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The group of who received the initiation and have feelings to share,questions to put on this subject

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  • Hi! I'am joining this site in hopes that a blessing isn't a secret anymore.
  • very good dear Ayse Banu.

    it is recomanded for the applying person to  stand up.

    the applied person can sit down.

  • this feels like absolute love of Creator pouring into you from your head. it feels intense yet gentle and enveloping. though I have a question Sebastian, if the applying person or the one being applied to has problem standing up, can they sit down?

  • i feel / see Energy/ Light coming thgrou Crown fill me and go from right hand to the person i bless, and also i feel Love, Compassion for each one.

    it is differnt from person to person

    i never get enough from enjoying it

    how do you all feel?

  • Indra, I am still trying to find my way around this site. Life as well :0)  You mention "just like the instructions say."  Where does one read the instructions?

    Thank you for your response.

  • @ Robin,  I am an Acupuncturist and give this blessing to my patients each time i see them.  If they seem like they will not understand, I do it in the adjacent room, in their direction.  I do it just like the instructions say.  I will often then touch their high Heart and allow more energy flow.  Sometimes I will have both hands palm down above them and allow what ever Goddess come through to bless them as well.  I often see a spiral of Golden light moving into them.  Or Violet, or Emerald.  It depends on what ever happens spontaneously.  I feel it is important to stick to the original form initially and allow Spirit to inspire you.  Form is important to keep you impeccable in your approach, sure in your intention and above all to keep you from becoming sloppy and complacent.  We must remain humble and grateful the wind of Blessing is blowing through us and not be arrogant enough to believe we are the wind itself :)   This is how it seems to me at this time.

  • When you practice the art of Blessing, just how do each of you go about it?

    Many blessings to each of you....


  • i will bless you dear Barbara just after i will write this message.

  • I sure could use some extra blessings since the man I was living passed away on Feb 1st of this year. He left me heartbroken and in a financial mess. Thank you. (((Hugs)))


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