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The Meaning of Life by Saint Germain

Via Natalie Glasson

26th January 2018

Saint Germain:

I, Saint Germain, send forth my energy and light of a violet and golden clarity and purification to penetrate each of your chakras. Please receive my light into your being allowing each chakra to harmonise and unify creating a beautiful surge and upgrade of light within your being.

As clarity and purification fill your being, emanating in all directions, allow your own inner clarity to awaken and rise into your conscious awareness. You are a being of divine clarity. I, Saint Germain, invite you to recite this to yourself as you experience the light surging throughout your being, ‘I am divine clarity in manifestation.’ When you feel as if you are embodying the statement, feeling and acknowledging its meaning, then simply sit peacefully observing all that you are; the divine presence of clarity. Enjoy the sensation even if you cannot understand or explain the experience.

As we begin our communication together today, with the awakened and acknowledged presence of your inner clarity, we discuss a profound subject matter; the meaning of life. It is only with the presence of inner clarity that this subject can begin to be comprehended. It is important for me to state that I am speaking of the meaning of earthly life and soul missions.

The meaning of life is personal to every being upon the Earth.

We cannot dictate to another being what the meaning, purpose or value of their life is. Even with the deepest connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator, we still are unable to fully comprehend the purpose of their soul. It is also not for you to even try to do so.

With a connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator you have the ability to recognise the meaning of your own existence upon the Earth. Therefore, we can recognise that it is within your being that your exploration can delve deep, while it is your compassion, acceptance and forgiveness that is required by others.

To discover the meaning of your life is to sense your inner truth.

Depending on how you comprehend yourself and existence upon the Earth, this will influence the level of the meaning of your life you connect with. There is a version of your meaning of life within your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul. Each version will be slightly different and will bring forth fulfilment to the aspect of your being it is held within.

When one aspect of your being is not fulfilling its meaning or purpose in your current existence, this is when disharmony and unbalance can manifest within your being and experiences. Each version of your meaning of life is akin to a puzzle piece when all are engaged, activated and energised, you feel complete upon the Earth in your existence, feeling whole and balanced at a spiritual and physical level.

To discover the meaning of your life, you can begin by asking, in turn, your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul, ‘What is your greatest goal in this current existence? What do you wish to overcome or heal and what do you wish to embody fully?’

Taking time to connect with these five aspects of your being will allow you to build and form a picture of clarity, direction and encouragement within your conscious awareness that will allow you to flow deeper into your truth. As a larger picture, vision, understanding or knowingness awakens within your being, so you understand the divine plan for your existence. This will ignite greater comprehension of how you can be of service, how you can heal yourself, how you can experience fulfilment and so much more.

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Letting go of your ego’s demand for separation, fear and drama, brings you to a space of peace within your being.

When you experience a greater presence of peace within your being ,especially your ego, then it is far easier to recognise the presence of the Creator in every moment of your existence. Peace within the ego is when the ego is no longer focused on survival and instead focused upon the presence of contentment and happiness.

When your ego is focused on survival, this influences your entire being and reality in powerful ways promoting experiences of challenge, pain and suffering. As well as negative and destructive thinking and feelings of being unworthy, unloved and undeserving. When you are experiencing the ego’s perception and focus on survival each day you are distracting yourself from the true meaning of your life. Therefore, the focus of the ego of survival becomes your meaning of your life.

You can call upon my energies and presence, Saint Germain, to heal and dissolve the energies of fear, separation and drama you may be holding onto and embodying as well as inviting me to realign your ego to its original purpose of supporting you in experiencing fully the meaning of your life.

Saint Germain, I call you forth to work with me during my sleep state from now on until your presence and service is no longer required. Please share the most appropriate healing with me to support me in the release of any energies of fear, separation and drama. With ease and perfection support me in making this energetic shift within my being.

Saint Germain, I additionally invite you to dissolve the alignment of my ego to any negative aspects of survival and realign my ego to contentment, happiness and supporting me in knowing, experiencing and embodying the meaning of my life. I thank you in advance for the work you achieve with me.’

This request only needs to be made once to me, and I will begin the process during your sleep state, continuing until a greater sense of your meaning of your life manifests in your conscious awareness.

Inspiration expands your energy and allows you to access the wholeness of your being and the Creator.

When, I, Saint Germain, was in existence upon the Earth, I realised that if I encouraged myself to be continually inspired and sort out experiences and people and places that inspired me - then I was constantly in a state of expanded energy able to connect with the Creator at a deeper level. This served me and encouraged me to realise that my inspiration and expanded energy/ consciousness was being projected from within my being.

I then realised that the feelings and awakening of inspiration were the Creator speaking to me and through me, an activation of Creator energy from within me. I began to seek inspiration from within my being, I found every aspect of my being, thoughts, emotions and manifestations, inspirational, exploring them with great depth.

The constant stirring of light, love and connection within my being created a profound oneness and unity with the Creator which was born within me. The birth of the Creator within me was far greater than any experience of connection with the Creator I had previously experienced. I discovered my self as a true expression of the Creator, feeling myself adopting the power to inspire the awakening of the Creator within others. My journey continued to deepen into the depths of the Creator within me, and so my pathways before me became an expression of the Creator, filled with clarity, direction, peace and meaning.

Invite me forth to walk beside you and direct your attention to what inspires you within and around your being.

With loving clarity,

Saint Germain

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Message From The Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are always creating! The reality you experience today was one you created yesterday,perhaps even yesteryear or in lives past.The reality you experience tomorrow, or even an hour from now is one you are creating in this very breath.

Are you creating what you want?

Take a breath.Focus on one challenge or problem in your life for just a few seconds. As you do so, know that you are re-creating that challenge or problem for yourself in that very moment.You are inviting it to stay with you by your charged focus upon it.

Now, let’s change this. Focus instead on what it would feel like to experience a better reality.Ask yourself, “What would it feel like to have a better reality right here, right now?”Really allow yourself to imagine it. Even more importantly, allow yourself to feel it.

What would it feel like to have all the money you ever needed, right here, right now?Don’t just answer frivolously. Feel that reality. Imagine it. Immerse your mind and emotions in that reality until you feel the relaxation flood your body.

What would it feel like to be surrounded by loving relationships in all areas of your life and to lovingly, powerfully walk away from those who are not?Imagine it. Feel it. Feel the love of your life with you right now even if you have no clue if one exists. Do this until you feel it in your body. Breathe deeply while you are doing this.

Your imagination is a radio tuner that selects the frequencies and therefore the realties you call into being.

Your breath is the carrier or spiritual energy.

As you breathe and feel, you are attuning yourself to the life you wish to live.
When you think of something upsetting with great emotional charge, you are tuning into that experience. When you think of something you passionately want with great love an excitement, you are dialing into that experience.

Where the process gets tricky for most of you is that you dial into something you want to experience with great fear that it will not come about, and in so doing, you are dialing into “not having it” it more strongly than “having it.”

Dear ones we love you! We want you to embrace the fact that you are powerful creators! With each breath you inhale spirit. With each focused feeling you tune into the reality you wish to experience next.Use these powers more consciously every day for these are superpowers that each one of you is blessed with by your very nature!

The saying that you must “become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven,” is true, for children focus on their dreams and desires with great love. In so doing, they experience a joy that is long forgotten by most adults – who have learned to allow yesterday’s creations – what you are experiencing today – to dictate what you think possibly tomorrow!

Breathe. Dream. Feel… and then your tomorrows will unfold with miracles and grace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message from Ann...


Hi Everyone,

I teach the principles the angels talk about, and I’ve been blow away by what students create.One of our “Ann & the Angels,” viewers reduced her student loan debt from $90K to "nearly gone" in less than a year. Another got her song on a national TV show and recreated herself as a public speaker! Intentional “focus with feeling” equals a lot of fun!

I challenge myself constantly to practice what I preach.If I have a pain and catch myself whining, I sit, breathe, and imagine feeling wonderful. My body starts to heal. If I have a financial issue or a home repair, I sit, breathe, and focus on what it would feel like to have no financial concerns whatsoever. I have received so many miraculous gifts from the universe that I know, when I don’t know how to handle something, God does. Sometimes I am the angel for others.Bless those of you who have been the angels for me! You know who you are!

The other day I caught myself missing one of two dear clients who had died over the holidays. I started to cry with feelings of loss, but then caught myself. There’s nothing wrong with grief, but I know I don't have to be sad, soI immediately began to focus on our loving connection.Sure enough she showed up in my mind with a warmth that had me both laughing and crying – this time for the sheer delight of feeling her love and joy!

For awhile I felt pretty confident with my manifesting. Then I saw the latest Star Wars!Once again a desire arose in me – one that pops up every time I see a Star Wars movie! (I know many of you secretly want to be a Jedi too!) I really want to learn telekinesis - the ability to move things with my mind. Why not? Kids are doing that and so many more amazing things these days. They don’t have any unconscious beliefs blocking it.

So, I started googling, watching YouTube videos and reading everything I could find on the subject.I bought some online tutorials and began my practice! Late at night, before bed, I dutifully folded up a piece of foil, and stood it on edge. I blew on it to make sure my breath wouldn't knock it over. I turned off the heater and shut the doors to make sure there were no drafts. I began to drop into that space of "all heart and no mind." Nothing. I continued to surrender, attempting to find that feeling where the foil and Ann were part of one big field.

After awhile of simply sitting in no-minded surrender, I dropped into the Oneness.I felt the awareness of my "Ann-self" expand into the awareness of a greater Self. A childlike delight arose within Ann - staring at the foil! That was “me” too! I felt wonder, immense love, and a sense of being that Divine field of love encompassing all things - Ann & the foil included. I no longer cared about moving anything. I was swimming in an ocean of bliss. Suddenly I imagined the foil moving.

Suddenly, without any sort of effort whatsoever, the foil began to jiggle and dance on the desk!Immediately. I zapped back into a very freaked-out Ann-brain! Oooh! I thought I believed in these abilities, but the minute I saw it, I saw my own unconscious disbeliefs just as clearly!

I got back into that space again a few more times. The foil danced a few more times, and each time I came ripping right out of that space, deeply aware of my own doubts!It was like being two people - the faith filled one and the skeptic, sharing one brain, arguing in one body!

The next night as I merged with the foil, I had a feeling as if it was my finger. I flicked it with my mind and it fell over! And then my brain jumped in and started to censor the entire experience completely, andI haven’t been able to do it ever since!!

The experience is a great teaching tool that demonstrates why we can “believe” we’re manifesting something but have lurking unconscious beliefs – ones we don’t even know about – that block it!My conscious mind believes I can move things. Obviously my unconscious mind is not fully on board yet!

When your unconscious mind fully believes something – at a level far beneath your thoughts – then you can manifest like crazy.

Here are some pointers this week to help reprogram the unconscious mind to align with what you truly want...

1. Ask yourself "What would it feel like to have what I want?"

The conscious mind believes in thoughts. The unconscious mind believes in feelings. Your unconscious mind was programmed by hearing things charged with feeling at various stages in your life. It reacts before you even have time to think.

It is what causes you to deflect a ball thrown at you before it hits you. You don't have time to think, "Oh there is a ball coming at me. I better put up my hand and deflect it!" Your unconscious mind is programmed to do this. Likewise, you don't think about how to drive a car. You excitedly filed that information years ago.

Similarly maybe you consciously can think about and decide you want money or a great relationship but something in you that learned with a lot of feeling, maybe even years ago is unconsciously saying, "That won't happen!"

It takes focusing on a feeling to reprogram the unconscious mind. Spend a little time every day imagining what it would feel like to have your dreams. Imagine they're already here. What is your day like? What do you feel? You are now reprogramming!

2. Seek out examples of people who have what you want and be happy for them! If they can have the dream, so can you.

You may consciously believe you can have what you want, but the unconscious hasn't seen it and doesn't believe it yet. Seek out examples, role models, mentors, or icons who help prove to your unconscious that just because you haven't had an experience doesn't mean it is impossible. Be happy for those who have what you want - you are programming your unconscious to rejoice in having what you want!

I am watching kids on YouTube who have embraced their God given "superpowers." They delight me! I don't waste time thinking, "Oh gosh what's wrong with me that I can't do what a kid can," instead I celebrate their demonstration of our greater human potential.

3. If all else fails seek out modalities that help you reprogram

There are many healing therapies and modalities that help you reprogram the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a powerful one.EFTis another. EMDR. There are many more. Give yourself the gift of a reprogramming session to help you shift those brain circuits that may be running contrary to your desires.

Have fun this week. Think of something you wish to change. How would it feel if you were already there? Get juicy. Imagine the feeling until you feel it in your body and your bones. Or choose one of the other techniques above. Give yourself the gift of retraining the parts of your brain that hold you back!

I'll keep at it myself and let you know how it goes!

Love you all!

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Tercy Logan On Divine Joy

Joy is the fastest and most direct route into the greater yet-to-be. It is Council of Light’s purpose, as they have stated, to enhance joy. They could have chosen any divine quality to enhance-freedom, love, trust, or beauty - yet The Council of Light, this intergalactic council of thousands and thousands of light beings, have chosen collectively to enhance joy because it is the essence of the evolution of consciousness.
To understand divine joy on a frequency and vibrational level, it is beyond even the emotion that you associate with joy. Joy is larger than that; it has a certain alchemical reaction when it is alive within a person, just like certain colors of glass when they’re melted together go through an alchemical process that creates a color that’s outside of them, like a third thing.
So as our human system in this now comes into contact with the Joy Ray, an alchemical reaction is sparked that vibrates and elevates us. It aligns the system and it creates, in a sense, a third thing. It is this third thing that is the key to the process of enlightenment, expansion, unfolding, and becoming. It is on purpose that we have chosen joy as our purpose, and becoming. It is on purpose that we have chosen joy as our purpose. They(Council of Light) are here with us to enhance our joy in a nonintellectual way because it does create this third thing, and a part of this third thing leads to the health, fulfillment, and happiness that you want.
Living from joy is the beginning time of a new era in your life. You are moving into a time in which you are truly a creator being, you are creating each moment, and each moment after that.
The fabric of what you are creating is joy and this joy will begin to be without bounds. It will transcend activities, it will transcend health. It will transcend finances, it will transcend sleep, it will transcend food, it will transcend everything you know. You may feel guided at times to move into a state of reclusiveness so that you can unplug more and more and more from the ideas and the consciousness of those around you. Through this shedding you can create joy and unfold your Highest Divine self !
Wish you a Great weekend with lots of love & light. Tercy
Video: "The Law of One transmission: Open To The Full Beauty, Power, & LIght of Your Being" By Steve Nobel -


Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems By Jenny Schiltz

There has been so much taking place energetically recently. I will do my best to keep this simple. This has been a challenging but deeply rewarding time as many of us take embodiment to the next level. The best way that I can describe it is there is a “clicking in”. Grounding one’s energy has changed for many as well. It seems that the more we ground our soul into the body, the more we are grounded in the earth naturally. The connection and integration of energies are becoming seamless and require a new level of dedication. It is the honoring of the body, mind, and spirit at all times and allowing yourself to flow with whatever the energies demand at the time.

I have taken the last 4 weeks off to integrate these energies and take care of myself. It has been one of the most intense times as the downloads have been huge and seem to have a “hangover” period attached to them. It reminds me of having a newborn and how sleeping when the baby sleeps is the rule of survival. I am finding that when my energy is high it is time to get a lot done and when it is not, it is time to rest, reflect and integrate. Ideas are streaming in for many but they don’t have the physical stamina to put them in place just yet. Write all the ideas down and when the time is right you can begin the creation process.

There is a balancing and healing taking place of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. In order for these qualities to become stable within us (heart-centered nurturing combined with heart-centered action), we must heal where it has been corrupted. We must see what the belief systems are that created this distortion of the energies and heal it but from a place of love and forgiveness. Observe what is coming up within you and what gets triggered. These are clues to what needs seen and brought into Divine balance.

The more we clear these distortions the more our outer world (your own personal world, not the collective) will begin to match your inner world. It’s when we realize that everything is a message, everything is happening to lead us in a direction of deeper soul growth.


Making sure that you are hydrated is essential in these energies. Often water is not enough as it goes right through you. Adding a pinch of salt (Celtic and Himalayan are great) will help your body make the most out of the water. Pineapple juice has been really calling me as well. In these super high energies, I notice that my skin becomes very dry, the lips may split and oddly enough my fingers will look slightly pruned as if they have been soaking in water. These are my physical cues that more self-care is needed NOW. Look to see what your own personal clues are so that you can help yourself before the energies have you flat out.

The digestive system has been receiving a massive upgrade. This area of our body can hold density and upgrades can be quite uncomfortable. Some will find that their intestines actually ache and food is not digesting easily. For those experiencing this, I recommend the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, applesauce & toast) or some equally bland diet. Mint and Chamomile tea helped with the bloating as well. Others are finding that the only time the stomach is not aching is when it is full and the desire for carbs, meat, and other dense foods is high. We are so highly individualized with where we are in this process and there are no right/wrong answers. Play with your diet, listen to what your body is asking for and throw away whatever belief system is in place that may stop you from honoring your physical form.

Understanding patterns

I want to share with you an experience I had that brought me great understanding of patterns and belief systems.

During a recent meditation, I found myself in a place that looked like a giant warehouse. This woman comes up to me and told me that she had things she wanted to show me. We walked down a corridor and into a large room where a tapestry was stretched across a loom. I saw spiders working the loom and knew that I was being shown the weavers who record the intricacies of life.  (Similar to the Greek mythology of the Fates)

The first thing they showed me was the abundance line in my own personal tapestry. Braided within that line was gold and they showed me that through my life that gold line was getting thicker and bolder. As the gold line increased so did my abundance. I asked what the gold braid represented and they explained that it is my self-worth, self-love, and empowerment. I asked if this was only accurate for my personal journey and was told no, it was relevant in everyone’s life. They explained that when one holds the energy of lack in any form (not loving or caring enough for one’s self, giving too much of self away, allowing others to dictate their reality) that it directly affects the amount of abundance (in all forms) in our lives.  As one steps into their own power, they naturally become more abundant as that is the natural state of being.

They showed me how patterns in our lives look as they are weaved. What was interesting is that at a point in some of the patterns it looked as if the pattern grew smaller, and then flipped. Imagine a ribbon with one side being yellow and one side being blue. The pattern would go for a significant time as yellow, become narrower until it flipped to the blue side and continued on where it could stay narrow or widen again.

What they explained to me is that the flipping of a pattern was duality playing out. That the yellow and blue, while they may look different, are simply the two sides of the same coin. That while we may think we are moving beyond a pattern we may, in fact, be experiencing the other side of the pattern.

For example, they showed me a pattern of Western Medicine versus Holistic medicine. On one side the pattern (yellow) may be that a person looks only to the traditional medicine for health care. Over time they begin to see other alternatives and this makes the yellow pattern become smaller. If the person then decides that Alternative Medicine is the only option for health care, the pattern flips to the other side (blue) and then continues on.

I asked how a person is to end that pattern and was told simply by being flexible and honoring one’s self, one’s own personal truth. At first, this confused me as I can see how many feel that choosing alternative medicine over western medicine is honoring the self. They explained that patterns contain belief systems and when it is the belief system that determines the behavior it does not matter which side of the equation one falls.

Then they showed me a pattern of Doubt and Faith. When one is in doubt, they are running a pattern of disempowerment. They are unable to trust themselves, their connection and often give away their power to others. The flipside of the pattern they explained is Faith outside of one’s self. They explained that is the same pattern as it also leads to disempowerment.

It reminded me of a story where there is a flood and a man is sitting on his roof with the water rising. A few boats come by and finally a helicopter to rescue him and each time he refused to budge – saying that God would save him. He eventually drowns and when he gets to heaven he says God – “why didn’t you save me, I had complete faith in you”. God replies – “I sent 3 boats and a helicopter, why didn’t you save yourself?”

Understand that it is not that it is a problem to have faith in something but when it disempowers you, it is no different than having self-doubt. There are so many systems that people have put their faith in such as religion, government, medical, corporations and financial institutions. Even the savior stories such as the rapture or that aliens are coming to save us is putting faith outside yourself. It is very important to understand that none of what I have mentioned is inherently destructive, yet if you give your power over to it then it is part of a disempowerment program.

As we seek to clear ourselves and become the pure conduit for the soul we have to observe what patterns we are running and consciously see the flipside of the pattern.  Then we need to see the beliefs that keep these patterns running. We can’t change anything unless we can see it in its entirety.

Ending the patterns

They also showed me where in some cases patterns would run over time (yellow and/or blue sides) and it would become narrow over time until it changed to white and then it would stop. I asked for them to explain how the pattern ended. The woman smiled and showed me an example.

The pattern she showed me was mine. I saw where I had a typical western diet (yellow side of pattern) it became narrow as I explored food and its health effects. I then choose to become a vegetarian and the pattern flipped to blue and continued on. For me, being vegetarian was an easy transition, until it wasn’t. About 18 months of being a vegetarian my health became affected. I was weak and ungrounded. My body was screaming for meat but I held onto the belief system that to be a vegetarian would raise my vibration. It wasn’t until I feel down the stairs from a dizzy spell that I began to reconsider. My higher-self asked me if I was ready to let go of the belief systems and honor what my body wants. As I began to eat meat again, I found that I was able to ground the energies much better, handle the cosmic downloads with ease and I had stamina again.

I had to battle within the belief system I had adopted that meat was bad and not spiritual and listen to my body and only my body. I was certainly tested as the judgment around food in the spiritual community is thick. However, the more I disregarded another’s reality for my own, the more I was able to hear and comply with what my body needed. This was the pattern going from yellow/blue to white and then finally stopping.

They explained that when a pattern goes white, it is the person taking back their power by doing exactly what feels right for them regardless of the belief systems that created the pattern in the beginning.

Getting rid of the programming is the only way out.

Fear of walking in our power

When we look at walking in our power and really owning and honoring all that we are, fear can arise. The biggest reason I have found is that there is a misguided belief that when one is empowered, they must be perfect.

This belief holds many people in place. The embodiment process happens in stages and as we anchor in each layer our frequency rises. Truth is directly proportional to the frequencies we hold. As we open to more, our truth changes and expands with us. To think that in any moment we must be complete and perfect actually can cause us to not claim our power.

Understand that being empowered simply means that you are not giving your power away to another person, institution or belief system. It does not mean that you are infallible. It means that you give yourself space and grace to make mistakes, learn and then adjust.

Ask yourself “Who is in the driver’s seat?” Is it fear, societal expectations, collective conditioning or your own soul? Allow this simple question to help you see the patterns and belief systems that have kept you trapped.

If you are still reading, thank you, I know that this has been a long blog. I truly appreciate all who share this work and I hope that this finds you well and in constant amazement at the swift changes taking place.

Sending you all love! 

Jenny Schiltz

Video: "Tune Into Your Divine Self  & Embody Cosmic Christ Light With Melanie Beckler"

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