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"you are god, love, heaven, a universe, life" All is equal and one, just the same. One life, infinite and shining, beautiful and wonderful.


let's share here all our soul guidance to expand our consciousness. Remember than ascension has an end whereas consciousness expansion has not.

God is pure consciousness and infinite, which means it expands consciously all the time. I see it as myself living in the biggest palace and my goal is to put on the light in all of the rooms. It's so big than most of the palace is in the dark and i don't even know where it ends ("ho a new room ! *click*")


I am giving here everything i receive because i am you and i'd like to help people to remember they are an unconditionnal receiver/giver. God always rewards you immediately, but most of the time, we don't notice it because we are looking through the little mind and physical rewards don't come as fast, and can come as more tests.

Maybe only a few will join and read this, but your rewards are based on your intentions to share, not on the impact on people. Maybe 1000 people will come to receive this in many years. All the people who need it will come in perfect time for them whereas your ascension rewards just come.


Focus on tools instead of writing wisdom first as consciousness grows all the time beyond our awarness :)

How i live it is i notice myself behaving, thinking, talking differently, wisdom pops up in my head.

Now you are remembering that you are a God/godess

Welcome ;^)  \\\oOo///

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  • Hi! Now you are remembering that you are a supra-consciousness/messenger of Infinity/descendant from our creation by our ET creators the Elohim!
  • I'am a child of the Elohim!
  • Merci , Alain <3 

    Lots of Love 


  • Love & Light


  • Dear Alain, this is very good, but you know the best way to achieve our goal, besides love, of course, that is first, is to eliminate our Ego, but what is the Ego, the Ego is the reflexion of our Divinity, the person that we think we are, which is only the reverse image of who we really are: The One, the Creator of All tha Is!

    The less we identify with whom we think we are, the more we come closer and closer to our Divine Self, and the more veils that we render from our eyes!

  • These comments are so very good!

    Alain, I dedicated a post to you, I would like for you to read it, it is called, "Carmen speaks her truth".

    Thanks for your continued efforts to illuminate all of us!

    I really appreciate them, even though I do not always comment!

    I was having a problem with  this webpage and I was mute for too long!




  • Thank you Alain


  • Merci ,Alain, de m'avoir fait COMPRENDRE  seulement maintenant ce que j'ai deja lu en juin..Chaque chose a besoin de son temps pour evoluer.

  • Alain, I am with you on that one, channeling is the way, because you are trusting your inner wisdom!

    It wil lnever deceive you...


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