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The Science Of The Seven Rays - Universal & Eternal Principles


A Principle is a universal potential. Principles are universal and eternal. They are the very Being and Essence of Spirit. Principles are the Divine Mind in operation. In intuitive philosophy they are also known as Rays. The Seven Rays are seven radiations or frequencies. Think of the Seven Rays as pure energy vibrating to specific frequencies, the frequencies being principles.


We each are centers of individualization for the Divine Spirit. This is why man is said to be made in the image and likeness of God and to be a reflection of His very own Being.


Spirit being the formless Principle of Life, the likeness cannot possibly be in the outward form. The likeness between Spirit and man can only be of a mental kind. The word man comes from the Sanskrit manas meaning mind. The individual mind (man) is a concentration of the Universal Mind into individual consciousness. In other words: the mind of man is a miniature reproduction of the mind of God.


The mode of man’s mind differs from the mode of Spirit’s mind in that the former is directed towards the individual and particular whereas the latter is directed towards the universal and general, but in quality they are identical. What is universal in Spirit becomes individual in man because man is nothing less than the replication, in individuality, of all that which Spirt is, in universality. Principles are universal; man differentiates (specializes) these universal undifferentiated principles by channeling them through his very own consciousness in order to meet particular needs.

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