good idea to let each other know what they were. Don't be shy about posting a discussion yourself. After all, this group belongs to each of us. Let's get things going, and feel free to invite your friends!

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How and when do you use tea?

You'll notice I said "use" instead of "drink". We are all aware that tea is usually thought of as a drink, but there are other uses for it as well. I usually make a pot of tea just before meditation. I find it relaxes me, takes most of the tension and stress of the day away, and puts me in a thoughtful frame of mind. I will also have some tea before I go to sleep, and I especially like to have a cup of Hojicha by my bedside while reading, watching television, or just reflecting on my day.…

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