Day 22- June 13, 2013

Mighty God Neptune

Divine Director of the Water Element & Fourth Secret Ray  for Elemental Life

Color-Sea-foam Green or Aquamarine

Mighty Neptune is the Director for the Water Element. Also known as Poseidon. His quality is necessity. His Divine Compliment is Lunara or also by the name Luara. The Elementals under them are known as Undines. Undines can be found wherever there is water, and sometimes, they take on the form of a mermaid. They love to play in the ocean surf, in the crashing waterfalls and even when we take a shower. Neptune and Luara govern the seven seas that correspond to the seven planes of being, and serve to purify the emotional body of a planet and her people. He holds in balance the energies of Mankind's, Water or "Emotional Body" in simple terms his feeling world or desire body. We see in Nature the tremendous portion of the Earth that is covered with water and also in the Physical body of Man which itself is mostly comprised of the Water Element.

Elemental life known as the "Undines" assist to help mankind rid the water bodies of pollutants, both of waste deposited in the seas, river and lakes as well as the equally toxic, "Astral effluvia," deposited by man through his aggressions and human substance less than the purity of his benevolent higher nature. An undine looks after our emotional body and expresses herself through the feelings we discharge.

Charles Leadbeater in his book, The Inner Life explains that each elemental is looking to densify through the intense energies and situations that we engage in. This is particularly true for our mental and emotional elementals. If we care not to be careful, our mental elemental will try and push us to have obsessive, recurring thought patterns and our emotional elemental will push us to have strong emotional outbursts, including states of depression. These states of mind and feeling vivify the elemental essence. Our elementals convince us that we are the ones who are thinking and feeling when in fact, we are simply outpicturing the elemental addiction within the aura. Disciplining the elementals of our four lower bodies is like learning good horsemanship. We must never forget that we are in charge.

"Our business, both during life and after death, is to control this desire-elemental, and not let it control us. Realize that you are a god in the making. All the power and force of the universe are on your side." We must become as Krishna, the Christ figure who is the perfect charioteer and master over the four lower bodies." (Charles Leadbeater)

One of the infinite ways we can assist elemental life is to invoke the Violet Flame. Through our prayers and invocations, asking for the burdens upon elemental life to be transmuted by the Violet Flame, securing the Sylphs of the Air, Undines of the Sea and all elemental life to help restore and hold the earthly patterns to their divine origins

Neptune carries a trident as a symbol of the threefold flame which is the power of Christ by which he harnesses the tremendous force behind the water element. Luara is the Mother of Tides, who governs the tides and cycles of fertility. She teaches us how to balance our emotions. We can call to Neptune and Luara, and to the undines to purify the waters of the earth, down even to our drinking water. They will also calm the seas and bring peace to our emotions, in answer to our prayers.

All planets that orbit around the sun’s presence all have a relationship and one of the great reasons that your planet Earth has been able to delay her own passage into a higher consciousness of light & love is the fact that Venus, Neptune, Jupiter all stepped in and have been cradling this planet with their love, the beings that live in the higher dimensions of those planets.

Undines are coming out in Nature to Reveal themselves to Us

(According to the Web-site, these pictures were not photoshoped in any way other than enlarging, cropping & enhancing colours to bring the object into a clearer image)


Mighty God Neptune’s Gifts

Purification of the Water Element

We can all to him to purify the water on this earth and even our drinking water and even to settle a rough sea and finally also to give us peace and calm our emotions, in answer to our prayers. He will also gift us with purifying the water element of our bodies if we continuously call for this in our daily lives and the purification of the waters on this beloved planet.


Cleansing Guided Meditation with the God Poseidon

A short yet powerful cleansing meditation, calling on the powers of the sea God, Poseidon, to help purify mind, body and soul. 


Message from Mighty God Neptune

"Beloved ones! I greet you today in the Name of the Universal I AM Presence and the Beloved Helios and Vesta - Whose summons I answered, offering the full-gathered Cosmic momentum of My Lifestream together with that of Beloved Luara (My Twin Flame) and all the Undines at Our command. We offered to create and sustain the substance of the Water Element upon the Planet Earth.

"Each of the Directors of the Forces of the Elements had received, through aeons of time, opportunity to develop the power of precipitating certain substances as well as the power to control that substance and those Beings offered to serve with Us wheresoever We chose to offer Our services. Other Great Intelligences also responded to the call of Helios and Vesta for the service of creating the water element for the Earth but, because of certain momentums and affinities in Our lifestreams, Beloved Lunara and Myself were chosen to create and govern the Water Element which forms a cushion for the landed surface of this Planet. It also makes up the greater part of your physical and emotional bodies as well.


"All mastery requires the conscious control of the rate of vibratory action of each electron which is to be used for a specific purpose. Thus, to create the substance which you know as water, it was necessary for Us to have learned how to consciously use Our creative power of thought (making the substance of the water) and Our power of feeling to sustain the harmonious quality of that substance and the Beings Who work with and through that Element.

"The vibratory action of substance required for the Water Element of the Earth at the time of creation was much more rapid that it is today. The waters of the beautiful oceans, lakes, and rivers then were crystalline and iridescent. The waters literally 'sang' and added to the music of Earth's beautiful atmosphere. The Undines were happy to serve in such a beautiful Element and truly, all was Peace in the Kingdom in which We served. At that time the people of the Earth loved the water and enjoyed its purifying and refreshing service, as well as sailing happily upon its surface. In turn, the Undines and the electrons that made up the Water Element loved mankind and enjoyed serving them.


"Because the emotional bodies of mankind were happy, reverent, pure and free of discord, the people moved effortlessly upon the Earth - there being no weight of misqualified energy around the electrons in their four lower bodies - particularly in their emotional worlds. It was truly an Era of contentment and peace in the loving association among Angels, Masters, the mankind of Earth and the Elemental Kingdom. It is toward the re-establishment of this Era permanently that We are all now serving cooperatively in this Cosmic 'push' toward purification of all the Elements in the Earth, on Its surface and in Its atmosphere.

After the pollution of the consciousness of mankind through the coming of the 'laggards' from other Stars, it was necessary for the Directors of each Element to lower the vibratory action of that Element so that it might be efficacious to the more slowly vibrating of Earth's people. This required the mastery of which I just spoke changing the rate of the vibration of electrons and atoms in the Water Element, but still keeping them harmonious even as the slow, graceful rhythm of the waltz is just as harmonious as the rapid swirling rhythms of the great Salamanders and Sylphs Whose dances are a paean of praise to God just for the very gift and use of Life itself. Although the substance of the various Elements had been consciously conformed to the use of the ever-densening bodies of the people of Earth, the actual pollution of the Elements of Air, Water and Earth was affected by the very people who were guests upon this Planet!

"Then the control of the Undines, the natural obedience of the Water Element in the rise and fall of the tides, etc., took much greater power upon Our parts. Natural rebellion arose among them from the unnecessary pollution of the Water Element, and only great patience and Herculean God-Control kept the waters of the Earth from engulfing the ungrateful masses.


"Only at times when Cosmic Law ordained the necessity for cataclysmic activity wherein landed surface should be mercifully sunk beneath the seas for purification, did We allow freedom to the Water Element to spread Its curtain of purifying substance over polluted land.

"We, too, are obedient to Cosmic Law and act only upon Divine Direction! We, too, draw forth from the One Source whatever specific Powers are required to serve in the Element in which We offered to assist Life. Water is ordained by the God of all as a friend to man. Is man such a friend to the Water Element? Ponder upon this!

"As the Beloved Astrea told you last evening, mankind's use of the various Elements to serve a destructive purpose always brings recoil upon the personal self. The Law of Cause and Its ultimate effect upon its creator is inexorable - except where expiation of the cause and the effect can be invoked and utilized by those who love their fellowman enough to consciously call for this expiation.

Will you please pause here and call for the cosmic removal of all mass etheric records of distress caused by the misuse of the water element by all mankind since the ‘fall of man’.

Then, please call on the Law of Forgiveness for every individual who has consciously or unconsciously used the water element destructively. This includes many lifestreams who will have to embody on this Earth in the future.

"Some of the Undines too, (like the Salamanders), have been invoked and used for destructive purposes and these are often attached to the lifestream of such an individual who has so invoked them. In this case, the Elemental has become the master instead of the servant of such an individual, spurring that lifestream on to continue his practices of cruelty in the use of the Water Element. Call now that every such Undine be purified by the Sacred Fire and cut free from the desire to torment mankind ever again."

"What do you suppose the 'Lorelei', spoken of by Homer, really were? They were Undines bent on destruction, mischievously affected by their proximity to mankind's destructive impulses. (Like the salamanders, some of the undines are very small in size while others, producing the great waves in a storm at sea, are sometimes eighty or more feet tall.)

The emotional bodies of the people will find much relief from discomfort as the students continue to call upon the Law of Forgiveness for the misuse of the water element. Bless that Element consciously daily and accept the offer of its co-operation now in establishing our Beloved Saint Germain’s permanent Golden Age of this Earth.

As you continue this practice, the water element in your own physical bodies will also be purified and much of the distress of the physical vehicles (especially that caused by excess water in the system) will be removed. We are ready! We are willing! We are standing by, just awaiting your calls to assist you!

"Deliberately and consciously make friends with the Water Element in your environment. See how the Undines and the electrons within the substance of Water will respond to your love! Jesus was able to master the Water Element and It obeyed Him lovingly, willingly and instantly because He had first mastered the Water Element in His Own world.

"The excessive droughts, the flash floods, the unequal distribution of the precipitation of water in various places, is due to mankind's abuse of the Water Element in the past and present. All this can be remedied by your loving cooperation now. Beloved Luara and I have worked almost alone in this endeavor heretofore - now I say to you as Jesus once said: 'Hitherto the Father worketh - now the Father and I work!'

~♥~ A Mighty Healing Invocation for the Water Element of our bodies and Planet Earth,Gaia ~♥~.


This invocation has been given to us to use it daily .The water element that is most vulnerable of all, many species that live in the water of this Planet are leaving the Earth because they can not stand anymore the poisoning and the toxins.


Mighty Victorious I AM Presence, anchored in the hearts of all mankind, Cosmic Beings Helios and Vesta, Mighty Victory, the Elohim of Purity, Ascended Masters Lord Maha Chohan, Astrea, Prince Oromasis, Aries, Thor, Neptune, Lunara, Pelleur, Virgo, Nada, and Saint Germain:

We thank and bless the elementals of fire, air, water, and earth for their service during the past centuries.

We call on the Law of Forgiveness for all disharmonious energy that has been imposed upon these elementals by mankind, for many ages.

Blaze! Blaze! Blaze! the most dynamic action of the Violet Transmuting Flame in the form of a large Maltese Cross up, in, through, and around the Earth, all the way through its atmosphere for at least 10,000 feet, purifying, illumining, and healing all life on this planet and transmuting all energies into God-Perfection.

Free all elemental life from the feeling of antipathy towards mankind, leading all elemental life to the state of perfection that God intended for it.

Let mankind and the elemental and angelic kingdoms cooperate as a team to bring in the New Golden Age, envisioned by the beloved Saint Germain.

What I ask for myself, I ask for all of mankind, and I fully accept the fulfillment of this decree!

Beloved I AM, I now command! Do it today! Do it to stay! (x3)


By the power of my Mighty I AM Presence, and the Seven Mighty Elohim, Archangels and Chohan of the Rays, The Maha Chohan, Lord Maitreya, Lord Gautama Buddha, Lady Astrea, Aries & Thor, Neptune & Lunara, Virgo & Pelleur, Prince Oromasis, Diana and Zarathustra, all the Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders, and the Sacred Fire Vested in me,

I decree: For the Cosmic removal of ALL mass etheric records of distress caused by the mis-use of the EARTH, WATER, AIR & FIRE ELEMENTS since the fall of man ( x 3 )



By the power of my Mighty I Am Presence, the Beloved Great Gods of the Elements, Aries & Thor, Neptune & Lunara, Virgo & Pelleur, Prince Oromasis & Holy Diana, Zarathustra and Beloved Mighty Helios & Vesta, the seven Mighty Archangels, the Beloved Chohans of the Seven Rays, and the Seven Mighty Elohim, I call for the MIGHTIEST BLESSING OF GOD-GRATITUDE and LOVE for the entire Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms, all the Undines of the Water, the Gnomes of the Earth, the Sylphs of the Air and the Salamanders of the Fire, and for each and every Archangel, Seraphim, Cherubim and Angel for their LIMITLESS, SELFLESS service to myself and all life on this planet over eons of time. I give this same MIGHTY BLESSING AND GRATITUDE to my own Beloved Body Elemental and Guardian Angel. Bless them with the full power of purification, the most Mighty action of the Violet transmuting Fire possible, the Pink Flame of God’s Love and Adoration, sustaining it forever, until we are ALL wholly ascended and free.

I willingly offer to be of service and ask to work in loving cooperation with the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms to assist with bringing in the PERMANENT GOLDEN AGE OF BELOVED SAINT GERMAIN now and eternally sustained.

BY the Mighty Power and Love of God – We know this is done right now and forever sustained (x3)


50.019 Aqua-Teal Waters

In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas

and the Buddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray to manifest your living strength,

your light, your wholeness and your ever-flowing consciousness

within and around me. Send your angels to be with me, to walk with

me, talk with me and stay with me. Let aqua-teal waters stream into

the depths of my being, permeating all layers of my consciousness. Fill

me through and through as I pray:


O living waters of aqua-teal light,

Stream forth through my being so bright.

O living waters of sacred fire,

Purge me now and raise me higher.


O living waters, O musical stream,

Caress my being, now through me gleam.

Beloved Buddha of aqua-teal light, seal me in your everlasting

flow of God-consciousness. Seal me in your life-giving and lifesustaining

waters at all times and be with me always.

I thank you, O beloved heavenly brother and benefactor.

OM Buddha OM Ma Ray

I love to listen to beautiful music whilst in the ten minute receiving mode from the Ascended Master of the day and this is lovely music to listen to during that time and sounds of the ocean at the beginning. I was just drawn to it because of the title and it also works out to almost ten minutes shy of 4 seconds!

MEDWYN GOODALL - Neptune Rising (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)

Again Blessings to Radiant Rose Academy, Lightbearers Worldwide, the Ascension Research Center, Ascended Master Teaching Foundation,,, You Tube for some of the other videos ( Cleansing Guided Meditation by Helen Demetriou & music by Medwyn Goodall)

Thank-you all for the information, calls, pictures and videos.

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