Do you have ascension symptoms? Discuss them here. Let's talk about them. When are they happening, how are they happening, what is affected, what could they be a result of, are they allowing a transformation to happen?

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Got buzzing in my ears, third eye expansion and a general feeling of a large tube of light rising through my throat and out my crown today, could be kundalini or could be light body activations...either way it is on etheric level affecting the physical

I have been dealing with the buzzing for over three months now...  I have been to the MD and has diagnosed low pressure, but they haven't a clue what to do..  So I just deal with it. It seems like, I've been feeling like all the work I have done over the years, has landed me in the same place as before. I know this is not true but the people coming into my life, re-entering my life, actually; seem to indicate nothings really changed. I'm not sure what to think.

yes exercise helps, and also asking your higher self if the energies can be delayed until you are sleeping also helps too

I've had ANXIETY-major , off and on very loud high pitched ring in one or the other ear-doesn't last long but it's higher than the ringing in my ears now, shoulders tingling(I Know why on this), loss of appetite, general feeling of unrest. Plus Very Large personal changes that happened in the past two weeks with relationships with others. Old issues coming up and crying very easily.

having old issues come up for purging is common, also sudden emotion changes and unrest, I like to think of the catepillar process (example)...we are transforming into butterfiles and part of this process is to work through baggage until we are ready to move on...all of this is for our best, our growth, our transformation

Wow! When I read some of these posts, I feel that is what is also happening to me. I have been doing alot of releasing and clearing of old patterns and relationships. March 14 to 18th were very difficult days for me too because I have also been doing alot of anchoring of new energys as well.  There are times you just don't know who to turn to talk about these symptoms because many in the general population still do not have a clue and at times it is so very painful and overwhelming, you feel alone. I have a funny experience to share. I was  clearing so much  from my heart and third eye during March 14th to the 18th. Sunday was the worse day for this, the pain got  to be so excruciating with my third eye that I felt like someone smacked me with a frying pan in the center of my head. Anyway doubled over in pain and whining , I ended up blurting out Lady Nada's name to  make the pain go away!! To make a long story, short, a few minutes after I said this, I got  two words popping into my head, oregano and rosemary! I had to throw a teaspon of each in a hot bowl of water and steam for 15 minutes. Needless to say, I did this, and but what a sensation! Not only did the pain go away instantly,  I felt totally clear. I started to feel a swoosh of energy, sound coding and color codings ( green and red) come at me. I had to lie down because this got rather intense.This  basically went on for a good hour and a half.  I guess there is a comical side to how this unfolded for me. My big thing is to ask for help when I need to.  I feel for all of you going through this, because this is a tough rite of passage, but hang in there  ... Blessings ...Loretta

that is a great story Loretta, ask and you shall receive is so true

Dear Chris,

Buzzing in my ears is continuous since long.....Pain in back rt.Shoulder... side may be due to computer....

I can see light all the time with closed Eyes and some times feel that my eyes are open in fact they are closed....

Want to remain in silence as far as possible.....Do not like to discuss or to oppose.....


Seeing light with closed eyes is interesting because it happens sometimes to me too. I spontaneously see white flashes sometimes and also after I do things spontaneously my crown chakra or kundalini through the head is activating, like I passed another test or something and am getting closer to the Light

That's great Maria. What you are listening to is great for harmonizing your bodies and the mantras/decrees help a lot too. Thanks for sharing.

For me, it has been constant migraines and a difficult time staying awake during the day. My physical body feels so worn out! All I want to do is sleep in and after only being awake for a few hours, take a nap. At night, I am having the opposite effect; my body isn't tired and wants to stay up. Go figure! I hope this clears soon. I am planning a move from one end of the United States (California) to the other end (Florida) and can't seem to get much done. All healing and light sent my way would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for sharing. Sending love and light your way.


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