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Believe in yourself! What greater treasure does a human have then faith in their own self? We have withstood so much as a species, survived world wars and a nuke and even plagues and genocide. But apart from our beloved Father/Mother God(dess) what has kept us alive?...Hope! Hope has kept us alive. Hope has driven us to protests, hope has kept us fighting tyrants when it seemed all was lost. Hope has helped us find cures to terrible diseases, hope has brought peace treaties, hope has inspired. And here we are today in 2012 inching closer and closer towards the light of knowledge and wisdom. Now is the time more then ever to have hope in yourself. 

Its time to believe in yourself. To believe you have the power to transform reality right now, you don't have to wait for December, or for some miraculous event to usher in a golden age. You have the gift of Faith! and it takes faith to tune in to ones divinity. It takes faith to believe that you are a divine being and you have divine abilities, And its so simple to tap in to, all you have to do is be of pure mind and heart and forgive yourself when you are not. Realize this world is temporary and we exist, in this moment, in a world much greater then the physical world. It is our inner world. Picked up by our astral bodies and our etheric senses, we are consciously or sub-consciously on a constant struggle to tune in to the right frequency to maintain or achieve a better connection to this inner world...To this dwelling place.

But we can not know this inner world until we remember we are crystals, all of us, in this very moment, Angelic Human. We have always been perfect! However when we are born we are born with amnesia. We forget who we are. We are like an eagle born with no wings, or a rose born with out petals. Still the eagle is an eagle and the rose is a rose, regardless of how they have been born in to this world. And likewise, Man is still an Angel regardless if he were born without wings. When we look at a dove or a humming bird we think of Father/Mother God(dess)'s perfect love and creation, but how many times do we look in the mirror and think the same? How many times have we looked at our selves and marveled at the light within? and let me make this clear before it is taken out of context, I do not mean to stand in awe of your flesh, for the flesh falls away and our angelic divinity can not be seen with our mortal eyes. What I mean is the divine spark of our creator, to this you must see with the ego-less eyes of purity, you must see that your flesh, while temporary contains a great work and this work is eternally perfect.

We are love made manifest through the love of the dreamer. And that dreamer is our creator. All of us equally loved, do you think our father can not love his creation? only those who see with mortal eyes and ego believe such a silly notion!, for these are things of the physical world, our souls are eternally perfect and free from the influence of the physical world, so how therefor can God not love all if the physical world has no bearing on our souls? That is like saying, I do not love my daughter because she is wearing a red shirt! or like saying I do not love my sister because she is wearing a costume. At the end of the day when your daughter takes off the red shirt and your sister the costume, they are still your loved ones and regardless of what has happened to the red shirt and the costume, your loved ones are still the ones you love dearly and wish to keep safe and happy.

Believe in yourself, believe that, that inner dwelling is sacred, it is your God-kingdom, it is your nirvana, your summer-land and at the end of the day, you are loved, remember this always and you shall be always free. There is no God greater then the creator of all things seen and unseen and therefor, there is no greater place then our inner dwelling, then the spark of God which is within us. Go there to seek peace, understanding and love. It is all given freely if we believe in it.

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