Day 23- June 14, 2013

Mighty Virgo

Divine Director of the Earth Element & Fifth Secret Ray  for Elemental Life

Color-Similar to Tourquoise

Virgo is a  cosmic being who rules from the sun of even pressure in the centre of the earth. Virgo is sometimes called Proserpina, Mother Earth, Gaia or the Goddess of Earth. Her quality is constancy. Her Divine Compliment is Pelleur. These twin flames govern the earth element, and are mother and father to billions and billions of gnomes who tend earth in the four seasons. Virgo and Pelleur, they also especially self sacrificing in that they accomplish carrying a great weight of planetary karma, so that mankind can further his higher evolutionary path.

The Elementals of the Earth Element are Gnomes, Devas and Nature Spirits.  They are the Builders of Form in Nature, both below and above the surface of the Earth. Gnomes are gentle and powerful beings created by Elohim, who range in size from three-inch-high elves, to three-foot dwarfs, to the mighty giants known as the mountain kings and queens. They (Gnomes ) represent the flame of the holy spirit to the earth and are comforters that express beauty and caring to Nature. Gnomes can look like small almost dwarf like beings with human similarities and they have a special opportunity to evolve from the elemental kingdom and receive the divine spark and be endowed with a three-fold flame through service. As such Gnomes and humanity have a mutual opportunity to assist each other's evolutionary platforms.

We need Gnomes and Elemental Life to help mitigate the pressures that build up in Earth that can manifest itself as forms of cataclysm. Mankind can assist the burdens that Elementals and Gnomes are charged to Help with, by giving Violet Flame calls to alleviate the buildup of the mass weight the Earth holds as misqualified energy. There are also giant Elemental beings that can actually hold even a greater balance for entire continents. When Earth was first created it was made beautiful by the nature kingdom. The Earth itself was filled with crystalline and Rainbow hued manifestations filling the Earth. It truly was a platform that reflected the Spiritual essences adorned and throughout the habitat of the Earthly form. It was in this harmony that Earth and Nature mirrored mankind's adherence and integration of his connection to divine source. Mighty Virgo & Pelleur created land masses, which were originally translucent there was no shadow.

The Centre of the Earth is under the direction of an Intelligent Being, known as the Earth Elemental. The Heart of the planet Earth is the Sun of Even Pressure. Its Light is sent out through the formations to the surface where it brings forth all plant life - all crops, flowers and trees which make it possible for the physical body of Mankind to survive.  The Sun of Even Pressure in the Centre of the Earth is the grounding force for the electromagnetic field on a form world. It is also the anchor for the mind-gravity circuits of the Solar System, the Planetary System and the Universal System of Leptonic Communications. It is also the life force of the soil formations.

Virgo, along with her complement, Pelleur, are Cosmic Beings who provided the substance of Earth when it was originally formed and to this day direct the Earth element and all elemental activity of the gnomes. It is their role to purify and raise all Earth based structures into light substance. They greatly assist in the balance and stabilization of Earth changes including the monitoring of inner Earth activity, gaseous belts, tectonic plate movement and the shifting of the poles. May we give great gratitude to the Earth Elementals and make our calls for continuing ease and grace of Earth changes during the on-going cleansing activities under the direction of Virgo and Pelleur.  We can call their cosmic rays into areas of vulnerability such as earthquake fault lines, volcanoes and other certain anomalies where there could be release of pressure during Earth’s movements of expansion.

Gnomes are coming out in Nature to Reveal themselves to Us

(According to the Web-site, these pictures were not photo shopped in any way other than enlarging, cropping & enhancing colours to bring the object into a clearer image)


Mighty Virgo’s Gifts

Purification of the Earth Element And Purification of Your Bodies

"Now just so in the atomic structure of your bodies: as you call to your Mighty I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters or Cosmic Beings to blaze through you, Their Cosmic Blue Lightning of Cosmic Purity, It will enter into the very substance of your flesh; burn out, dissolve and consume those rates of vibration or qualities within your flesh, which are not pure. That is why your beloved Saint Germain, in the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, has given you a Blessing and a Scepter of Power, which you will not completely appreciate and understand, until you are wholly Ascended and Free. . . . "

Planet Earth, Gaia Shifting - Daily Call/decree to the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters

Message from Mighty Virgo

" . . . The Earth originally was made of Pure Transparent Substance through which played the various colors of the rainbow, each producing a substance of its own special quality, all of which in the beginning, was magnificently beautiful and all of which emitted Light; but the discord generated by mankind through the centuries and the impurity in their thoughts and feelings have condensed, into substance that was once crystal clear, the vibratory action which has made the structure of earth become the density and the color you see at the present. Just the same as if you took a glass of water and poured into that a definite coloring matter.

"I want you to feel this closely. Suppose you put in one color clean and beautiful, and then put in another color which did not harmonize with that, yet the second might be magnificently beautiful by itself; but if the two did not harmonize when you put them together, you would only have a dirty, muddy color. Well, that is exactly what has taken place in the Structure of Earth. Anybody who understands anything about the mixing of colors, knows you can take two perfectly clean colors and put them together, and if you have a third product that is different from either one and yet beautiful within itself, when it is put into combination with that which is not harmonious, it produces an ugly color.

"... I AM the Mother of this planet and the Cosmic Mother of all the mankind evolving thereon to a certain extent, beloved children, for your vehicles are partially composed of the elements that make up My Own Body. It was My privilege to be among Those Who answered the invitation of the beloved Helios and Vesta for Free Beings to assist Them after They were vested with the Power and Authority to create a Planetary Scheme.

"Their invitation brought together the Elohim, the Silent Watchers, the Directors of the Forces of the Elements and other Cosmic Beings Who had heard the Call and chose within Themselves to offer Their Momentums of Love and Light to the Sun God and Goddess of the new System. They offered for acceptance the particular Gifts, Powers, Qualities of Energy and Magnetization of Light that might be utilized for the formation, development, externalization and sustenance of the planets that were to be brought into manifestation.

"From among the Beings Who thus offered Their services, the beloved Pelleur — My Twin Flame - and Myself - were chosen to create the platform upon which mankind might stand. That platform was created, beloved ones, in the manner that has been described to you so frequently; that is, by the coalescing of the electrons around a central core, which forms the atoms; the atom in turn vibrating at a speed which would withstand the weight of the bodies of the people.

"Now, as expressed in the lines of your lovely song - 'Beloved Virgo', the Earth itself, as well as the etheric and physical bodies of the people emanated Light and there was no shadow upon them at any time when the great Lord Michael and the First Root Race came to Earth . . . There had not yet been intruded into the forcefields around the atom any of the discord and heaviness which came after the Earth had accepted the laggards from the other stars and planets. 

"Therefore, to create continental surface for the people of Earth, We did condense Electronic Light, but We did not have to slow down the speed of the electrons to their present vibratory action - that came later through human discord. . . . At that time - because of the very rapid revolution of the electrons around the central core of each atom - the Earth was brilliant, translucent and crystalline. . . . The bodies of the people felt the buoyancy, of the Activity of Light from the Center of the Earth, as well as the Radiation from the beloved Aries and the beloved Neptune and even from the Sun Itself.

"However, as time went on and after the laggards had come and the mankind of Earth had absorbed into themselves the shadowed thoughts and feelings in which these individuals indulged, the bodies of the Earth people became heavier and more dense - and I might say that this density has become more pronounced as time progresses.

"As you have been told, these laggards were individuals who were not harmonious enough to advance with their own Stars in a procession toward the Cosmic Goal for which they were created - (the ultimate perfection of which even Alpha and Omega Themselves are not fully cognizant).

"As their native Stars progressed, these recalcitrant lifestreams were forced to withdraw, not being able to stand the Higher Vibrations into which their 'home' planets had advanced, and would have become what is called 'planetary orphans' (which might be likened to people on Earth who make themselves unfit to become or remain citizens of any country) if our dear Earth had not offered them homes and habitations here, to her later sorrow.

"As the shadowed thoughts and feelings of these visitors began to go forth into the atmosphere, they created an effluvia or 'smog' which, in time, penetrated into the consciousness of the 'innocents' (the Earth people). This, of course, lowered the vibratory action of the electrons which formed the atoms of the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies of the people, and, as all these vibrations find their final repository in the flesh, it was inevitable that the flesh bodies of the inhabitants of Earth would be likewise bogged down. . . . .

"Then, in Mercy We, Who represent the Guardians of the landed Surface of the Earth, had to lower the vibrations of the electrons composing its atoms, so that it could sustain the heavier weight of its evolutions - but still holding the pure and perfect Focus of the God Essence or Light within the central core of the electrons, which arrangement remains to this present day. . . .

"Through the long ages that have been since that time, mankind has continued to impose upon the substance of our beautiful planet that which they call 'soil' - (well named, indeed!). However, for your comfort, beloved ones, let Me say that in the fulfillment of God's Divine Plan, all of Earth's substance shall one day again become the Glory and Perfection of Freedom's Star.

"Now, today, beloved children, We are acknowledging the purification of your physical bodies. Most of you know that all of your bodies function in ovoid form, each body composed of the element of the plane to which It belongs.

"The flesh form is the smallest of these bodies, being placed within the center of the etheric body, which interpenetrates it. The mental body is outside of that, the emotional or feeling world occupying the outermost position - each body inter-penetrating the one inside it for a certain distance, but all four forming a perfect ovoid. You will understand then that as the Light descends from the Electronic Presence through what is called the 'silver cord' it passes through the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies (in just that order) and anchors within your physical heart. . . . "

" . . . You have been told that if the Flame within the heart (the Holy Christ Self (*) in action) is not allowed absolute control of that flow of Energy, these various bodies will, like ill-trained animals, rush to seize that Energy and use it for their own selfish ends before the Master of the household (the Christ Self Who dwells within the Flame in your heart) may designate to what purpose that Energized Life shall be directed and released.

"As We have worked with you all through this class, We have attempted to purify your bodies - dislodging from the emotional, mental and etheric vehicles the accumulation of shadows which you have drawn into the forcefields around the electrons forming the atoms of those inner bodies.

"Now, today, while I AM speaking to you, We are endeavoring to render this same service for your flesh body to allow a purer flow of Light from your I AM Presence into the Immortal Threefold Flame within your heart, so that from now on the Holy Christ Self within you will - in cooperation with the outer mind - be the Conscious Director of what your emotional body will do; how much of God's Energy it is wise to bestow upon it; what virtue the lifestream was destined to contribute to the planet through it - and no more!

"Then, in cooperation with the Holy Christ Self, you should decide how much of the God-Energy shall be devoted to constructive mental pursuits, and how much to the creation and sustainment of the thought images you wish to bring into manifestation, being careful not again to allow the mental body to conjure up those constant pictures of a discordant nature which steal so much of your precious energy even at times when you are trying to have a quiet moment or enter sleep.

"Under this supervision, your mental body will take its place as a constructive creative center, receiving from the Divine Presence those Ideas which It would like to manifest upon the Earth. . . . It will then cooperate with you and create out of the Universal Light any form to which you direct Its attention, but It will have no traffic with the intrusion of the discordant thought forms of others or the thought forms that your mental body conjures up in its idle moments when the conscious mind is off guard. 

"The mental, emotional and etheric bodies of mankind have been like untrained children - they have rudely seized upon the God-Energy and, without the Authority or Direction of the Christ Self or even of the unwise soul, have filled your temples (bodies) with imperfection... The example of the beloved Jesus clearing the Temple of impurity and imperfection in His day is symbolical of the very Service which We are endeavouring to perform for you today..."

"... In a home, a parent dealing with the children who are the obligation of his lifestream, provides for them physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually, to the best of his ability, and he wisely delegates the substance of his world to their welfare... This is the position you must take, beloved ones, with regard to the vehicles which the Holy Christ Self created for you in obedience to the fiat of your individualized I AM Presence. All your endeavours should be bent toward the fulfilment of the Divine Plan of That Presence through the various planes of consciousness to which your lower bodies belong while you have yet the time and the opportunity..."

"You are our hope!" - MESAGE FROM PELLEUR

"I recognize your call, and I AM answering in person. This is Pelleur. It is interesting and encouraging to know, there are those on the Earth's surface who have some idea of the possibility that God Beings can and do exist within the interior of the Earth. We think We have less to contend with than you; for We do not have extremes of temperature, nor seasons of heat and cold. We have the 'Eternal White Light' which is soft and restful. Our climate is very delightful, like that of the semi-tropics on Earth. Your America will one day have something quite similar; and yet, there will always be some slight change of seasons. They will be much less severe, than those you have at present. We have what might be called the 'Eternal Sun of Even Pressure.' This produces an atmosphere that is always of equal pressure and harmonious to all who live within It.

"The Mighty I AM Presence provides perfect conditions in every phase of Its expression. If all the world could but realize and understand this, the terrible agony that fear produces, would drop away entirely from the humanity on Earth's surface. You see, I AM cognizant of many of Earth's conditions outside of My Own Activity here; for when We, as you, reach into God's Mind, all knowledge can be obtained, because Our Motive is Pure and Unselfish."


When the planet Earth was to be created, Virgo and Pelleur (Twin Rays) offered Their services to produce or supply the substance of the earth element, which would hold form for the water element as well as provide (stationary) substance, or substance of a vibratory rate that would support the weight of the bodies of mankind, and upon which they could live. This earth substance was created from the atoms formed by drawing (pure) electrons around a central core.

The Cosmic Being Pelleur's Focus is in the Center of the Earth, where there is the Sun of Even Pressure and continuous soft light - and vegetation of ivory and pink. This Focus is an Action of the Threefold Flame that radiates a pressure of the Silence and a balancing Action. Complete Harmony is maintained by the inhabitants.


Excerpt from "21Eessential Lessons" – compiled by Werner Schroeder from "The Bridge to Freedom Journals" editor Thomas Printz


When the Earth was first created, it was made beautiful by the nature kingdom. Under the supervision of beloved Virgo (director or the Earth Element), Amaryllis, the Goddess of Spring, the trees were brought forth. Mighty Neptune (director of the Water element) created the crystal-clear waters. Beloved Aries (Director of the Air Element) brought forth the air that the children of the earth breathe. The Angels came as guardians of the God-virtues, and the Divine plan was for the three Kingdoms - the elemental, human and angelic kingdoms – to serve together, each one evolving ever upward into greater perfection.


Elementals were created to SERVE mankind through their own particular element; the salamanders through fire; the undines through water; the sylphs and fairies through the air, and the gnomes through the earth element. Some are called nature spirits and nature devas. Elementals are the workers of nature. It is through the effects and use of their life that these little Beings supply man with the garments of flesh which they wear, the water they drink, the food so abundantly supplied, the air they breathe, and everything required to sustain him on Earth. The Divine plan was for man to be served in LOVE and in turn mankind was to pour love and gratitude and blessings back to the Elemental Kingdom. If you were to stand an elemental, a man and an angel before the chalice on your altar, this is how it would appear to each consciousness: the elemental would see all of is little friends right in the glass that makes up that format – their shining faces, their tiny bodies sustaining the outline of the cup and the stem; the man would see the glass and judge its worth, wondering if it were crystal or otherwise, and the angel would see the powers of the Sacred Fire, drawn by your invocation and decrees, flowing through the cup. The activities of all three kingdoms are necessary to have a perfect manifestation in the world of form. The Earth represents the density – the physical body, the form. Water represents the emotional body. Water is the greater part of your energy. Air is your freedom; fire is the power of purification and immortality.

Young children often see and even play with fairies and other beings of the elements, for which, (if they let it be known) they are usually chastised by their parents and others. Elementals range in size from less that one-eights of an inch to eighty feet. There are some large undines of that size in the oceans. Elementals, in their natural state, act only in divine love. Their nature is to mimic or out-picture that which they see. They are primarily mental beings (el-e-mental meaning "mind of God").



The elemental kingdom evolves from the tiniest intelligence into builders of form, nature devas, Elohim, Silent Watchers, and Directors of Elemental Life (air, water, earth and fire). The builders of form may create the bodies of mankind. They perform this service together with beloved Mary (mother of Jesus), who forms the heart. Nature devas may supervise the creation of a garden and mountains, valleys and lakes. Elohim create the planets of a galaxy. Silent Watchers may guard the original blueprint for an entire planet or a galaxy. The Maha Chohan works closely with the elemental kingdom. The training of elementals starts in nature temples under the supervision of nature devas. They gather together and the deva creates out of his own Light body a beautiful blossom or some other design such as a blade of grass or a snowflake. Then all the little elementals in the class endeavour to embody a form just like it. They try to imitate that figure in shape, colour and design.

Here the elementals learn to master all of the qualities associated with creation – the motive and will to manifest, the perception of how to do it, the love for the endeavour, maintaining the clarity of the original design, the consecration and concentration to carry it through, the rhythm of application, (the willingness to manifest that design over and over again) and finally, the ability to envelop the design in peace and serenity.

At first, the elementals are only able to hold the picture for a second or two, but finally they can embody that form. If it is an apple blossom, the teacher in that temple notifies the nature devas that there is a group of elementals ready to become the blossoms on an apple tree in someone’s orchard. It sounds simple, and yet it takes centuries of training and self-control, not only on the part of the elementals, but of the teacher as well. But finally you have a lovely pink and white spring. The apple blossoms smell so sweet and people enjoy walking under them. The farmer has hope of a good crop in the autumn. The bees are happy as they make their honey, and the elemental is happy because he has fulfilled his purpose. Then, the short season completed, the blossom falls

and the elemental returns home for commendation, for rest and for re-assignment.

When the elemental is ready for a larger responsibility, such as being a nature deva, he may direct several elementals bringing forth, for example, a beautiful garden.

Some elementals graduate unto greater service and become devas who watch over an entire nation. A few elementals are chosen to work directly with the Maha Chohan. In this association they learn how to draw and direct those magnificent currents that govern all nature. This training enables some elementals to apply for the position of an Elohim. The Elohim, in a joint, cooperative action, create the planets of an entire galaxy.

Excerpt from: "Life and Teachings of Jesus and Mary" By ADK Luk (ADK Luk is the pseudo name of Alice Schutz, who was the secretary to both Guy Ballard the Geraldine Innocente – she had many notes from the lectures given by the Ascended Ones!)


"How long a blossom or shrub stays in physical manifestation to bless life depends on the

Elemental’s concentration, its holding the concept"

Invocation to Beloved Mighty Virgo


In The Name of My Mighty I AM Presence, I go Forth to heal Millions of Elementals in The Earth!

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self and by the Love, Wisdom and Power of my three-fold flame, I call forth by the action of transmutation.

By the fire of my being, multiplied by the Violet Flame, multiplied by the fire of the Great Central Sun and the Great Central Sun Magnet, I call forth this action on behalf of all Elemental Life, including my body elemental and the body elementals of all souls evolving on Planet Earth.

I call for that portion of the flame I invoke and all that I AM to go forth now to heal millions upon millions of elementals in the earth! This is a decree in the name of my own Christhood, in the name of my own becoming the Ascended Master who I shall be and who I am already, for the seed is within itself and the seed of my Mighty I AM Presence is with me in my heart! And therefore I dedicate those percentages allowed me by the Lords of Karma of the Fire of my life stream to the liberation of Elemental life.

This I do in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit and of the Universal Divine Mother. And I accept it done this hour in full power by the blessings of the Lords of Karma.

So be it and so it is!

Calls to Beloved Mighty Virgo for the Elementals


 Oh Mighty I AM Presence, in the name of the Ascended Jesus the Christ, in the name of Mother Akasha and of Saint Germain and we command we demand a Good God Drenching of the Violet Flame into the atmosphere – DRIVING Violet Flame Lightning Bolts into the planet Earth opening structures in the earth creating pockets of purity which then can be filled with the Mother’s Love, the Rose Pink Rays and Flames.  Ensure these Sacred Fires go at least 10,000 feet into the earth to clear the way for the resurrection and discovery of ancient pyramids and cities from former Golden Ages.  Please Gaia; open thy self to receive this gift of the Mother’s Love that will assist you – so greatly.  We pour our love to you, Mother Earth – we love you, we love you, we love you!  We are willing to shift with you Gaia; we are shifting with you Gaia (x3)


We call to our Mighty I AM Presence and to the I AM Presence of every human being to release such Sacred Fire, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness that is the undoing of all mistakes that Human Beings have made then allowing Great Cosmic Beings to come in and begin to clean up the discord that is impacting Planet Earth’s ability to shift and to be ready to assist each one of us in our own next evolution. 

Mighty I AM Presence, Mighty Virgo, Mighty Aries, Helios, Vesta, we call upon the I AM Presence of every human being and the Great Cosmic Beings of the Sacred Fire to BLAZE such Sacred Fire, Love, Mercy and forgiveness of the Powers of Redemption into everyone’s life that they may be free of the Cosmic Law that binds them to such suffering because of some previous discord. Beloved Maha Chohan, Mighty Virgo, Mighty Aries, BALANCE the Powers of Nature, the Forces of the Elements and all kingdoms on earth -  bring water and food where it is required and hold back the waters where water is not required.

Mighty I AM Presence – We command the Sacred Fire be driven into the Powers of Nature, into the movement of the Tectonic Plates to all allow the movement of the earth without damage to earth or her people. 

We call upon the Great Cosmic Law of Redemption, oh, Mighty I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of every human being on earth to do as Jesus the Christ requested, "Forgive them for they know not what they do". Free them from the Cosmic Law that binds them to such suffering. Once they are freed from the Cosmic Law, we call Mighty Virgo and Mighty Aries to go in and with the Sacred Fire correct the conditions in the Horn of Africa, correct the conditions under the Japanese Islands in fault lines and correct conditions in the tectonic plates that will allow the planet to shift in a way that is safe for the earth and her people and the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements.

70.005 Elemental Joy

by Beloved Jasmine

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

In the name I AM THAT I AM, my beloved Holy Christ/Buddha Self and Holy Christ/Buddha Selves of all lightbearers throughout cosmos, beloved Great Divine Director, Arcturus and Victoria and the Builders of Form, Maha Chohan, Jesus, Saint Germain and Portia, Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Arcturus and Victoria, Omri-Tas and the 144,000 priests and priestesses of the Violet Planet, Melchizedek, Nada, Lady Kristine, Lanto, Kuthumi, Hilarion, Oromasis and Diana, Aries and Thor, Neptune and Luara, Virgo and Pelleur, the Old Man of the Hills, Jasmine, Amaryllis, Fortuna, Padre Pio, Rose of Light, Charity, Surya and Cuzco, Lanello, K-17, Kali, the Buddha Mother and all true messengers of God, all ascended and cosmic beings, legions of angels and archangels, Elohim, Buddhas and bodhisattvas of heaven, gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders, I pray:

1. Joyously the gnomes arrive with salamanders, sylphs.

Undines swim in crystal pools, nature’s vibrant wealth.


Blaze and blaze the violet fire through earth and sea and sky.

Cleanse all nature in its fire as pure electrons fly.

2. Elementals, joyous ones, violet fire’s the key;

Earning threefold flame, you will know your victory.


3. Join us every time we pray, we remember to

Call to cosmic forces four to overshadow you.


4. Aries and Oromasis, Neptune, Virgo too,

Thor, Luara, dear Pelleur, Diana, we love you.


5. Elementals, play with us, sing and dance around.

Elementals, pray with us with your joyous sound.


6. Violet fire is blazing now, filling hill and dell.

Elementals gather round, see its glory swell.


7. Feel our gratitude for you in this happy prayer.

Mantras sweet we hum to you with tender loving care.

In the fullness of your cosmic joy. . .

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

Again Blessings to Radiant Rose Academy for some this information, calls,  Lightbearers Worldwide, the Ascension Research Center, Ascended Master Teaching

Foundation,, &

for the information and pictures.

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