You Are The Anchor By Grandmother Anna & Natalie Glasson ... And ... Embrace All Of The Divine Within You By Melanie Beckler ... And ...A Gift From Gaia




You Are The Anchor By Grandmother Anna & Natalie Glasson


Greetings, namaste, blessings, I am Grandmother Anna. It is a joy to be in your presence, bringing forth my vibration and truth into your awareness and reality.

Have you ever thought that you are a being of expression? You are a being of receiving; you are a being of flow. One of your main purposes in existence upon the Earth is to be consciously aware of the energy flowing from your being and what you are creating with it.


It is to be consciously aware of what you are receiving, what you are bringing and drawing into your body, being, soul, chakras, thoughts, emotions, and every aspect of your being and your reality. It is your mission and purpose to be aware of this flow and how you are in the centre of this flow.


You are the anchor of the Creator. You are the anchor of this two-way flow. When you are consciously aware of the energy you express, and the energy you receive, you begin to dance with the Creator and with your Creations as you manifest them from within your being and your reality.

I invite you to contemplate what is happening in your reality that maybe is unbalanced, that you are not happy with, or are concerned about, or wish to change, shift or alter? When you think of something that could be hindering you or occupying your mind, allow yourself to acknowledge:

What am I anchoring in this situation?’ What energies am I allowing to flow through my being from the Creator or simply from my mind, from my emotions? What energies am I receiving? What energy am I receiving from the Creator, from the outside world, from my situations, experiences? What am I receiving? What am I expressing?

Therefore, what am I being? What am I anchoring? As you acknowledge this, you begin to understand how you are being present in the world, how you are being present in your physical body, and how you are being present in your reality. Thus, you can create a shift.

You can also ask yourself:

What do I wish to anchor instead? What do I need to anchor to make the necessary change, transformation or shift that I desire? Or what do I need to express from the Creator through my being? What do I need to receive from the outside world, and from the Creator?


Therefore, what am I being, what am I anchoring? When you allow yourself to recognise what you need to anchor, what you need to be in that moment, or situation, you begin to acknowledge and create and transform, thus creating yourself as an anchor of a new energy, a new aspect of your being - thus releasing what is no longer needed.


You are being present, grounded, anchored in a new way. You are being present, grounded and anchored in a new way as the Creator This is something I encourage you to explore in the coming days. It is amazingly simple process and yet it can transform your reality and your experiences as well as transforming your embodiment, the way you act and react within your reality and ascension.

As you recognise yourself as an anchor in every given moment of your reality and ascension, receiving energy from the Creator, expressing energy from the Creator, I encourage you to contemplate this. Recognise they are all the same, it is the same process and yet you can feel yourself breathing in, receiving energy from within your being and radiating it outwards thus, expressing and radiating the Creator.


Receiving divine energy from the Universe of the Creator, from your guides and bringing it into your being, into your embodiment. Exhaling, beaming out the energy of the Creator, inhaling and anchoring the energy of the Creator.


We can see that it is a flow, it is a process, and although our perspective is slightly different, the process is the same. When we think of expressing the Creator, and when we think of receiving the Creator, it is still a good idea to recognise these two aspects because we ground two levels of energy.


We bring forth a heightened vibration with each expression and with each receiving. We allow our entire being to receive, express, and to anchor. We involve our wholeness and our completeness in this process and that is what is needed in this moment.


Video - "You Are The Anchor By Grandmother Anna" -



It is essential and important for us to recognise our wholeness, and completeness, and whether our actions are we are in a space of wholeness and completeness of the Creator. Whatever we may be doing, thinking, or feeling, are we are coming from that space of entirety, the ultimate whole and complete vibration of the Creator? This is essential on the Earth at this time.

It is important to come to terms with yourself as an anchor, asking yourself in meditation, what does this truly mean for me? What practice, meditation, or thought process will allow me to really embody that I am an anchor of the Creator and anchor into the Earth of the Creator's energy?


This is something entirely personal for you to acknowledge, understand and to explore. What practice, what thought process, what meditation, what technique will allow you to really acknowledge yourself as an anchor of the Creator's energy?


It can be something that comes into your awareness, it may be a technique that you are aware of or a healing process that you are aware of. It may be something that you are doing for yourself, and maybe working or co-creating with another. It could be walking, could be running, could be exercise.


Whatever it is, it is very important that you recognise this process now and that there is something you can do to really heighten your awareness of yourself as an anchor. There is a need for you to have the perspective in your mind for you to really exist as, embody and walk the Earth as an anchor for the Creator so that everything you do, think, and feel comes from the knowledge and understanding that you are an anchor of the Creator's light.


You then approach everything you are and everything you create from this knowledge of being an anchor. You draw into your body more and more light, more and more vibrations and high frequencies.


Like a lotus flower in the physical, your physical body, your chakras, your mind, your energy systems, your emotions all begin to open up and you blossom. You become your ascended master self on the Earth through this anchoring and grounding process because you are saying, not only to yourself, not only to the Creator, to the world that you are an anchor of the Creator's energy light, truth, and love.

This creates an opportunity for great expansion, a great opening within your being. Therefore, spiritual energies, your spiritual aspect, your spiritual master self will be able to come forth because you are creating this opening, you are creating a very strong and powerful foundation. You are allowing yourself to open and become your truth.


In many ways, we can think of it as there is nothing standing in your way, you are an anchor, you are bringing these energies into your being, into the Earth, into your reality. Everything within your being is opening up, your intelligence opens up, your intuition opens up, every part of your being begins to open, to express and receive this flow of the Creator and you anchor further. You become the Creator upon the Earth. Not only do you recognise this, you really embody it and you experience it.

I am an anchor.

I am a Creator anchor.

I invite you to affirm this to yourself in the coming days:

‘I am a Creator anchor. I am an anchor of the Divine energies and I co-create with the Creator in the physical.’

This means through your physical being, perceptions, expressions, receiving, attractions, through co-creation, manifestation, everything that I am and the truth of the Creator. Imagine yourself in this way, for others will be inspired. You will be a strong foundation of the Creator's light.


This will be magnetic, it will be inspiring, it will encourage others to be the same in your presence. They will be in your presence experiencing this flow that you are an anchor, that you are so strongly grounded in your spiritual self and in the vibrations of the Creator that they cannot help but open and become their truth.


It is not even about directing your energy; it is just about you being present as an anchor. It will transform so much within your world, within your reality, within Mother Earth and the entire world, it is immensely important in this moment.

Recognise yourself now as an anchor and allow yourself to realise that this is your pathway forward. Allow yourself to acknowledge what you become, how you become, in what way do you act and react. Do not try to guess, just allow it to be and you will see yourself transform, you will see yourself becoming something so amazing, beyond your imagination. I trust in you and I am present to support you and assist you in every moment.

You are a Creator anchor.

I love you always.
I am Grandmother Anna


Infinite Blessings of Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Divine Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment ! Steven Hutchinson


Video - "Arcturian-Lyran Healing The Past Chamber of Light" By Solara An-Ra













Embrace All Of The Divine Within You By Melanie Beckler


Cosmic currents are streaming in to expand consciousness.

Be Still to embrace it All.

Here's a simple meditation you can do anytime to tune in:

  • Sit in a upright, comfortable, and relaxed sitting position.
  • Place your hands in your lap facing up.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe with awareness.
  • Allow thoughts which appear to simply come, and simply go.
  • Return your awareness to your breath.
  • Allow your awareness to soften inward.
  • Gently tune your awareness towards your third eye, as you continue to breathe and become aware of the realms of Spirit and the Energies of Cosmic Consciousness available to you.
  • Be still to empower your energy to expand and your awareness to deepen.

Daily meditation is so essential. Can you commit to meditating everyday for a week?

Try it out and see how you feel…

Based on my experience it is well worth the effort.


Video - Instantly Relax & Recharge With The Love & Light Of The Angels



This is the most powerful meditation for Shifting Your Energy And Connecting With Your Angels FAST! Instantly Relax, and Recharge with Incredible Love, Light and Angelic Energy!


For best results listen to this guided Angel Meditation every day for 7 days and you will experience a profound shift... More deeply embodying your Soul Truth, feeling and experiencing angel energy in your life, and raising your vibration to start living in greater alignment with your highest possible timeline and Divine Truth.


This profound angel meditation not only connects you with Divine Light, and Angel Healing energy... But as you listen you will also experience and receive blessings from Your Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Metatron.


You will fill your body, mind and spirit up with Golden Divine Light and Angelic energy to reset energetically, bring healing light into every cell.. And you will experience embodying and realigning with your core truth at a higher level than before.


Shine with angelic energy, love and light to upflit your vibration, harmonize your surroundings and call forth blessings of joy, peace, serenity and positive energy in the highest interest of all.


Infinite Blessings of Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Divine Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment ! Steven Hutchinson


Video - "Assisting Our I Am Presence With Our Physical Transfiguration" By Patricia

Cota-Robles -
















A Gift From Gaia


Channelling – “That which you condemn will always return to the temple for forgiveness”.
This morning I took myself off for a walk, the past few days here in Surrey UK we have had a period of replenishment in which the rains have been falling and so as my world outside my window became greener, I chose to perfect my alignments to the Heart Chakra.
Green is the colour of the heart chakra, the Universal Law that governs this chakra is the Law of Rhythm, and so staying in on the inside felt like the perfect alignment whilst nature took itself through a process of rehydration for me to become witness and to choose to play on the pendulum swing with almighty Earth. Whilst our planetary ship readjusted, I simply sat, watched, opened myself to the teachings and chose to create a meditation that I could walk to once there was a space for me to reconnect back outside again.
And what a powerful walking meditation it was as I opened and received the words “That which you condemn will always return to the temple for forgiveness”. These words then opened a powerful remembrance, a Saturnian teaching on this Saturn’s Day of the dissolution of Karma and Time, as well as a heart chakra opening that dissolved any old threads of resistance to a past of chaos and the perfect partners who played their Divine parts within it all.
I will keep this brief beloved, but I will unfold the codes for you to play and explore too in these freedom codes I found.
It all begins with understanding the entirety of what Divine Unconditional Love is, and this is an area which many have yet to explore because there is a part of love that most do not want to accept, and that part is chaos itself.
Have you realised chaos as part of the Heart Law yet? Have you realised that the destruction of the old, and the creation of the new is always chaotic and have you noticed your judgement to creation itself? How you hold your breath and close your eyes in the crescendo and beg for the moment to pass? How you use a narrative that supports the restriction and escapism to a fundamental part of the Divine Plan? To Love itself?
Here lies separation…
Here is where the lesson that love is the acceptance of all things begins to open, and once you see it, is the moment in which you get to collapse the spectrum and work with the magic that it is, at light speed, which is the collapse of time, and what follows is the realisation of how that old karmic law then dissolves into nothingness and you truly get to activate the freedom and liberation codes within your DNA.
Chaos is like the string to the theory, it is what joins it all together, chaos is the waters of the great flood that created the space for your arrival. Chaos are the fires that scorch the lands but herald and call forth the new beginning. Chaos is the great war that changes the shape of humanity just as chaos is a pandemic which changes the global family unto a new way to behave.
Chaos is you in transformation…
Chaos is not meant to be judged, it is to be wholly and completely received as the Divine Experience that it is.
Chaos is unconditional love.
Video - "Total Integration - Experience The Oneness Of All That You Are !
Breathe with me, there is ultimately a lot to take in here…
The Law of rhythm teaches us that there is both a forward motion and the backward, but it is the backward motion that many resist and call chaos through the limited understanding, which then creates a painful experience in life to learn exactly the importance of the backward swing.
The backward swing is the destruction, it is the clearing, the purification, it is the space, it is the remembrance and it is ultimately the power that propels us forward, it is crucial and it is love itself.
It is the pattern of your life, it is you learning to ride the pendulum and to love the entire journey, and I repeat, love is the acceptance of all things, and all things got you to this space, here and now, in which you are reading this light that I am sharing with you after I chose to receive yet another teaching from our Source.
Magical sharing’s of light, in which some of what I say may well have you recoil and the chaos of the current programming that is stuck in the separation begins to react, but beloved it does so FOR you to realise and release, it makes itself known in the shutdown and the retreat to reflect where there are limitations and where we turn from the light, from love.
So, let us now jump, to the relationships, the acquaintances, the connections that you have made over your lifetime so far that you have deemed as bad or chaotic, the ones that you are practicing to love unconditionally through the pain and separation that was experienced.
Some of you will be in the experience of embracing and some still learning how it is possible to love such chaos, and all is perfect, all is a part of this awesome journey, and I would like to share with you the visions I received today whilst walking in meditation of how there is literally no separation and that to try to block and barricade them out is only ever going to cause a split on the inside of you.
Each of these beautifully chaotic beings exist within your cells, and your cells are memory. Every word and every deed that was done was an encoding to steer your ship towards the light, every experience was part of your Divine navigation and their voices, the images, the words, all of it is fully programmed into your being to support and anchor you into the new.
Once the expeience has actualised it can never be erased and neither would you want it to my love’s, there are no cords to be cut, there are no boundaries that can hold this out and to try is to play the rat run of karma in which all that we resist continues to persist and you know this, but is this being applied to everything and one?
Beloved, these people that you think hurt you exist within you, they are you, they are the Divine reflection of you, waking you, as we would expect a God to awaken a God.
He who raped me, raped me for lifetimes again and again, he exists within me, to awaken me.
He who beat me, beat me for lifetimes again and again, he exists within me, to awaken me.
He who stole from me, stole from me for lifetimes again and again, he exists within me, to awaken me.
He is me, as I raped, I raged, I beat, I stole in a bazillion different manifestations over thousands of years that gifted me different forms, shapes, and sizes.
I love him, because I love me, as I love me…
This is the gift of collapsing time; this is the gift of collapsing karma because when we realise the truth we can see that the very reason it has arrived in the reality is FOR us to awaken to the truth of how this has all been operating, and this brings me to the keycode of “that which you condemn will always return to the temple for forgiveness”, whether it is this lifetime or another the purpose is to understand that to condemn is to condemn oneself and the continuation of this teaching will repeat. Time is cyclic, everything returns back to you, for you, to awaken you to the remembrance of who you truly are.
The same his-tory repeats until the realisation and acceptance of her-story is realised within each of you and at that point the entire story can be de-storied or destroyed, and chaos collapses, the light moves too fast for chaos to even be seen.
All is coming back around for forgiveness; all returns back to the temple (you) for you to realise the pattern of this consciousness being shared here.
The moment this is received, the moment you receive all as you is the moment that time and karma collapse and you get to truly open the chakra of the heart and begin to reprogram your being with Source Codes.
The recycling reincarnation process then becomes null and void and you come to know yourself as God in which everything is built in the time it takes for a thought to appear in which chaos happens to fast to even be noticed.
So my loves, know this, hold the words, of that which you condemn will always return to the temple, you, for forgiveness, for your full acceptance and embrace, and its so Divinely loving that it matters not how many lifetimes you take to learn what I am offering to you now in these words.
I love you xxx
Infinite Blessing of Christ Love, Enlightenment, Abundance, and 'All That You Are'.
Steven Hutchinson
Video - "Tree Of Life & Light Meditation By Melanie Beckler" -

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