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  • Sophia, is your third eye begining to open? Is it throbbing? My recommendation is to ask your Soul/Higher Self to ease any symptoms, to gently open your third eye. Also drink lots of water. Do grounding by getting sunlight and spending time in nature. Exercise. Also spend some time to meditate and simply observe what you see with your physical eyes closed. Sometimes the Higher Self has a message for you which is why you are drawn to the third eye awareness. These things are helpful. From my experience, any pain in the third eye is only when it begins to open, then it goes away. Hope this helps. 

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      I think i opened my third eye back in 2012/2013 , but i ended up ib psuchiatric clinic with psychiatric medication because i saw concentrations camp in between stations of suburb train, i got off the psychiatric medication in 2014 because i wad ding better , then in beginning of 2015 i got voices and i was havinh weird behaviors so i ended up in psychiatric hospital with antipsychotics , wich i still have, and i was put on anxiolitics too , i was in there for 7 months , in 2020 i was put off the anxiolitic wich withdrawal was painfull , then i started having third eye pain i think . My problem with meditation is that i used to do it concentrating on the third eye wich is painfull now. Also i have been diagnosed schyzophrenic by my psychiatrists.

    • Surrender to your Higher Self for your Highest and Greatest Good. Ask for its compassion in easing your third eye pain. Ask the Higher Self to remove blocks in your third eye. Besides the above steps you can take this.


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      I personally dont believe in a higher self , unless it is the unconscious , but then it isnt conscious of itself , i m the part of me that is conscious .sometime i even believe the higher self to be a demon that try to possess by making itself come in the body

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