To seek clarity in anything in our life is the vision of the aspirant who dares to step beyond the realms of the norm. As spiritual aspirants we are seeking constantly for the clarity of our Higher Purpose and Intended Roles that we are now only just becoming consciously aware of. Without clarity we continue to be bogged down with our past manifestations of fear, the illusion of love, confusion, drama or the belief of separation.

To cut through the multilayered facades of our duality and illusions we need to continue to integrate and embody the Essence of Sacred Forgiveness. This embodiment shall lead us to our desired Divine Purposes where we shall be able to live our lives free of all that no longer serves us, all that has no purpose within the Higher Realms of the One Heart and One Consciousness.

It is only when one asks for clarity that clarity is given. This new information will remind the aspirant to open to the possibility of new perceptions through their inner knowingness. These new feelings then have the potential to lift the person out of the old routine ways. They have the potential of setting brand new pathways and to open new doors that they never thought existed. I say potential, because there is always free will at play and this free will within the ego always has the choice to stay in the old energy, belief patterns and programs or not. To find the Freedom and Inner Peace that we seek, first and foremost we must be honest with ourselves.

Honesty is simply Truth. Honesty in its simplest form means consistency. What do I mean when I say consistency? If we are to be honest, we must first “understand” that there must be a constant within the realisation of the Truth. If we are confused as what is true or false then by sheer definition we cannot be honest, for consistency does not follow. Honesty automatically relates back to the attribute of Trust. It is Trust that gives us the ground work to be consistent in the Truth, undeterred, unwavering and unaffected by impromptu attacks by others. “The Truth we speak of has no past and no future. It just IS the Truth”.

Forgiveness facilitates the shifts within our lives that hold us back. In forgiveness we no longer struggle with what we believe ‘should’ be, but embrace more of life as it IS. It is where we “respond” rather than “react”. Here, we let go of the past and whatever we think people have done to us, or what we think we have done to them. In forgiveness, we free ourselves to embrace the present without the need to continually react to our past where our fears, guilt and angers reside. When we forgive, we dissolve the past from within our cellular memories, so that we never have to play these old paradigm games again.

Forgiveness unites us within the Oneness of Love without separation and without judgement. In Ho’oponpono we see everything is within us and while we continue to project fear, anger, and judgements upon others we are truly accepting these as ourselves. Forgiving self is where the highest result occurs, for when we forgive ourselves all else is forgiven. This is the place where you have accepted full responsibility for the creations of separation that you have manifested in the first place. This is a huge step to take, and this requires great courage and fortitude. To be able to own everything in your life, all relationships, all actions, all wounds, all ideas of victim hood, to see everything as self created and self perpetuated is the mile stone for change to occur. Without this ultimate realisation, true Freedom cannot be Realised!

In forgiveness when Truth is spoken from the Heart, there are no comparisons, no contrasts, no tags or pigeon holes; forgiveness never attacks another! While we hold forgiveness within our Heart, the state of Freedom is created. Here, you have released all judgements, fears and angers. There is no more guilt or projection of expectations upon another. Here in this Freedom, we find Innocence. Where the Love that you have accepted for yourself is so full of Divine Light, Love is your own protection. This is a place of humility, where one does not need to prove him or herself any longer, where happiness and joy is found in every breath. Here is where we allow our Divine Purpose to resonate and begin to show us the way to create Heaven on Earth. It is this Sacred place of Forgiveness that we see the Perfection in all things, even at the levels of the lower vibrational states of being, where we are in complete acceptance and allowance of them. Padma Prakash said……

Perfection is not to be without its flaws, but to live in the revealing of truth in each, and every, moment. We step out of truth the moment we judge, attack, defend and justify; the moment we stop living in the forgiving, is the moment we stop giving.

So Beloved Ones, it is not about denying where you are or what you have experienced, it is about embracing it all. It is about acknowledging it as part of yourself, as one part and the combined consciousness of humanity. You are now realising that you are both. Through Sacred Forgiveness your Divine Freedom will surface along with your Divine Purpose and why you have come to Earth at this most auspicious time. You are becoming more aware of your Truth because you are listening to your inner voices now. You are being encouraged to let go of the past, release the old beliefs that keep you in that place of resistance and to rise above the illusion. Through Sacred Forgiveness you shall realise the Power that you are and the Light that you shine.


by Peter Melchizedek

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Dear Amba,

Thanks for this message of Forgiveness ....That will bring Freedom for you...

Dear Amba,

Thanks for the Prayer of Forgiveness...!


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