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Update to Guidelines

Dear Members,

In response to requests from some members, I have updated the guidelines. This does not affect previous posts but it affects posts from now on:

All capital letters in titles of posts/discussions/comments or in posts/discussions/comments are not allowed. Many people consider this shouting. Thanks for your understanding.

Thank you for your continued contributions to the network.

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  • Hi Chris

    I am sure people will like to know the latest guidelines.


    I often do a word starting with a capital letter only.... I assume this is ok?



  • Hello Tara,

    This post is intended for those that consistently use all capital letters in everything they write. Ocassional mistakes are acceptable but consistent postings in all caps are not acceptable.

  • Wow !

    Speaking for myself, I consider capitals in someone's comment to be shouting IF the words were aggressive.

    When copying and pasting, some folks may not know that the article's title is already in Capitals.


    Thanks Chris for the message, I just changed the letters of the title of my last post.

    Blessings, and thank-you for allowing us to share here on your beautiful website,

    Tara Mary

This reply was deleted.