The Mystery Of A New Creation By Ailia Mira - Fields & Energy Organizing In New Ways

The Mystery Of A New Creation By Ailia Mira

Fields & Energy Organizing In New Ways

Divine One --

The planetary field now is different. You may feel like your own field is different as you are noticing it. This is also true as the planetary field and your own are in unity. Earth is opening up to vaster frequencies and energies that are organized in new ways. This is a new beginning.

The light within you is expanding as the vastness of your being arises within, spreading out and becoming you, as you allow this.

You willingly and joyously allow this to occur each time you remember the truth of your being; each time you allow yourself to flow without inhabitation, rather with ease and grace; and as you invite the Oneness that is to use you.

In any moment in which you acknowledge and claim the truth of Oneness you further this evolutionary momentum. When you claim your innate belonging in this Oneness you raise yourself into the highest possible state of being. When you open to what you know as you Source and allow your Light to flow into expression, being who you truly are, here, the world becomes new.

The light within you organizes now in new ways. This is because of collective use of will. There have been choices made that are now reshaping reality, fundamentally. You might imagine this as removing the layer of story, or belief that created a foundation of illusion -- the foundation of separation.

In truth though, the underlying truth is already present, and it is a matter of your state of being — what you are available to, what you are in resonance with and what you see in yourself and others.

New templates of Life beyond separation are beginning to arise within your own field. You are gradually evolving, reorganizing and changing.

Many of you are open to this, we know, and we thank you for the willingness to consciously evolve. This is a great gift to the greater world and brings grace into this dynamic period of change. For as you are made new, organized in new ways and too, expressing with a felt sense of knowing your own belonging, a sense of unity with All Life, then history and beliefs arising from ideas and thoughts of separation no longer fit. And when they no no longer fit your fundamental energy field, you will discover JOY in a very expanded way. A way that is pure and clear and true.

This is what we know of that: you will never be the same again. You will never again, grow in fear. The fear is not of the realm of focus you are choosing to align with and experience Life as a human being through. Divine Oneness, the Unity of Life, the Oneness of All is being reinstated.

Life is moving into greater and greater reunions of consciousness as the One becomes you. As the Christed Self becomes you. As the Divine Knowing, the Truth of Your Being, arises here.

And as this occurs, you will find that you feel the Oneness in a very different way. It may be hard to imagine this, we know. But we can tell you that you will know it as it takes place. It may not be that you notice it at first, for in truth, it’s already begun.

But you will we know, and find your own ways of feeling the difference in the structure of your being, the form and field of your presence, as the new takes hold and the template of Unity becomes you. You will, if you wish, consciously begin to feel your expanded truth as embodied experience and this will take hold in incremental ways as you realize and open to the fullness of your being and the world, letting yourself flow and letting go.

These are our words for how you might choose to participate but each of you are being guided and in your knowing, from within. There is intelligence within you and the Oneness is doing all it can to awaken fully and recognize Itself, here, in All Life and All That Is. That drive is opening and flowing and the will of It, will be done.

This is the evolutionary imperative now and it has been embraced, collectively, by the soul of humanity the legacy of light that is Oneness in your species. And with this choice, the newness is being articulated as those with eyes to see, see the world and the Oneness is reinstated, reclaimed, re-articulated and the pure and clear truth of Life is known as real. The Divine Flow reclaiming all that is Life, to Life.

More than any other time before, your presence can be a source of joy and clarity, and your inner connections are the means by which everything you need comes to you. Go there often. Drink deeply of this inner current and allow yourself as you feel inspired, or drawn, or even just as the soft thought occurs to you … to express yourself as you imagine would give you joy and pleasure. The true path, the authentic way will assert itself if you are tender and open and listen to your sincere and knowing heart.

The Real You is Infinite Eternal Light, and is wanting to be here, fully now! And express in and through you! The Fullness of Life Itself knows how to do this, how to navigate from here to there and through all that is in this pathway.

Opening up what needs to be opened. Letting go what needs to go. So that you might be part of creating and making real a new template for Creation, a New Creation, here, on Earth, for all of Life to behold.

Take time now. And again whenever it occurs to you to make space for your inner connection, to honor the sacredness of your own expression, to feel into your deepest knowing about these changes and your way into resonance with your true self. The inner light knows. It is simple, to know what feels right now. Listen to your body! Listen to your inner sense of Self.

The planetary field can lead you and your own body is made up of the Life of this ascending planet! So it is clued in and can lead the way. There is ample connection and guidance for you. Even now. When the world is seemingly in the worst state ever, the light is growing within and the New Creation is taking shape. You can feel your way into harmony and Oneness with Life! Right now.

These are not just words, the words are an expression of the new fields and forms being brought into Unity and being through Divine Creation and Intent.

The sowing of new seeds, has led to new growth and new unfolding streams of light that are beyond all that has been before. Beyond fear. Beyond the illusion of separation. Oneness Is All. Life is All One. Everything is Alive and despite all appearances moving as One into a new future of infinite and eternal Light known and felt here. And throughout Creation.

This is the great New Dawn in it’s early days. Recognize the glory of it!
Hold it close within your heart and enjoy the promise and the experience of remaking a world, anew.

It is beautiful to participate in the light coming, with you!
We love you very much! We are complete.

We are the Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia.

We bid you a most beautiful unfolding experience of this New Creation. Invoke grace whenever it occurs to you.
And know we are with you. As One. Wishing you JOY!

Video - "Children of the Suns Transmission: Invoking Archangels from Three Suns" By Steve Nobel" -


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