Just how many different types of atunements can a body use?

 Do all the layers alter the spiritual state?

  Can a person be controlled by another from attunements?

  How important is the lineage? 

Are all attunements right for all people?


Many questions but this is a start on some discussion.

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Just how many different types of atunements can a body use?......as many as you and your body feels are right for you at the time, recommend pacing yourself, take your time, learn and absorb and experience gradually

 Do all the layers alter the spiritual state?.....the spiritual layer alters the layers below, attunements come from spiritual layer downward, eventually spiritualizing your thoughts, emotions and body. Experience gained through choice making alters the spiritual state as well (ascension process). Layers are like chakras, pure thoughts and feelings and healthy body do not block the sun (spirit). But distorted layers can. Best to let love flow through your self and out to others to maximize spiritual growth

  Can a person be controlled by another from attunements?..not that I know of, but as a new person accepting attunements or contacting spirit it is always best to ask for/pray/set some type of protection. The attunements I offer are for the highest good and through the higher self, so there is no harm. But I do not know about others. If you have a daily prayer for protection for everything for your highest good and do it routinely there is also no worry. I pray for protection every morning for the whole day and night.

  How important is the lineage? ...to me it is just a history, your call, there have been some that say the longer the lineage from source the weaker the energy but I do not find this to be the case

Are all attunements right for all people?...no, some attunements need preparation energetically to be best received, for example I would not recommend Kundalini Reiki 3 attunement for some inexperienced because it could open charkas prematurely, foundation is important first, I always intend through the higher self so the higher self guides and manages/balances the energies received for the highest good of the recipient, higher self has more resources and better view, so work with the higher self, don't try to impress your will on others, higher self plus for the highest and greatest good intent goes a long way

Dear Robin,

Our Lineage is very important...

Attunements and it's effects depends upon the Clarity of the heart and Mind of the Person who is receiving the energies of Attunememts....

Our Body can tolerate many types of Attunememts....if it's clear ...And Layers, or The consciousness layer's of the body react when it is Clear and takes that Energy with out any Obstruction....

Connection with the Masters is very essential to bring proper Energies for the given Cause....


I support everybody's answer to your questions...and will just add that if it is for you, you will know....love and light, Mary


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