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Solar Killshot and the Worldwide Cover-Up

Use your own discernment with this information:-

In 2013, Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army (ret.) well known for his remote viewing capabilities, stated that he is very concerned about unprecedented events that will take place in the near future which will affect the whole world.

Edward A Dames - Quote from 2013:

"I am far more concerned with a global pandemic breaking out, concomitant with a worldwide economic collapse, and leading to a devastating solar flare hitting the planet. To that end, the emergence of the H7N9 bird flu in China really fits as a candidate for the pandemic."

Seven years later, the year 2020: World Health Organization declares Coronavirus as a pandemic break out -The world economy is on the brink of a financial and economic collapse and yes the H7N9 bird flu fits as a candidate for the pandemic.

In 2013, the Coronavirus in its current form was not yet known, so Edward A. Dames called it the H7N9 bird flu, or could he be right after all?

Now, published a disturbing report in which “A Chinese Intelligence Officer reveals true magnitude of China’s fake “Coronavirus” Crisis”?

Quote: “I am a senior Chinese military intelligence officer and I know the truth about the “corona virus” outbreak. It is far worse than the media are telling you.”

Quote: “It is currently flu season in China. When we realized that we could no longer control the spread of the biological agent, we sent our men to all the hospitals and instructed all doctors to diagnose every case of the common flu as “Coronavirus”. We came up with a new name - 2019 - nCoV — and handed out “fact sheets” that described a made-up illness.” Read entire article at:

So far it seems that Edward Dames got it right with his predictions but what about a devastating solar flare will hit the planet.

Currently we transit from Solar Cycle 24 to Solar Cycle 25. Quote: “While we are not predicting a particularly active Solar Cycle 25, violent eruptions from the sun can occur at any time,” said Doug Biesecker, Ph.D., panel co-chair and a solar physicist at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

About the strange Ezekiels Wheel like UFO spotted next to the sun.This specific object is also depicted in ancient hieroglyphs, mentioned in the Mayan culture as well as in the Aztec culture and also depicted in crop circles.

It is a reference to the very nature of its existence, in ancient scrolls translated Eziekels Wheel posses immense power of destruction. According to scholars, when Ezekiels Wheel is near the sun it has the power to disrupt the sun.

We also have reported several times about the large formations of UFOs caught on the ISS live feed. So far it is unknown why they appear, only to pass Earth to travel further into space to all directions, or it must be that they are fleeing for something, because they know what's coming.

As Edward A. Dames predicted in 2013, there will be a precursor (Ezekiels Wheel?) to a solar storm, which will lead to a devastating solar flare, similar to the Carrington Event in 1859.

What is happening now, it looks like they use 'the worldwide Coronavirus (read biological agent) outbreak’ as a mind control tool for various purposes to further restrict people's rights and freedom, including to distract and to prepare the world population for a devastating solar storm in the near future.

Ed Dames will get it right with his prediction about an expected solar killshot? Time will tell!

Meanwhile, two days ago again a formation of UFOs appeared on the ISS live feed while passing - at a safe distance - from the planet Earth.

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