Awakening the Hearts of our Youth!

Our Empress, MOTHER AKASHA, from out the Great Central Sun, through Her ROSE PINK RAY DISPENSATION, is now calling to all the Youth of this WORLD! She is using Her Will, and Her Great Central Sun Magnet's Presence to gently place the Hand of Grace upon YOU at this Time of great changes upon this Earth.

She speaks through your Dreams, She whispers into your Consciousness, She is the Presence behind the scenes, that stirs your Heart, ever prompting you, as you passionately ask the QUESTIONS…

WHY AM I HERE? WHO AM I? IS THIS PRESENT REALITY ALL THERE IS TO LIFE? Why does my life seem so difficult and challenging at times?

When your outer life has humbled you so much, you can't take it any longer, and you begin to look inside your own being and up into the heavens above…then..... Precious CHILD OF THE LIGHT, rest assured and know in your HEART, you have heard MOTHER AKASHA calling YOU, and YOUR AWAKENING HAS BEGUN!

Mother Akasha has called upon..... THE YOUNG ASCENDED MASTER CHILDREN, REX, PEARL BOB, NADA , and the (Goddess of Music's children), ARION AND DAPHNE, to come forth, from their Higher Octaves of Light in the 5th Dimension, to teach YOU, speak to YOU, address YOU! Believe it or not, these ASCENDED CHILDREN are real, They EXIST, They are HERE, and They are watching over YOU, as we speak, giving Protection and Illumination to all the Younger generation. They are here to provide you with the assistance that you are so desiring to have in your lives. They offer GOLDEN KEYS, WISDOM, and HIGHER KNOWLEDGE - Unveiling the Mysteries of Life, Teaching about the Magic Presence that ABIDES inside the Flames of your Heart, that will set your Life FREE forever!

The Ascended Children will light up your Heart, restoring your Passion, filling you with HOPE, COURAGE and STRENGTH, so you can live your Field of Dreams into full outer Manifestation! The ASCENDED CHILDREN'S Time to come Forth IS NOW!

Mighty Call for our beloved Youth

Beloved Mighty Christ I AM, Beloved Ascended Master Youth, Precious Rex, Nada, Pearl and Bob!
DESCEND (3) into the Earth and RELEASE (3) through the projection of the Love from Thy Ascended Master Heart Flames, Thy Love, Thy Light, Thy Courage, Thy Strength, Thy Illumination, and all of Thy Great Qualities, especially Thy Ascended Master Confidence through all the Youth of the World!
LIFT and RAISE the Younger Generation up and out of the clutches of the sinister force, and BLAZE (3) Your Ascended Master Love through each one’s heart, each one’s mind, their senses and faculties, that they feel Thy Ascended Master Presence with them that lifts and raises them up into the full Perfection of their Glorious Christ I AM, that they may walk upon this Earth hand-in-hand with you fulfilling their part of the Divine Plan and living a life that is filled with Happiness and Joy, Abundance and Freedom.
For it is indeed these precious life streams that are the doors, the open doors and instruments and vessels for this incoming Seventh Golden Age and all the new technologies, all the new music, all the new art, all the new activities that shall unfold upon this Earth.
COME (3) and be with them, come with Thy Limitless Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire from the Great Central Sun and BLAZE, PROJECT, and HOLD around them the Greatest Cosmic Concentrations of the Sacred Fire until they are released forever from all that is of the sinister force in this World, and never again can they be touched by the nonsense of the outer world!
We Love You, we Bless You, and we Thank You, our Beloved Ascended Master Youth!


Again Blessings to Radiant Rose Academy for this information, videos, Lightbearers Worldwide for the pictures.


God-happiness is the feeling you had when you first came forth from the bosom of the eternal Father-Mother God an

knew yourself as an individualized consciousness with the power to think, feel, speak and act. In this opening section of the ritual, we recite an encapsulation of Lord Ling’s description of us from the start of our individual manifestation; helping us to resurrect the memory stored in our etheric bodies of the perfection we knew with the Father in the beginning.
In the beginning of my individualized manifestation,
I AM with God and in God.
I dwell in happiness and joy! I bask in the Father’s Love and good graces!
I AM a sun of radiating Christ-virtue and I AM endowed with the Father’s gifts of life!
And within me I feel that glorious I AM intelligence,
that first stirring of life within my own mental and emotional bodies;
that first vibration of happiness in the realization
that I AM given the gift of individualization.
And with such realization comes the feeling of great joy!
Great joy in knowing that through this gift of divine love,
I AM a co-creator with the one eternal Father-Mother of the universe;
co-creator with the seven mighty Elohim of creation, and with all ascended beings
for the purpose of ever widening and expanding the perfection of God and his kingdom.
I know no disappointment nor disillusionment in the use of life,
whether it is the first sphere of faith, the second sphere of illumination and wisdom,
the third sphere of divine love, the fourth sphere of purity,
the fifth sphere of science and truth, the sixth sphere of ministration and peace,
or the seventh sphere of invocation of rhythm,
and the divine alchemy produced by the use of the violet transmuting flame of
Cosmic Christ mercy, forgiveness and compassion.
In these spheres I know naught but victorious accomplishment.
Therefore the feelings of buoyancy and joy of life are strong within me!

My own beloved I AM Presence provided me with perfect and
beautiful physical forms in which I am able to sustain
and expand the perfection of life on the surface of this planet.
I was shown how to take a divine idea, fashion a beautiful though-tform from it,
then hold it in my mental body and nourish it with my feelings
until it manifested as a lovely jewel, a flower, a song or perhaps a lovely temple of light.
Whatever picture was given unto my consciousness that I wished to bring into outer
manifestation, I naturally had the power to bring forth directly from the universal.
Here again I was filled with the feeling of happiness
through experiencing victorious accomplishment!
THE DECREES FOR YOUTH See the full & beautiful color presentation of what's below at (I had to import the images given here from elsewhere):
Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Portia, Beloved El Morya,
Beloved Lady Master Nada, the Sponsors of Youth, Beloved
Ascended Masters Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl,
Beloved Lady Master Leto, Beloved Kuthumi, Beloved Mighty Astrea and
Purity, Beloved Queen of Light, Beloved Goddess of Light,
Beloved Goddess of Purity, Beloved God Maximus
all Great Beings, Powers and Activities of Light serving
the Youth of God, the entire Spirit of the Great White
Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life
fire, air, water and earth, angels and Archangels.
I AM You Being the Power of the Presence of God which I AM,
and by the Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, I AM the
Mighty Presence and Power of your full gathered momentum
of service to the Light of God that never fails, and I command
that it be directed throughout the entire consciousness, being
and world of all Youth of God.
In Thy Name O God I call, blaze Thy dazzling Light of a thousand
suns throughout their lives, bodies, relationships, forcefields,
activities, affairs, families, jobs, schools and all places of
education, places of recreation and socialization, hospitals and all
places of healing, churches and all places of worship, families and
communities, and transmute all that is not of the Light into the
God Victorious Light All Glorious, flaming Jesus Christ perfection
TAKE DOMINION NOW over all forces and energies burdening
our youth, causing them to lose or abort their Christ potential
for this lifetime! I call for your enfolding love and the action of
your unique flames to blaze forth now! Blast through and
annihilate all that stands in the way of Christ Victory for each
youth! Cut all youth free from all darkness! Cut them
free! 3X
Protect all youth from the hoards of darkness that would
steal their light and thwart their Christ potential. Protect
them from all forms of abuse and exploitation physical,
emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual, and cut them free
from all forms of addictions.
Beloved Dhyani Buddhas, clear all youth of all spiritual poisons, especially the
non-will and non-being that keeps them from being active in the world! Beloved
Afra, help all youth feel their unity and equality with each other, and establish
true brotherhood on earth. Beloved Saint Germain, inspire all youth with the
consciousness of Victory to strive for their Freedom in the Light and to contribute
their Beings to the raising up of planet earth into the great Golden Age
I call that all who influence the lives of youth, such as parents,
guardians, caregivers, teachers, coaches, social workers,
counselors, mentors, doctors, nurses, leaders in government,
religion,spirituality and education, as well as all family
members of all youth, be protected from all dark force influence
to abuse, exploit or mislead the youth in any way. I call that they
be nurtured and educated in the Light of Christ so that
they may give the youth the best possible care and support to
grow and be healthy in body, mind and spirit.
I especially call for the Divine support of all teachers
and parents. I call for the Divine education of all youth
on the principles of Freedom and Ascended Master
Law. I call for the proper methods of teaching, and I call
for a Divine revolution in early education for all youth.

Nada Potter

               Nada Potter               

We honor Nada Potter, a Student of the Ascended Masters serving with Godfre and Lotus, the Messengers of The "I AM" Activity. She has Ascended and become One with Her Beloved Mighty I AM Presence. She was a young child Who embodied to show the example of an Ascended Master Youth lifestyle, and She Ascended in August 1942 in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A at approximately ten years of age. She and Her parents were students in The "I AM" Activity. She was affectionately called "Nada Darling" both before and after Her Ascension. Some Decree preambles had Her included as One of the "Four Nadas."


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