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There Are Technical Problems In This Website

There have come a problem in this website when you browse using mobile phone. It looks like it happens in some types of mobile phones. In other words this site now encounters certain problems when you use some types of mobile phones. The problem appears to be rooted in the ning platform itself, rather than in this particular website, and it occured due to some recent changes done.In a nutshell, some buttons are not working. One cannot post on the wall, in the profile and cannot post a blog post. One can only post andvedit a discussion forum, but cannot comment further on it. One can only edit a past blog post but can neither post new ones nor post any comment on any of blog posts. One cannot delet anything and one cannot go to the 'next page' of the home page . When you press several buttons, including the 'post' buttons, the page reloads and the URL merely changes say from '' into ' So there is just addition of this '/#' which doesn't take you anywhere. Appart from changing the URL this way, the website does nothing more. It doesn't carry out any of those requests you made.

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  • Rahma, I see your post. Maybe the issue you had was fixed?

This reply was deleted.