Master Numbers 11.11 22.22

33 is a Master number of the Christ consciousness and The Master Healer.

I know you can tune in to this and use them for yourself or as messages and then there are some who actually carry with in them these master numbers in their Life paths, soul urges. Etc.

You do always have the choice always to choose to work with the vibration to the highest resonance or the lowest the choice is always yours.

Even if you don't carry them or the show up in your numerology make-up we all have the ability to tap in and use them.

The Highest resonance in accordance with Divine Plan carries really high vibrations and Light.

The lowest and two examples are Osma bin laden and Adolph Hitler, who carried within themselves, vibrations of Illuminator but used it not in it's highest form.

All these carry colour and tones with them as well and can manifest wonders for the good of all and the planet.

The best is to sit with the 11, 22, 33, 44...etc and feel it and know it.

With 33 it is Unconditional love and joy with the most beautiful Gold’s and Reds you could hope to see.


I find all of this fascinating and the vibrations are wonderful.


Everything on earth is defined by a numerical configuration. All life can be reduced and explained by numbers. The currents of these numerical sequences bring into alignment a series of new understandings that will help to adjust and balance every human.

The numbers on all levels align the body so it will be able to handle the higher definitions of photon light that is making its self known. Each number infusion is personalized to fit the needs of each individual. Allowing them the necessary ratio of light particles to numerical particles.

As the brain adjusts to these new energies a lifting occurs allowing the individual to exit the human/animal ratio and be lifted into the human/light equation.

Numbers and humans go hand in hand.

From the beginning of time known we have been defined by a numerical equation whether age, birth date, weight, or the numbers of camels we have in our dowry, numbers have always seemed to be our silent partners.

Nowadays when a child is born the first thing they are given is a number that will follow them for the rest of their lives until death at which time they will be given a new number to define them. The numbers on our clocks tell us when to go, when to stop when to drink coffee, when to sleep.

Numbers are as much a part of us as our flesh. The numbers are optical downloading....the eyes are an extension of the brain and when the eyes see these numbers and encoding is activated in the brain, stop worrying and just enjoy it.

In 1991/1992 the number 11:11 was issued to humanity as an activation number. Escorting us energetically into a new octave of Solar Light. Creating a numerical signature that follows us creating a doorway in which we will understand more of our innate self. It is a doorway or gateway into your highest potential as a human who is seeking divine memory.

One is a singularity within 'all that is'. The 'one' seeks itself through a mirror like reflection of the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to one enter the oneness hidden deep within your being at the centre point of your soul. This energy stays activated until 2012.

Master Numbers energetically accentuate the meanings of single digits. They are considered to be some of the most powerful vibrations known. They are thought to symbolize raw untapped potential and assist one in achieving illumination. This energy is waiting to be harnessed by those who have the eyes to see.

When you experience the numerical downloads whether Master Numbers (all the same numbers) or Personal Codes (seeing the same mixed numbers over and over again) stop for one full minute, allowing this energy to be birthed through you.

Focus on your deepest desire and see it as manifest.

The universe has just taken a picture of your thoughts. Empty yourself of any preconceived notions and let the light sew up the frayed edges of your intentions. Each and every number within your personal universe is triggering your subconscious into a new pattern of DNA configurations.

00, 000, or 0000

The great void, the unknown what is to be, that has not been birthed yet. Moving into a higher dimensional flux, shifting time matrixes. The portal of creation before creation.

A reminder you are always one with the universe. Feel yourself within the centre embraced by the Creator as you are held and loved unconditionally. Walk around the inner circle of self-completing what needs to be completed.

11, 111, or 11:11

The Gateway to all that is riding within a hair of instantaneous manifestation. Letting go of man-made manifestation and coming into Christen Creation. Doorways open doorways close and you are in-between all. Conscious creation with 13 second intervals of thought. Becoming one with the Oversoul in abundant creation of one's innate heart's desires.


22,222, or 22:22

The highest sequence of manifestation/creation without the frustration. All words thought deeds and intentions will take seed with or without rain to help them grow. Moving out of the neighbourhood of polarity. Time moves forward with or without you. Do not have a say so in your life. Keep a holding pattern with your intent, knowing that what you have planted by your words, deeds and actions will grow and bloom in accordance with the heavenly seasons. create by default.



33,333 or 33:33

This number offers you a choice. The holy trinity is activated within the tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) in your DNA structure. This number offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings/masters/angels/Christ. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution. Within this number you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. Connection with the wisdom of the Oversoul and seeing the sacredness in all of your choices no matter what the outcome.


44,444 or 44:44

A foundation of light is being cemented for you. New opportunity comes without being asked. Build your future thought by thought, brick by brick. Do not allow those of too much wind to blow down your dreams with their negativity. Believe deeply until you see the proof. Hold on through all choices and changes. Stay balanced in what you know to be divine truth and the platform of light will solidify.



55, 555, 55:55

The universe is making changes for you whether you ask for them or not. The universe is changing your direction with your Soul's permission. Hold the vision until you land on the shore of self. This change may be an answer to some long forgotten prayer. The future is hidden so see it in your mind's eye as you would a long sought after dream. Allow the currents to take you into a new future full of possibilities still hidden from you at this point of seeing.



66,666 or 66:66

The vibration of 6 has changed into a light vibration that is felt as a holy emanation. For too long now humanity has been branded with the thought that anything associated with a "6" is of negativity, darkness, evil, denseness and earth. Well just look at the beauty of a planet that has given you life since you were born. The number 6 is asking you to come back to the original seed thought/blueprint of life with a reverence for its numerical explanation. 6 is of earth but there is a beautiful holiness within earth and within those of earth. The mother earth begins to move back into her original form not waiting for her children to agree. By aligning with the true essence of the number 6 you will find a smoothness and harmony while riding upon an earth-road that is under construction.



77, 777 or 77:77

This is the vibration of the spiritual warrior. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light. Sevens eat drink think and speak the light. Sevens are not allowed to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. Seven brings you home to the place where miracles are an every minute event, where you can fly and dance in the stars while in any and all forms. Seven is a place where wonder, magic and miracles are seen as natural happenings. Seven is your natural state of being.



88, 888 or 88:88

AS ABOVE SO BELOW AND WITHIN. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all previous limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source. It is success, prosperity and big business with the added flavour of universal blessings. It is finally remembering about your divine inheritance promised to you by your Holy Creator. It is turning your nose up at earthly limitation and walking forward and upward into a place of opulence and bounty.



99, 999 or 99:99

Cosmic and personal completion, The End! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have


By:Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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This is a video I made recently with these master numbers in mind. It uses the frequency 136.1 hz (called the OM frequency) which has the vibration of 11 (1+3+6+1). It lasts for 6:14 (6+1+4=11). I used 11 repetitions of a mantra which came to me: "Universal service for the highest good". This mantra/intention has 33 letters and overall has a value of 5. So repeated 11 times it calls in the vibration of 55. Also 33 letters 11 times brings it 'full circle' (11 x 33 = 360 and 3 more!)

I used a bracelet I made to count the number of times I repeated the statement while formulating and meditating on the energies for this video. It has 11 lapis lazuli beads in it, so I used it in keeping count. I later realized that lapis lazuli is 11 letters. Also, this stone is reputed to have a vibration of 1 associated, but that is something I have only read and have no personal knowledge of.

I hope you like the video. I would recommend listening at a comfortable volume with speakers external to your computer. Most laptop speakers have a real poor reproduction for this sort of frequency range. You don't need headphones. In fact, I think that setting your intention to receive what you can for your highest good and listening through actual speakers will produce the most profound and deep experience. You want to feel it through your body and it will help with the spiritual experience of the higher energetics! 


My name (my birth name) has an overall value of 11. My last name equals 44. I was born in 1975; which resonates with 22.

Here is a mantra/intention that was given to me by Spirit (inspiration):

A beautiful life for everybody on Earth

33 letters long. Its value is 11. 

Say it once and it is a great intention with great numerical qualities.

I say it three times together so it is 99 letters with the value of 33 (11 x 3)

Do you use just your first and last name, or do you include a middle name if you have one?

I was born on the 11th, the first month being January, and year 55. I love double numbers for some reason.

Thank you for your video, I will most certainly watch it and use headphones as you have said. Thank you for the Mantra also. In fact, thank you for adding and sharing your comments here. Many Blessings, Melodie

Dear Melodie,

I always like the number 11 & 33.....77  also...

And no 888...999.....

I can not understand why ?...amongst all 11 is the most important for me....


It is strange. There was a period in my life where I would see the numbers 1, 11, 111 everywhere, even the day I was sat in a coffee shop with my Grandson, and I looked at my watch, even that said
11:11am. I started getting obsessed about it, because I couldn't believe it was happening. I saw it in and on everything over a few days. It is a good time to ask the Universe for what you need.


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