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i used to go on a starseed and lightworker website : and, i kiked it but it doesnt exist anymore , i dont know if it was moved ; my problem is that i posted pictures of my myself on it and on and i got " voices" because of it wich i suspect are peoples from theses website speaking to me , and i wish to stop it , but the voices dont remember from one day to another what i said to them because they dont remember what happen for them when they go in the astral and i wished to tell them to tell them to stop from internet , so i wonder if you know where the peoples on theses website : and lightworker org ,where they went.

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  • Sorry to hear of your suffering. Whatever is happening to you, this doesn't sound good for you. I believe something negative is attached to you in the astral plane causing this in your subconscious, which repeats memories of these website interactions as voices. I took a look at your profile and see that you have heard voices before. I recommend purification healing sessions for you.Take these healing sessions daily. They can be received an unlimited amount of times. Affirm to the Creator- only the Highest Love and Light is allowed in my space- make it so! God's Holy Will be done! I am Divine and only Divine is here now! Wishing the Highest Love and Light upon you to dissolve these voices from you.

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