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💓 Your Heart Is... 💓

Your heart is Freedom!
Limitless Eternal Love.
Are you feeling the heart healing happening right now?
There is a great restructuring happening.
The heart of Source calling us home from the old structures of the mind, this Earth, and beyond.
This is an opportunity to reflect upon your life and see where you are still operating from the conditioned life - the life that was programmed rather than the  life of your heart, true nature and wild pure spirit.
The life that calls from within.... 
As the structures of the old fall away, the physical cellular structures are wanting to spiral with the sacred codes of creation.
If you are feeling the resistance of the density that may be arising right now breathe and welcome your heart to open to the possibility of what is through the density.
Sit with the feelings, lean in to what your heart is sharing, surrender into your experience to expand the space for the energy to flow and let it all up and through.
Train the nerve system that you are growing and learning from the changes life is offering.
If you are reading this you most likely were not built for the conditioned life of the false reality... and the conditions are ready to be shed for the greater field of expanded awareness of your creative power.
This is an opportunity to surrender into a new foundation, rooted in the heart, pure love of self and life in it's Source Light, the truth of your Soul.
Your heart is the key to freedom!
Pure love can absorb, neutralize and shift the frequency of your vibration, the vibration of your environment and beyond.
You are the key!
I've had a couple of challenging days where I had to breathe into surrender as I felt my body and mind purge.
I welcomed the changes into my heart and the energy balanced out.
I'm spontaneous and a planner.
Plans are not the way right now, for me.
My heart is calling for the freedom of the present moment more and more as these structural shifts occur.
No bounds on my mind and actions.
How are you feeling this?

A part of your awakening, remembering and becoming is unifying with your divine heart that radiates pure life force in harmony.


Unifying with your heart is being genuine, authentic and aligned with your inner knowing.


Easier said than done!


When you are able to 

  • navigate the patterns of thoughts, actions and emotions, 
  • stand in the middle of them and
  •  find the space in between that allows neutral observation 
  • with the strength of acceptance 
  • you begin the process of opening yourself to who you truly are in relationship to who you have been.


This begins the unwinding, deep inner reflection, shadow work and transmutation to accept, allow and embody the new.


Your heart is the way in.


When you feel an imbalance arise and it starts to take over your thoughts and actions, this is where you choose to have the strength and awareness to pause.


Pause and notice.


Breathe into your heart.


Be with your heart.


What is the genuine, authentic expression that your heart truly wants to be?


Breathe with this.




Do the best you can to follow it.


As you do this more and more, you reprogram the subconscious from all the false programs of your conditioning and from the collective distortions.


This is how you take and intentionally, meaningfully use your power and pull your power back to you from all the conditioning and programming.


Through the heart is how we get clear!


Through the heart is how we change the world!


One harmonized heart motion at a time!


It takes strength and courage to speak, be, feel, act, and think what is true!!


You release the obligations, burdens, guilt, shame...


You free YourSelf!


To Your Freedom my friend!


We are doing this together!


I send you so much love to be the balance and harmony you ARE!

Video Link: Mastery Monday - Individual & C0llective Healing

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