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The Seventh Initiation, a day by day chronology 8/8/09 The Infinity Gate 6:30 AM Began the seventh initiation, felt my hands and feet anchor with energy just like when then 5th and 6th initiations happened. Felt some light anchoring in my root, sacral/navel chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Walked through the golden doors of Shamballa again in my minds eye. Then I walked past the place where my sixth initiation took place, then flew over Shamballa. I saw the city of light, eternal gardens, golden dome, then landed and Sanat Kumara was waiting for me with his hands in the Tbetan prayer position at his heart chakra level. He was surrounded by ascended masters in white. After reading some Joshua David Stone books, I understand them to be the Keepers of the Will. Sanat Kumara then raised his right hand and from God came a golden rod. Sanat Kumara said your chakras are ebining to merge into One. He pointed the rod at each of my seven chakras and they began to move a little bit closer. I also merged with Sanat Kumara’s heart, wisdom, and will. Then I fell asleep from all the energy. When I woke up I asked God if I had completed the seventh initiation. God said I had just begun the process and I will receive several activations ending with an amazing flooding of white light, and everything will be perfect for me. 10:00 PM I continued the 7th initiation and its activations. God told me to relax and that everything will be perfect for me. I started to feel energy anchor in my hands. Then in my third eye and entire head. My hands and head were anchored. Then my navel anchored, then my knees and then my feet. Then they were all anchored at the same time. I was buzzing with energy. In my minds eye the Cosmic Council of Twelve said I was blessed and the Father decreed everything is perfect for me. Then I saw Sanat Kumara and he said he was merging my chakras. I felt my chakras move a little closer. Sanat Kumara was using the golden rod of initation to do this. Then I fell asleep. 8/9/09 3:30 AM I woke up and felt my hands anchor again. This time I felt my heart and root anchor and start to heat up. I felt my heart chakra expanding. I saw Sanat Kumara with his rod of initiation surrounded by other masters in white with their own rods. They all pointed the rods at me. My chakras were merging together a little closer. My heart chakra was expanding. I fell asleep again. 9:00 AM I feel an enlarged heart, third eye and crown chakra. My heart is expanding the most. Also my crown is quite active as it is receiving more energy. 5:00 PM Felt tired, went to lie down for sleep. I asked for the 7th initiation to continue. I said I AM the Monad I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Fixed Design 3 times, then I said I AM the Logos I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Fixed Design 3 times. I started to feel anchors in my crown, third eye, throat, heart, sacral and root chakras simultaneously. I saw Sanat Kumara in my minds eye surrounded by ascended masters. All of them had rods of initiation. This time the group was much larger. According to Joshua Stone’s book Beyond Ascension, they were the Attractive Energies of Shamballa. They all surrounded me. I was dressed in a white robe and was kneeling in the prayer postion. I had a Pleadian star necklace with large Moldavite stone in the center. My face was golden white light. I also had golden light emanating from my 3rd eye. As they all pointed the rods of initation at me my chakras began to merge together into one column of light. I was one column of rainbow light connected from the center of the earth directly through the Mahatma back to the Father. I saw the rod’s energy moving through the seven seals on my chakras breaking each of them and transforming all separate chakras into a unified field of rainbow light. I was told by God I was free forever from rebirth and eternal forever. I saw my monadic light body with its radiant light merge with my light body and I was the radiant light body. I said I AM the perfect integration of cosmic light in all of my bodies…3 times. Then I said, I AM the total merger of my monadic body and One forever more…3 times. Then I said…I AM forever One with Shamballa…3 times. Then in my physical body I felt my navel, throat, heart, and crown heat up. Then I fell asleep and woke up with movement and increased energy in my crown. 8/10/09 8:00 PM Felt strong energy in head and crown. Went to lie down. Felt anchors in the hands then knees then root and slowly moving up through the chakras back to crown. Similar to Kundalini rising. Saw God in my minds eye surrounded in white light, was lifted out of the physical body through all levels through the Mahatma back to God, and as my body rose it received flaming blazes of radiant light from each level. With each higher level my flame and light grew infinitely larger. Felt my entire body from naval down heat up. Felt my body being pulled up similar to the 3rd initiation. I said I AM the Father I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Fixed Design…3 times..then I AM the Father forevermore…3 times. I completely merged with the Father’s heart, will and spirit. I saw myself become the Father and visualized it. I saw my body’s cord/antakarana snapping and breaking…I heard the noises inside my head, perhaps it was a preview of what will happen in September. I heard God speaking…you are now freed of the Ego. My crown is still crawling with energy, there may be more activations still. Also my third eye is feeling much energy and my whole head seems to be full of energy. 8/11-8/12/09 Not much as far as initations, I think the Divine gave me a break to adjust to everything. During this time I made some interesting contact to higher beings. I entered into the reconnect energy each time with the purpose of contacting each being. I let the energy flow until my third eye opened and I saw the being and received telepathic contact. Melchior- Has a silver light body with maroon robes also has some kind of strange maroon and gold crown. I cant describe it- kind of a cross between a sheik and a European king. Melchior is our Galactic Logos. Adonis- Bright gold-silver light. Could not see his (its) robes clearly but I believe they were blue. Adonis is the Galactic vibration of the Cosmic Heart of God. Could not see a clear face, the light was so bright. Averann- Gold silver light body with green robes. Not as bright as Adonis. Averann had a bald head. Averann is a Glactic master watching over the Galactic evolution. Lenduce- I enjoyed contacting Lenduce. Lenduce is a bright blue light being. The energy was strong from Lenduce. He (It) comes from a high galactic level. Lenduce is the monad for Sanat Kumara. Vywamus- Again enjoyed the contact. Vywamus is the higher self/soul of Sanat Kumara. He (it) is a white light being with white robes, short white hair and surrounded with electric blue light. Vywamus is low galactic level/high solar level. Galactic and Universal beings look less like people and more like light beings. Some examples are Lenduce (blue)and Mahatma (rainbow colored)- both are infinitely large beings of light. Logos of Sirius- another contact I enjoyed. Blue being with white hair and beard. Purple clothes, cannot describe the style of clothes, not really a robe, looked like clothes from the Nemesis of Flash Gordon (from the 80s movie). I believe the name of the Nemesis was Ming? Golden eyes, blue face. Logos of Sirius is the logos over Sirius and the University of Sirius. Since I am on the Path to Sirius after Shamballa earth service, the Logos of Sirius graciously agreed to attune me to him (it) for further contact and also directly linked me consciously to the abilities of teleportation, precipitation (instant manifestation), leviatation, and miraculous healing abilities to name a few. I have direct links to the teachers of each area thanks to the Logos of Sirius. I will have to experiment with abilities later. He said my light quotient was high enough after the 7th initiation to begin to receive these blessings. His energy was strong like Lenduce’s. Logos of the Great Bear Star System- contacted this Logos and asked for assistance in merging my galactic body of light through all levels including my physical body and an attunement to the energies of the Logos. He (it) looks like a white light cosmic being with silver armor with a maroon symbol on it- not sure exactly what it was- it looked like a V or something. Melchior has maroon robes to me so there may be a linkage. Galactic Melchizadek- looks like the wizard Gandalf, had grey robes on, long white beard. Asked for galactic body merger and ascension blessing and activation. Felt some energy in my physical body. Also during these 2 days I had a dream- I was in a beautiful castle in the dining room at a long table with violet table runners and drinking red wine. There were others with me. In the center was an older woman appearing in her 50s. She raised her wine glass and we all raised for a toast. We said Thanks Charles (pun on wine?) and Death to Henry. It had some hallmarks of St Germain and I know I will be in St Germain’s ashram in Shamballa while I am in earth service on the inner planes before moving onto Sirius. It was interesting and is possibly a memory of my work already on the inner planes while I sleep. I read about Charles. St Germain (an ascended master incarnated during this time) worked as the gentleman of the chamber for a Charles X. Also death to Henry may mean death to the Tyrant as Henry VIII of England was a tyrant in England earlier in history and it may have been a phrase of St Germain’s time (remember St Germain helped found the United States and he liked the French) 8/13/09 3:00 PM Felt strong anchor in throat chakra area and navel chakra. Felt whole head full of energy. Cosmic fire starting in the upper chakras. 9:30 PM The energetic anchors began in the afternoon but I did not have time to integrate the energy until the evening. At 9:30 PM I went to lie down to receive the energy. First my hands anchored then feet then knees then root chakra, naval chakra, elbows, my third eye felt enlarged and was strongly expanding. My whole head felt energetic expansion. Also my root chakra, navel chakra and solar plexus, heart, throat area started to expand. I saw Master Jesus in my minds eye and he prepared circular spheres to enter into me, they were higher chakras and ascension abilities. I felt the energy expand throughout my body and there was also much heat. I was speeding up and spinning internally. My crown felt much energetic over lighting. I heard cracks and seals breaking and saw my antakarana withdrawing slowly from the body. I saw God in bright light and I merged with God and said Elohim repeatedly. Then I was interrupted in my meditation by a member of my family. Hopefully the activations will continue. 8/14/09 6:30 AM Still mostly asleep but felt some activations again. My hands, feet, knees and hips (root chakra) anchored again. My third eye enlarged with energy. Energy was being beamed into my crown. I felt expansion in my chakras then fell asleep. I woke up with a throbbing third eye and energetic crown chakra. 10:00 AM Felt naval anchor again and head filling with energy. Knew there was more to come when I was ready. 10:00 PM Went to lie down, my hands, feet, knees, and entire legs filled up with energy and anchored again. Felt heat in my legs. My minds eye anchored and entire head filled up with energy. Felt expansion again. Also feeling expansion on the crown and above the ears in the head. Fell asleep. 8/14/09 10:50 PM My crown and head and navel feel full of energy and I’m sure more activations will be taking place. 8/16/09 12:00 AM Typing this up from my hand written notes and feeling total energy in my head, crown and above the ears in the head. Also feeling energy in my throat and navel chakra area so more is yet to come.

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  • HI Chris , what do you mean with "The Seventh Initiation, a day by day chronology (my experiences)"

    Which 7 initiations are you talking about in this topic ? thanks , Marie ♥

    • Hi Marie,

      The 7 initiations from the Dr. Joshua Stone material.



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