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  • Now. 13.33
    • Navi, 3 means the trinity- mother, father, son/daughter or manifestation (activity), love/wisdom, will. This is another positive sign.
  • I also saw 12.21 ,21.12 11.11 yesterday ..
    • Navi, 12.21 or 21.12 relates to the winter solstice on that day. 11.11 relates to the opening of a new portal. You are moving into a new phase through the solstice. Blessings.
  • Happy 12:12!
  • During moments of soul awareness and on a subconscious level, the starseed often feels a sense of urgency, or a feeling that 'something important is about to happen'. Sometimes they get a nagging sensation or feeling that there is something they are supposed to remember but they don't know what it is. It almost feels like they are 'remembering the future.'
    Seeing the 11:11 frequently appears leading up to or during a starseed awakening; the number 11 in general and other repeating number sequences often pop up in synchronistic ways during this time and there is an unusual yet familiar feeling when this occurs.
    As the starseed becomes more conscious on a spiritual level, synchronicities will become more common. The star seed individual may also cross paths with other starseeds or karmic soulmates around this time. All of these events and circumstances can help accelerate soul growth and prepare the prepare for their mission and realize their own unique purpose on the planet.
  • Have you ever noticed the recurrence of certain numbers in your life? It may be that every time you check your clock it reads 11:11, or the score of a game is 11-11. Well, angels tend to communicate with the living using number sequences and will use any means possible to get through to you, so pay attention!

    Different numbers send different messages, and the angels reaching out to you will be trying to give you clarity, advice and loving support. Who doesn’t need some of that from time to time? Recognising the subtext to these reoccurring numbers is essential for the message to be received.
  • Hi Everyone, so nice to be here, just reading the comments made me realise something, recently I have been seeing double numbers as well but did not think anything of it until now. Often when I looked at the time on my mobile phone the numbers were double eg. 12:12  / 22:22 / 10:10 . . . . .. . . and it happens very very often, Mmmmm .......

  • 3:33 is the number I see very often!

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    The angels are very close to us.

    In my vision this is an incentive to learn the language of angels and to be aware of everything we think, what we say and what we do.

    I intend to learn angelic language.

    So be it and so it is.

    And the  manifestation begins now.



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