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What Is True Spirituality? By Pamela Kribbe &



Dear friends, I am your brother Jeshua. I am so happy to be here with you. When I speak through a channel, I am a little bit closer to Earth, to humanity, and I rejoice in being close to you.


I see your shining hearts, and I would love to impress upon you the greatness and the beauty of who you are. I want to remind you that this greatness is not something far ahead or far away from you; not something you have to achieve through a lot of discipline; it is who you naturally are.


It is a sad thing for me to see how you have become so estranged from simply being yourself. You have become used to continually judging and criticizing yourself. And especially when you are on the spiritual path, you have certain ideas in your mind about what you are supposed to become.


But the spiritual life is really very simple. It is about being intimate and honest with yourself. Spirituality begins with the acceptance of who you are. If you have negative thoughts, difficult emotions, so be it.


You think that to live from the heart you have to rise above these dark things, but spiritual growth does not proceed by way of ascendency. Truly spiritual people are also very humble people. They do not think highly of themselves, in the sense that they feel they have transcended their darkness.


But truly spiritual people do feel at ease with their darkness; they do not reject it. And this is when the magic happens: when you can look at your own pain without fear and with the eye of compassion.


When you look behind your negative behavior or habits, what you see is a frightened child inside you. Yes, it does require strength and an open heart to face this child.


However, the essence of the Christ energy is to recognize the face of an innocent child behind all negative and disruptive behavior. And for all of you, it is your challenge to first see your own innocence.


When you criticize yourself, and you try to push yourself in a certain direction, you think what you are doing is right. You go from the assumption that what you are now doing is wrong and that there is even something wrong with you.


But when you do that, you are not proceeding from love; you are not treating yourself with kindness, and in that way, you are always playing hide and seek with yourself. You want to move to the light, but the darkness will get in through the “backdoor”, so to say.


You have to be at ease with all parts of yourself to truly gain freedom.


I would like to invite you to now connect with your inner child. Imagine there is a child inside you who has been hiding there for a long time. Maybe the child does not show itself right away and you have to call it, to invite it.


But be open to it, and allow this child to show you the darkest part that you still carry inside you. Maybe the child is crying or screaming, but it does not matter. Be its guide, its parent, and see if you can feel at ease with this child, if you can comfort it.


There is always a reason for characteristics that you consider as dark, so hold the hands of this child and look into its eyes. When you do so, you will notice that this child has something precious to give to you. It has a gift for you, something that is important for you, right now. Accept this gift and thank this child for it.


Your inner work is to look into the darkest corners of your being and to invite the inner child to come out. This is what it means to go through the transition from ego-based to heart-based consciousness.


The heart is not battling the ego, the heart is all-inclusive. The heart reaches out to all corners of your being and that is the true meaning of the Christ energy.


What you do to yourself, the way you treat yourself, has an impact on the world around you. The compassion and the understanding you have for yourself will change your vibration, your energy, and that is the real meaning of being a lightworker. It is an energy transmission much more than a passing along of information. 


At this time, a lot of things are changing; a lot of energy is moving, and you can also see that at a global level. When this transition to the heart takes place, then a lot of darkness comes out of the hidden corners. So this is a kind of paradox in that it seems to get darker before it becomes lighter. But the key part of this process is that the darkness is allowed to come to the surface.


It is important for all of you who observe this happening in the world to remain centered and calm, to not judge the outside darkness that you perceive, and to hold on to the wisdom and understanding you have gained through your own inner process.


When you enter into judgment about the darkness you perceive in the world, then you tend to see the world as a kind of battlefield between light and dark. But the true power of a lightworker, a pioneer of consciousness, is to also recognize the innocence and the face of a child in the darkness you perceive around you.


But this does not mean that you simply allow everything to be and to happen. In your own life, you have to make decisions about what you do or not do, what you like and what you do not like, and you can do this from a deep inner feeling without judging.


You can make very clear decisions from your heart without making judgments from your head. And if you manage to not slip into judgment, you will hold the energy of compassion and radiate it outward into the world.


You have to remember that everything which is dark, and everything which is hiding in a dark corner, yearns for the light and is not happy in the dark. Just keep this in mind when you look around at the world.


And that does not mean you have to save the world, but simply to hold steady your own light, your wisdom, your non-judgment. This is how you channel a new energy to Earth, and what you will do specifically in your everyday life to express this new energy is different for every person.


I would like to end by inviting you to connect more deeply with what is your individual way of expressing yourself. Simply imagine that you are holding a torch in your right hand and feel the energy of the flame of this light. Feel how, on the one hand, it is blazing and passionate, and, on the other hand, it is still and silent.


This light springs from a feeling of joy and not of wanting to struggle or do battle. It comes from deep inside you, and imagine that you are now filled with the light of this torch. This is the light of your soul, your origin, and remember how radiant it is, how full of joy it is, and how playful and imaginative. So let it flow through all the cells of your body – enjoy it! To live from the heart is meant to be joyful.


As you connect with this light, ask yourself if there is anything you would like to do in your life, or anything you already do, which is in alignment with this light, and it is okay to experiment with this in your everyday life.


See what gives you the most joy and do not accept anything less. In the past, the voices of fear have kept you down, have disciplined you too much. Trust the voice of joy, the feeling of joy, and whenever you wonder: “What should I be doing in my life, how do I make a difference?”, then go with what gives you the most joy.


And it may start with something simple, but the more you go with that flow, the larger it will become. And that is how you make a difference in this world.


Thank you for being who you are. I Am Jesus


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Video - "Integrating Our I Am Presence To The Next Level" By Patricia Cota-Robles -



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