Day 21- June 12, 2013

Beloved Great Jupiter Queens, Julia and Jullienne

I had a vision of what the Jupiter Queens looked like and they do look like this but in Gladiator garments. In researching on Jupiter I was pleasantly surprised to find the male Jupiter counterpart to wear the same helmet. So this is the closest picture I could get of what I saw with my blessed inner eye.

Jupiter have the giants that once visited earth~the Jupiter Queens. A very mighty civilization exists here. The Jupiter Queens serve the Great Cosmic Mind of the Central Sun. They love to receive what the light can conceive & they reveal their presence around that and nurture it & hold it and fulfill it & then birth it. They love that experience. The Jupiter Queens have great power and when they come to this planet they have to downgrade their power by 99.7%!!! This is the kind of power the Jupiter Queens have. Everything that the Light conceives in the solar system, all the way to everything the Great Divine Director conceives as the masculine counterpart of the I Am Presence; it’s the Jupiter Queens that birth that.  Nothing, even though we have been ignored by others, nothing can come into creation without the Mothers Presence.  

The outer world has been so demanding on the people that the people of Earth just never stop to think about these things. All planets that orbit around the sun’s presence all have a relationship and one of the great reasons that your planet Earth has been able to delay her own passage into a higher consciousness of light & love is the fact that Venus, Neptune, Jupiter all stepped in and have been cradling this planet with their love, the beings that live in the higher dimensions of those planets.


Jupiter is rather a pleasant experience if one will become introspective and assess their short comings. Jupiter helps to build restraint and the determination for spiritual mastery. It is an expansive energy that permits no ego. Whenever a soul extension brings a sense of superiority complex to Jupiter, the atmosphere will remind the person that after pride, cometh the fall. Here the ego will meet its much greater match.

(Dr. J. Stone’s writings)


Call for Stabilizing the Earth

"We call to our Mighty I AM Presence and to the I AM Presence of all those in and out of embodiment at this time, we call to the Jupiter Queens, the Great Ascended Master Mothers, the Great Family in the Cave of Light in India – we command you come forth into action and quicken your assistance to the God of Gold, God of Nature, God Mercury, the Elementals, the God Tabor, the God Meru and see to it they have everything they require for the quickening of the infrastructure of the electronic forces of light, the magnetic currents of love inside the planet and in the atmosphere so this immense project be finished as quickly as possible and into its Divine Completion!  We are so grateful for this reconstructive activity!  We love and bless you and welcome these changes!  We are blessed and so grateful, so grateful, so grateful.  Thank you Beloved Mother Meta for bringing this into our awareness!"

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