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  • Hi! My empowerment comes from my universal basic income system (SSI)!
  • Hi where is the attunement?

  • Where do I find the empowerments or attunements please ?

  • that attunements take Yukie Lee?

  • Where do I find the empowerments or attunements Alain? I don't understand how to do them. Do I say,"Yes, I am happy. Yes, I have all the money I desire or Yes, life is joyful?" Thank you!

  • thanks for being here... being a full moon day today..mentally creating full moon reiki  today attunement....   just declare full moon reiki... thanks

  • Thank you namaste ~<3~
  • Well I would like to say I have worked with the Violet flame and Saint Germain for many years now I do see and give readings etc so I am aware of communications. Now I recently took the Silver/violet Flame attunement which I sat and enjoyed the process and I dare say still is an on going process.

    My amazment is that I have battled to stop smoking and try often to stop, with failed attempts, to know I would try again it is an awful addiction and I had prayed for help to end smoking, now as I had the attunment shortly afterwards while I was walking through my living room I had a green ray of light flow through my cigerate, and a Violet Ray through my forefinger.

    Now I have stopped smoking and feel enthused at this time as I have  a sense of Archangel Raphael's energy involved as why would the energies flow through my cigerate, so I am so happy that I had this attunement and really am assured of direct assistance.

    I take one day at a time and constantly teach Violet Flame awareness to fellow students a like as I know and have witnessed many areas where healing has occured through the Violet energies.

    I had been feeling angry within my self for not being strong enough to say no, so it has been a brillient experience for me in many ways.


  • Thank you Alain.

    Blessings of Light your way,


  • Thank you to remember this detail, it is a trap I fell many times already.

    But the change may be now, if faith is large enough, open his heart ...



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My journey of attunements

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