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Braco is a man world wide known in Service to awaken and healing people. It's free or a little money and you just have to gaze at him as he does the same in silence and your are already awakening and healing.

You can already with your heart chakra feel him by looking at his picture. There are many on his web site

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  • Link and other fb links are not working.....Any other link available

  • This also works
    This one has more content

    The other site looks to just be the live stream

  • It looks like this is the only working website now Got it from his youtube channel

  • please send me emotional healing reiki free please. 

  • Alain, thanks,. again for keeping us informed!

  • Hi Alain great group, i was one day with one Lady , she was realy great like Braco. we were tree days together on the spiritualy journey with the group and she has told me that she has the gift to heal with eyes and that only who need it he is taking this gift, so i was looking her and i feeled the shifting of energy so other days whene i was talking to people they were shaking and sweating and one old women i have been to her son and she was the old lady and has few times in life seen Mary Magdalene, but she is now old and wnat to help people but others dont like her, I dont know i was hugin her and it was been about 20 minutes she was crying and i felt that has hearth has been taken on the origin place it was the sound of shifting . Be blessed my friends :)

  • Dear alain,

    Thanks for information....


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  • Thanks for the invite Alain!

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