Hello everyone. My name is Sandra and I am not only new to the site but I am also very new to energy work. I have always had a strong energy, of some kind, in my hands but was taught as a child to ignore and not talk about it. A few times over the past 30 years I have felt a type of yearning or pull to investigate and learn but always pushed it aside when others responded negatively. However, a few months ago that pull returned, the energy increased, and I was unable to push down or turn either off. I am ashamed that I have repressed and ignored a God given gift for so many years and am eager to make up for lost time. I am taking a Reiki I class this coming weekend but to be honest I don't feel the master is a good match for me...it just doesn't feel right. I am confused, and a bit discouraged, by this but I am determined not to give up. I am kind of lost and just limping along right now when it comes to where to start and what I need to do. I am more than open to any and all advice on finding and refining my gifts. Deep down I know I have so much to offer but I also know that I have to learn and grow in order to get to that level. Are there any recommended readings that would help me get a firmer grip on the whole energy concept before I try to delve further into any certain type? I feel kind of lost and stuck because I really don't know what to do or where to start. 

Many thanks to Chris for this wonderful site. It is a bit intimidating right now but I am sure it will feel like home in no time.

Blessings and thanks to everyone!

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Hi Sandra!

I know how you feel! I am new into energy work as well. I started my Reiki Journey almost 1 year ago now, however I have learned so much since then that it feels like 5 years has past. Don't worry if your current Reiki Master isn't a right fit....you will have many more Reiki teachers and attunements over the years. My first Reiki Master wasn't exactly a Reiki expert and I did not learn the what I needed to know from her, however she did open some amazing energy within me. Since June of 2013 I have had 3 different teachers (with attunements) and now I am receiving attunements from Chris Comish as well! For a while I was getting confused with how to handle all of these different Reiki energies..."how do I figure out what Reiki Modality to use for what person?" "What color of light should I visualize for this ailment"? But just recently I have figured out that I need to stop trying to figure it out and control it. I just need to have strong intention to channel the Reiki energy that is best for the client. I am a channel, and the client will draw the energy they need from my tool box of energies located in the cosmos, that will bring their body and being back to balance. Since I have thought of it this way, it is A LOT easier and natural and my healing abilities have sky rocketed.

You originally wrote your post a couple of months ago....how have things been going since?

Love and blessings!



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