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The Rite of Renunciation
Our collective initiation of the transfiguration, established through the previous Rite of Passage, continues with ever increasing vigor as we progress into the deeper phases of personality dissolve.
Up until this moment in time, our evolutionary development has been centered upon the pain of karma. This constant circling upon the karmic wheel finally comes to an end when we reach the point of truly realizing the self as Divine. It is during the experience of this revelation that we leave behind all selfishness, suffering and sorrow and enter into a state of natural great peace.
The Rite of Renunciation assists us to relinquish all remaining hold to the personal identity.  As we offer ourselves as hollowed instruments, free of personality entrapment, we are finally liberated from the unending cycle of death and rebirth and the illusion of suffering. We are now in an initiatory turning point before stepping through the eye of the needle to realize our immutable Greatness.
This Rite is perhaps one of the most challenging of all due to the required level of profound surrender in absolute humility.
A 12-Week Program September Equinox to December Solstice

You are Invited!

In this moment of human  history, it is incredible to behold the awe-inspiring power of Divine  Remembrance springing forth from within the awakening hearts and minds  of the masses. We are bearing witness to the global revelation that not  only is God present within us but also that WE are the physical  reflection of the supreme Divine Presence upon the Earth.
After  years of successfully navigating the narrow road of self mastery fraught  with extraordinary challenges, the actualization of our true nature is  finally upon us. This inner realization of our union with Source is  rippling out to include all life as we come to understand on a tangible  level that every atom in creation is a part of the interconnected whole. As  a resonant group, we have been preparing all our life in order to make  the necessary commitment to go the distance in this exponential passage.  This is going to be one heaven of a ride, beloved Avatars, so gather  your ability to focus as we rise to meet our destiny through support  from these Rites of Passage.



1. Sunday Morning Delivery
We will send an email to you announcing each Rite of Passage. This will be delivered very early each Sunday morning, America time.
2. The Rites of Passage are Initiations in the Daily Life
These Rites are essentially initiations that build upon the other. If you are sincere and apply yourself in full focus, these initiations will be profoundly reflected in your daily life.
3. Text and Audio Support Materials: Important to Do BOTH!

Each Rite will have a PDF text article and an Mp3 Audio Transmission. These will be offered as downloads on our website.

The program is BOTH the PDF text and the MP3 transmission. The text and the audio are created differently and they go together. It is the energy BEHIND the words and BEHIND the voice that delivers codes. The text and audio combination helps to balance the right and the left brain hemispheres for a balanced understanding from the heart-mind!
It is recommended to print and read the text often. The audio is a sacred transmission that delivers codes to awaken remembrance. It is best to listen to the audio more than once and with headphones. 
4. When To Do It?

There is no pre-set time to read and listen to the Rites. We are all encouraged to do them when intuitively guided in order to receive the maximum benefit. This is all also reflected in your daily life experiences.

5. New and Full Moon Grid Transmissions
We will continue with our unified gathering on the Grid every new and full moon. This will assist to maintain the integrity and focus of our endeavor while in group formation and to give each other great support.
6. Rites of Passage Support Our Center of Illumination features a group forum for all active members to share in their direct experiences with the Rites of Passage. If you feel in need of this extra support, please consider joining us. Subscribe here as a Gold Ray member.


We will be guided through a greatly accelerated experience of back-to-back initiations which focus upon our collective entry into the internal unified state of God Realization, as a group consciousness.

Following are important guidelines of understanding to this endeavor...

  • This is a collective group undertaking.
  • Each Rite is taken over period of seven days and in this time period there may be sub-levels of initiation taking place. Each Rite builds upon the other, exponentially
  • Due to the acceleration of initiatory of energy from one Rite to the next, it is highly recommended that participants start at the beginning with Rite 1. We encourage everyone to start at the same time... September 23, 2012 and to remain committed until December 21, 2012.
  • We are calling forth those souls who are authentically ready to resurrect their life into a completely new system of energy.
  • We are initiated to overcome the physical world of matter including the relinquishing of all personal identification and emoting attachment to the physical plane.  This is not a casual undertaking. It requires your full and sincere daily focus for 12 weeks.
  • Through these Rites of Passage, we are further defining the emerging God Race as we demonstrate the most important characteristics of 5th dimensional conscious living in  our daily life.
  • Everyone can safely participate. This Passage program is purposefully designed (and coded) to lift everyone into expanded states of perception, no matter the level of consciousness.
  • There will be those among our group that are fully prepared to endure this quickened pace and realize a holy emergence. Others will participate in order to deepen certain understandings or to accelerate clearings and internal activations.  It is working on all levels and dimensions.
  • We have proven that the vibration of varying levels of consciousness, as this is contained within a higher vibrating group matrix, can be raised to directly experience heightened levels of awareness. The KEY to integration is to remain within the group energy field in order for the subsequent quickening to properly stabilize.

If you are not ready to undertake such a program for yourself, please remain connected with us. You will still benefit. It is for you that we are undergoing this accelerated initiatory experience.
Our progressive emergence as an enlightened group harmonic has high potential to ripple out through the Unified Field catalyzing a dynamic upshift in our level of unity consciousness thereby lifting off big pieces of the human framework and potentially foregoing, for the many, the long and difficult road to self-mastery.
It's a 12 week countdown.... let's give this our full and dedicated focus and with a GREAT CELEBRATION at year's end!


To Register
To participate, all that is required is to be on our mailing list. Each Rite will be delivered every Sunday morning through email, beginning September 23. If you have friends or groups of people from other networks that want to participate, please direct them to our subscription page here. Offered by Donation
In the spirit of abundance exchange, we ask for donations to this service if you are able. Due to this program being one of enlightened understandings, we are working on a system of absolute faith that everyone will comply.
These donations are being applied towards our multi-million dollar fundraising campaign for the 2013 Children of the Sun World Tour and Humanitarian Event. The purpose of this Tour and humanitarian undertaking is to bring our messages of unity and love out into the world, en masse. See the World Tour webite.

Translations in Many Languages

The Rites of Passage is offered in many languages of the world. The language offerings will be announced and all material will be posted on the website of Children of the Sun...at this page.

Dutch Download Page

English Download Page

Portuguese Download Page

Spanish Download Page

Romanian Download Page


Introduction to the Rites

Guidelines for Participation

How to Make a Donation

PDF Continent Schedule

PDF Etheric Retreats

PDF Flame Decrees  

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Hi Steven,

your  post is very interesting.I already read the 4 texts and, as we've  late, I heard   the first MP3, remaining until the end of the week the other 3.The rhytm  is pretty fast, but it can recover what was lost on September 22, when  started autumnal equinox. Sunday, October 21, enters the normal ritual.I will watch carefully  the announced transformations.



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