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Walking The Pathway To The Renewal Of The Self

With Lady Quan Yin & Walking Terra Christa 


Ray Chohan Lady Quan Yin representing the 11th Ray of God of the Pink-Orange Flame brings forth her wisdom of how to create Balance and Equilibrium to prepare for the WESAK energies.


This flame is titled “Walking the Pathway to the Renewal of the Self,” which represents walking the bridge from the Old Personality Self to the embrace the Higher Consciousness bringing forth a lightness of frequency within the four-body system (Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Mental).


The color Pink-Orange is a combination of the Red, Blue, and Orange Rays mixed with the White Light..  This is a blending ray in which an Initiate stands at the cross-roads of their physical reality to see how far they have traveled to continue the pathway into the higher realms.




As you breathe into all these energies, there’s a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors swirling within each of your chakras preparing you to receive the Higher Rays of God representing your Christ Consciousness. Imagine yourself seeing the Rainbow Bridge. You’re embracing your Solar Angel; you feel your Gatekeeper walking with you, and you’re now ready to receive the blessings of your Higher Self. Imagine your Higher Self is on the other side of the bridge.


It is in this moment that you allow yourself to step into the process of Self-Forgiveness of all that you have experienced either recently or previously whether it’s from another timeline or whether it’s from the present. Feel the Pink Orange Flame of Lady Quan Yin assisting you as she walks with you across the bridge, because it is now time for you to be in that State of Forgiveness which allows you to accept a new doorway of acceleration. When you let go of the past, you transform it.


Now see yourself with your Gatekeeper and your Solar Angel walking across the Bridge with Lady Quan Yin guiding you. You see your Higher Self waiting for you in this moment. Feel the consciousness of this energy. He or she does not speak to you. It’s a communication of vibration. Allow that vibration to come into your Solar Plexus as your Feminine Self becomes more attuned to the higher vibrational energies to help your Personality Self to accept the challenges that you are going through.


Breathing deeply.


Now in this moment you accept the walk of your lessons. Allow yourself to be in a State of Forgiveness and Divine Love as Lady Quan Yin assists you throughout this process. Now allow that energy to go all the way down through your full-body system into your Earth Star. Accept nothing else than the best for yourself. Now you are all intertwined together.


It is now time for you to accept what you have experienced. Consciously you have experienced this energy, but now the walk needs to happen within the physical body through the four-body system. Allow the four-body system of your physical which includes your cellular structure, your etheric body, your emotional body, and your mental body. Feel the swirling of these energies within you.


All of your chakras are spinning within each other allowing you to accept the peace and love that you desire to hold within yourself. Because the more that you do so, you have exhibited the Art of Forgiveness and will wash away the destruction, the pain, and the trauma. Just allow yourself to be in this state of conditioning.


You’ve been completely blessed with the clearing light energy of each of these rays. Remember the flames of the Blue, the Golden Yellow, the Pink, the Crystalline, the Green Golden White, the Ruby Red with Gold, the Purple Violet, the Seafoam Green, the Blue Green, the Pearlescent and the Pink Orange. Breathing deeply, ground these energies through your Earth Star as you become One with all that you have experienced.


So Mote it Be; Let it Be Done.


Video - Goddess Kuan Yin Transmission: Clearing Cruelty, Spite and Envy with Light and Compassion -



Greetings My Dearest Initiates!

I am Lady Quan Yin, and I am very much honored to be here with you in this moment. The presence of my energies is something that each of you needs to acknowledge on a personal level. Open up your Heart to receive the love I extend unto you to help you with the challenges that you experience in your everyday life.

I have asked Lady Mahlariessee to bring forth the Eleven Rays of God so you can prepare yourself for the Wesak energies that are going to be coming up in another thirty days or so. Preparation is the key and part of that preparation is to realize within yourself what needs to be released, what needs to be accepted, what needs to be challenged in order to accept the higher aspect of yourself to walk into the next stage of your initiations.

This takes a lot of introspection of who you are as a person, what you are learning about yourself through the teachings and through what you’re doing in your meditative states. It has nothing to do with any of us as the Masters. We just guide you to get to the point of your truth and your acceptance and your deep honesty to be the realization of your full consciousness.

Transformation comes in many different ways. It is not always something that is acknowledged internally, but it needs to be. Every day you should have a moment of reflection especially upon awakening because your Higher Mind is with you more at that time before your conscious self gets involved in the process of living your life on the planetary existence.

So many do not understand how the Soul Essence of the Higher Self comes into play with the consciousness of physicality. It can be a very deep realization and it takes a lot of effort for the Personality Self to surrender into those mental thoughts and accolades that stop the process.

It’s important for you as the personality self to not allow your Lower Ego to be in control of what you are experiencing, because then your lessons are going to be very karmic-related. They will not create the transformation that you desire, and you will experience life with great adversity and challenges in your world. Now, it does not mean that you’re not going to have adversity if you step into your higher consciousness. It means that the answers to those questions will come on an easier level for you.

I ask each of you in this moment to just breathe into the energies that Lady Mahlariessee has intertwined through the vibrations of each of the flames and allow those flames to come into your center and assist you to understand through vibration.

Not so much understanding within your mind because you’re going to try and understand through your lower self, your personality self. If that Personality Self is very strong with elements of, “I know all the answers, I don’t need to listen to anyone else, I’ll just do whatever I want without adhering to the dynamics of what is actually happening in your world.” Then you will see that everything that you experience is karmic related. You may not realize that process. It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Video - Quan Yin spiritual Fire Meditation




Karma can be a good thing. You can be receiving Divine Blessings of situations that you’ve experienced in other lifetimes that allow you to continue that same process. But the point of karma is to allow yourself to realize the transitions you have been going through, that it does not have to be a bad experience. I bet many of you think that. When you experience something that doesn’t work out, you think it is bad karma coming at you. But, in actuality, it’s the truth of your Soul’s lessons of what your Soul has not experienced previously, or it did not stand up to it, or created problems in another scenario.

There are so many different aspects that are inter-related within the aspects of karma and what happens to a Soul, and what happens to a personality through those Divine energies. It is important for you to realize that the effect of your Feminine Self, your Emotional Body, is the directive force of how you can fully allow the changes to occur within you.

You must listen to your Feminine Intuition. I say listen to this in meditation, not in an awakened consciousness because that is coming from your Personality Self. There are so many layers that are created within the transitions of what you are experiencing that it becomes very convoluted. It’s confusing, because the Lower Mind cannot understand what the Higher Mind is trying to project.

What I would like to teach to my aspirants is for you to stop, relax, breathe, and stop worrying about what is happening in the outside world with any particular situation or feeling or relationship.


You are the most important element that needs to occur within your consciousness. If you don’t think you are important, then you need to change that. Know that is a karmic thought process that comes from previous lifetimes that have caused you to think that others are more important than yourself. Now, I’m not saying to go overboard and say that you need to be self-centered and that you’re the most important thing. It is not about that at all. It’s finding that balance between the two. That’s the challenge because so many individuals do not know how to ascertain within themselves whether they are being Ego-Driven or if they are being Spirit-Driven.

Getting to know your inner self is a great challenge within yourself. That process needs to go into a deeper part of your reality than you’ve ever experienced previously. You must acknowledge within yourself that you are an individual, one that is awakened on the Ascension Mastery pathway. That means that everything you have ever experienced is stripped away and looked at. There are no secrets within yourself. You must acknowledge the Divine Truth that you are experiencing, because if you do not do so then you are just putting up a façade that does not exist except in your own little world.

This is very important for you to realize within yourself.

How well do you accept the State of Forgiveness to come into your heart?

Most definitely forgiveness must come first and foremost within you. Can you forgive yourself for being a certain way? Or do you just get angry? Say that you weren’t so nice to someone, can you forgive yourself for acting that way?

It doesn’t matter how the other person is accepting that energy with you. It is detrimental within your own full consciousness, within your own emotional and mental selves and it can be held within your Etheric Self. Your Etheric Self is not just about timelines you’ve experienced, it’s about moments of time, conversations, and what has happened to you; why you react in a certain way within yourself.

What you need to do is allow the process of your Feminine Divine to help you acknowledge that Self-Forgiveness, the most important particle of your existence becoming one within yourself, being honest with both your successes and your faults, seeing within yourself of what doesn’t work and not get angry with it. It is what it is.

In that presence of mind your Personality Self needs to become more of the Spiritual Self accepting it. Because that’s what the spiritual self does, it accepts all these elements within yourself that you’ve experienced in the many timelines of the many lifetimes of eons of time. Because, believe me, if you hadn’t lived many lifetimes in other existences and on this planet, you would not be able to do the Ascension Mastery pathway.

That is why so many individuals who call themselves Starseeds or Lightworkers do not step into the depth of the reality of their own true selves. They look outside themselves; they can become pompous about whom they are and what they are doing, because they don’t allow themselves to see the True Self, the one that has been hurt, the one that has been challenged, the one that may not have been good in certain times, and the one that has not been able to move to a higher place because of other elements they have experienced in multi-dimensional realities.


Video - Wesak Divine Feminine Paradigm Shift Meditation



It does get very confusing and can overload a person’s mindset.

So, it’s important to not think about it. The important part of it is to absorb these ray energies to help you to move to that Rainbow Bridge to be able to walk across it and meet up with your Higher Self.

First, knowing that utilizing this visualization that Lady Mahlariessee has given you will take practice. You will not be able to say, “Well, I am my Higher Self.” You won’t be able in a spiritual meeting to say, “Oh, I was in my Higher Self.” Well, were you really in your Higher Self? You have to look at that. What were you thinking about at the time you were speaking? This is the important part because the Higher Self has many dimensional faculties that are not understood by the human mind. You can’t understand it until you let go of the Lower Self Consciousness, and allow your Spiritual Mind, which is your Spiritual Self, which is your Higher Mind, which is your Buddhic Mind of your Higher Light Body to accept your physical self.

The only way that you can fully attain that energy is to work through these rays and allow them to be your mantra every day whether you do one ray or you do a mixture of rays. You have to begin to feel those energies internally within your chakra system, so they become more aligned within your personality self. This is truly how it works.

To be able to become more of your Higher Self, of your higher spiritual nature, you have to allow yourself to experience the Art of Equilibrium.

This means that when you are going through a challenging moment you don’t get upset by it. You may get upset at first but then you’re able to tune into yourself and say, “Wow, I’m now beginning to feel some balance.” You may not be able to do it immediately. But if you fully accept that energy to come more internally within your system, then you are acknowledging a different part of yourself than you were before. That is representative of your higher mind. These are all steps. You’re not going to be able to acknowledge them all at the same time.

I spoke earlier about the Wesak energies coming. This is so representative of what is occurring within every Initiate for this year of 2023.

As you know, you just experienced the Equinox and with that cycle came Solar Flares. The Solar Flares were projected through the Great Central Suns and were infused into the Earth into planetary awareness and that meant humanity would feel those Solar Flares.

Now, many individuals did not experience those Solar Flares internally. They just experienced them on the outside of themselves because they have not gotten to the point where they are making that awareness within their internal systems. Each of you that are working within the Rays of God should have felt some changes happening within you. This is an important part of the reality of the Earth changing into a New Earth. You will have many more of these experiences. But, acknowledging them is what is most important, because this is what will help you to move from a different space of your Higher Consciousness into another space of your Higher Consciousness. It’s a shifting. I know Mahlariessee likes the word ‘shifting’. That is what she experiences when she says ‘shifting’.

I hope each of you felt some sort of shift within yourself. What happens when that occurs? You say to yourself, “Hmmm, something is different within my consciousness. I don’t know what it is, but I can sense it.”

This means that your Higher Feminine Self is acknowledging that energy and you’re beginning to feel it. The Feminine Self is so representative of the feeling levels within your full-body system, the Solar Plexus. That is why I am totally geared to the Solar Plexus energy because it is representative of the Feminine Divine becoming more acute within you. Many times, many individuals may not accept that vibration within their Solar Plexus. They may think that there are physical elements that are going on, but in truth there’s a new vibrational essence that is occurring within the Solar Plexus which will result in emotions being released. I’m not saying negative emotions, I’m saying positive ones. But it can represent tears coming up, it can represent a new wave of acceptance. It’s going to be different for every individual.

I am sharing this, because remember Wesak is coming. Did you feel something within you? What happened within you during that process. Allow yourself to write it down, acknowledging it. Because when you do so then you are saying, “Something did happen within me. I don’t quite understand it.” That’s okay because you’re not going to understand it from your Personality Mind.

Working through these energies assists you to go into a deeper part of your reality and your reality is shifting and changing. If you can accept that, then you will flow with the changes that are happening within you. It’s when you want to stop it and understand it and say, “This is not working for me” that causes you great adversity. It causes challenges for you; it causes you to become abusive to yourself emotionally or mentally. That is not what it is meant to do.

Let’s take a moment and allow yourself to fully feel these energies. Let’s go back to the Solar Plexus with Pink Orange Flame and fully feel that Pink Orange Flame within your Solar Plexus. Let’s think about it, Pink represents Divine Love, and the Orange represents Re-Creation, creativity. Both of these flames come together into the Pink Orange and allows one to move into a different direction. We take that Pink Orange Light and allow it to go all the way into the Solar Plexus. Imagine you’re inside the Solar Plexus, you’re little spark of energy and you’re swirling within that Solar Plexus as it spins from the bottom, right, the top and the left. You’re inside that energy. Allow the energy to take you into a state of consciousness that you may not be used to feeling. It may cause some dizziness, but it is a flowing light energy coming within you.

Let’s take the Pink Orange Flame and extend it to the other chakras. We bring it down into the Sacral. What does the Sacral represent? It represents the balance between the Masculine and Feminine. Allow the Pink Orange to go in there because it is Forgiving Love. Then we extend it to the Root chakra. Now, the Root chakra can have all kinds of lower energies, angers, frustrations, and fears. But it is also a grounding energy to the Earth. What if you’re grounding to the Earth becomes more centered with Forgiving Love and Grace? Imagine you’re inside that Root chakra and the Pink Orange is swirling within the Root. It’s softening up all those frustrations, all those energies, all those past elements and you come into a State of Forgiveness, and it softens everything within the Root. That is your grounding force, it is your foundation. If you allow that foundation to go further into your pure existence, it becomes more aligned within yourself. It goes deeper through the soles of your feet into Gaia.

This means your walk upon the Earth will become more forgiving to yourself. You have to breathe through it, you have to feel the energy. It’s a vibrational change. You must not think of how that’s going to happen.

Now the energies are moving from your Root to your Sacral to your Solar Plexus. It then moves up into the Heart.

What is in the heart that needs to be forgiven?

Love and grace are now coming into your Heart Center. Remember your Heart Center is the core energy of all your chakras and who you are. Soften it, soften the Heart energy with the Pink Orange. Remember the Pink of the Divine Love and the Orange of Creativity, re-creating through love.

Now as it goes up further into the Thymus and into the Throat. The Thymus will hold that energy for all of the other chakras. We move to the Throat chakra and the Pink Orange swirls within the Throat. This is when you project through your voice in a completely loving manner of loving grace. It softens the manner in which you speak and gives you courage through love.

As it moves up into the Third Eye, this is an entryway to allow your Higher Mind to be assisted within these energies. It is in this moment that the Pink Orange is swirling within your Third Eye. A lot of time within the Third Eye energies can be very cut and dry, because it is such a mental acumen. It softens up so the Intuitive Mind of the Feminine Self is involved with the Higher Mind.

Then it moves upwards into the Crown area as the Crown area is the overlighting energy of your Spiritual Self. Now just feel that Pink Orange swirling within each of these chakras. Now it expands into your physical body which includes your physical mind and your physical heart. Feel that softness happening to you because in this moment you’re in a state of re-creation. This is what Mahlariessee says is shifting and this is what happens to her. Your Masculine Self becomes more conducive to accepting the truth of the Feminine Self. Allow yourself to connect to that and go back into your heart.

As it moves through the four-body system then the four-body system reacts differently because you have fully gone into a State of Forgiveness. It is not a debilitating state, it’s a state of awareness, it’s a state of acceptance through energy vibration. Let us just take a moment and ground those energies all the way into your Earth Star.

Now you become the pure essence of creating the Art of Equilibrium through the challenges that you are experiencing. Now, this will take a lot of practice to be able to extend it out of your physical world. It is not just going to happen immediately. You need to feel it in this consciousness, in this Higher Consciousness of the energies before you can extend it outward. When you are able to do so, you will see that the shifting of your lessons within your Initiations will become easier for you.

It has been my pleasure and honor to walk with each of you. Ask for my energies as you prepare yourself for the Wesak Festival of 2023.

So Mote it Be; Let it Be Done.

I am Lady Quan Yin, Ray Chohan of the Pink-Orange Flame.


Video -Activate The Light Of Love Meditation













The Heart Center Of The Earth By Pamela Kribbe

& Mother Earth/Gaia


I am the Earth. I speak to you from the depth beneath your feet. I, too, have a heart chakra, a center, and you can envision this heart center to be in the middle of my physical body, the planet. Travel there in your mind; descend down into the Earth, into my center, and make an energetic, conscious connection with it, because at its core, my heart is not primarily material, but spiritual.


Just as your hearts are part of your soul, your Godself, my heart is also not only physical, it is part of my soul. Feel my heart; feel my love for life. I enjoy everything in life that buds, goes through life processes, grows, and finally dies physically. Life is a grand dance and that dance is elegant and beautiful. In this dance is harmony and logic.


Each one of you is meant to dance, although sometimes the movements you make are uncomfortable or painful. But not everything that has a blocking effect comes from outside you. You also have a history; you are older than this current physical life; you carry a legacy with you. Your soul has a depth that you still do not comprehend. So much remains hidden from you of the grandeur and mystery of your soul. Thus, you cannot know everything, but you can surrender and give yourself over to the movement of your soul.


Your soul sometimes wants you to deal with negativity that comes both from without and within. There might still reside in you old baggage, consisting of emotional pain, misunderstanding, confusion, that your soul intends should come to the forefront in this lifetime.


And these encounters may go against your personal desire for light and for a productive, pleasant, and enjoyable life. The purpose of encountering negativity cannot be comprehended by the earthly personality or by the mind, or so it seems, because that purpose is difficult to understand in that way. Therefore, you are asked to open to a deep level of surrender in order to come to terms with that negativity, and I ask you to do this now. I encourage you to feel that negativity from the perspective of my heart, my center.


I see much pain and suffering in and on the Earth, yet there is a part of me that is not affected by that suffering. There is this part of me that simply witnesses it with a gentleness and deep acceptance which understands that there is a logic in everything that happens.


Without asking you to grasp this logic with your mind, I encourage you to feel the energy of my heart center. Feel that this energy also creates a space for the suffering and for all that is dark and seems incomprehensible.


I am very deeply involved with you and I do not dismiss the suffering of humanity, as well as that of the animals, plants, and rocks. Everything that lives on Earth is sensitive to vibration, to energy. Fear, distrust, hatred, loneliness are vibrations that deeply affect me and all life, yet there is something in me that transcends these vibrations – I am your mother.


By connecting with that part in me which looks with compassion at suffering and grief, you strengthen that part of me – and of yourself. You then literally begin to channel, to become a conduit. Your heart opens to the large flow of compassion that exists in the universe. Not only my compassion, but also that of many other beings.


If you are a part of that compassionate stream, you stay connected with it; you do not turn away from what there is on Earth: the light and the dark. You do not try to flee from what is here and your heart remains open.


That is your deepest, your greatest gift: remaining here, being present, and not judging but making your heart ever more open and expanded so that you can understand why people, and why you as well, do things that go against life. A consciousness that can understand this, and hold on to this understanding, can break down barriers and remove blockages solely by way of compassion, by way of a deeply felt empathy.


Doing this makes you strong, and make no mistake, love is a strong force. Being open to negativity, to pain and suffering, does not mean that you drown in it. It is the power of love that allows it to keep its distance, and to rise above the suffering, yet love’s wings always touch the Earth and other people.


Video - Earth Day Crystal Sound Bath -


I ask of you that you become an angel on Earth and I know you can be that. Every living being on Earth is working to complete its own dance, one that is perfectly suited to their unique nature, and you have your own particular dance.


For you, there is always the next step that suits your life and is in line with who you are now. Feel that for a moment. Are you willing to take this step even if you do not know what it is that is asked of you? Are you ready to take the next step to opening your heart and to healing the old pain?


You do not need to know how that will happen; you do not need to be able to fathom the depth of your soul in order to take that next step. It comes through trust; feel that it is good to do so.


That is what I ask of you, not to save the world, but to take that one step, your next step. That is what fits right in with the rhythm and the path of development of the Earth as a whole, with this whole sphere of being. We do it together. If each individual being completes their dance, then doing that brings the greatest gift to the whole.


For this reason, it is extremely important that you know yourself. Not to stare blindly toward what you should be, or what you would like to be, but at who you actually are, here and now; at what goes on inside you; at the emotions you experience most often: the sadness you have, or your fervent desires, visions, and beautiful feelings.


If you go deep down into yourself with an open heart and an open mind, you are going to become aware of the dance within you, which is not a dance you have created, but a dance your soul has created for you. Then you will be more attuned to your dance, which need not be “perfect”. You are here to learn how to attune to it, so keep things simple.


All you need do is to know the signals in your body that come from your soul through your thoughts and your emotions. By silently looking at what is taking place within you, at your thoughts and emotions, you will penetrate deeper into your core and discover what gives you the most joy.


Joy is the simple answer to a lot of questions you all have. When you are struggling with a question, for example: “Should I do this or that, or do I need to hold back?”, ask yourself instead: “Does it give me joy; does it increase joy in me?


The natural dance of life is born out of joy. Think of a ballet dancer. Ultimately, the source of her passion is joy. Dancing gives her joy and satisfaction; it fulfills her soul. However, she also has to learn to overcome pain by exercising her muscles and practicing awkward movements – the training of her body. The pain does not conflict with the joy; it is something she is willing to endure because she is focused on her goal of expressing herself perfectly through the dance.


When you stay in touch with joy, you connect with your essence and the reason for all kinds of worries in your life. You begin to sense if something is part of your goal and is worth doing even if it gives you pain. Or if there are things you would prefer to avoid because they do not contribute to your life’s purpose. Dare to ask yourself the question: “Can I live for joy? May joy be my guide?”


I greet you all from my heart, from my soul. I respect you, whatever your path in life. I ask you to take my hand, so we can dance together. There is a flow in me and you and in all life that connects everything on Earth. Feel that flow, how open it is. You are welcome on Earth; I love you.

Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

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