The Magic of Merlin By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Embracing Challenge & Fear By Ann Albers ... And ... I Am The Light. I Am The Love. I Am That I Am ! By Blossom Goodchild & The Federation of Light

The Magic of Merlin By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek's Message .....

Greetings and Love I, Lord Merlin, extend to all beings of light aware and awake to connect with my energy and listen to my words. It is a gracious time upon the planet Earth now, as well as the Universe of the Creator.

A time of deep blossoming and powerful transitions from duality to integration. A time when love becomes the foundation rather than the goal. For me, Lord Merlin, when love becomes the foundation of all that you are, this is when you recognise the magic within you and that of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate, is love your goal or your foundation? If love is your goal, then you are continuing to focus upon the embodiment and expression of love. If love is your foundation then you have progressed beyond the conscious awareness of embodiment and expression of love, instead you recognise yourself as love in action within every moment of your reality. Remember that no one can be love in action all the time, there may be times when you feel the opposite of love, notice this as a healing and release process only and not a reflection on how well you are doing in your spiritual evolution.

Merlin’s School

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Merlin, hold an ashram which is akin to a school of divine magic. My purpose is to guide and enroll souls who feel drawn to me into the divine magic of the Creator, within and around them.

To do so is to open their awareness into the divine flow of the Creator, experiencing and integrating this flow into all they create. To be as one with the divine flow of the Creator is a magical and empowering experience which requires the process of mastery to allow for full involvement.

Within my ashram we engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality. Deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator are encouraged as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies.

A focus on love as a foundation is at the core of my teachings, encouraging you to live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, with my support you recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

My school appears to be within a magical woodland upon the inner planes, the elementals are always present. As are beings that you deem purely magical or fictional. To walk through my ashram is to feel as if you have been transported to another world, akin to a portal where every sight is magical and awe-inspiring. This is of course exactly what happens in my ashram. You will feel a surge as you enter into my ashram on the inner planes, this surge is an awakening of your divine innocence which allows memories of the Creator to flood forth into your awareness.

Video - "The Magic of Merlin By Lord Melchizedek" Via Natalie Glasson

Lord Merlin’s Six Week Program

Due to the blossoming transition, of which I have spoken, occurring for souls upon the Earth, I wish to open my ashram and school to all souls upon the Earth for a six week transition and ascension awakening program. To enroll in my program of spiritual advancement I share with you an invocation:

‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. It is my wish from my conscious mind to enroll myself in your six week transition and awakening program.

If it is my soul’s sacred wish as well, please may my soul give its consent now. I understand that by enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program that I am giving my consent for Lord Merlin to work with me at an energetic level for six weeks and for me to visit his ashram during my sleep state for tuition, guidance and support.

In enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program I wish to engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator.

I wish to experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator as well as deep blossoming and the release of any false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation so I may live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, my goal is to recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that I am and create.

I understand that Lord Merlin will assist me sometimes with my conscious awareness such as during meditation and other times without my awareness, whichever is most appropriate and valuable for me. I realise that my role is to call upon Lord Merlin as much as I feel guided in the coming weeks, to meditate calling forth Lord Merlin and to hold in my focus the key transitions Lord Merlin wishes to assist me with.

I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the love and support shared with me during this time. Thank you.’

What to Expect

During the six week period from when you first affirm the invocation shared, you may not experience anything different within your reality, being and spiritual evolution, instead transitions will take place within your higher self. Alternatively, you may experience my guidance strongly encouraging you to make changes within your life or being to aid ascension or assist in the transformation of Mother Earth. The more you read the invocation shared and focus on the purpose of the invocation, the easier it will be to recognise transitions within your being. The outcome of my six weeks with you will be precisely what you need to further your spiritual evolution. This may not be the same as what you desire and you may not be able to recognise the transitions taking place, however, everything your soul wishes to manifest, and embodiment will come about.

The Purpose of the Six Week Program

  • I, Lord Merlin, work personally with you to aid your ascension, this can take place within your reality and within my ashram on the inner planes during your sleep state.
  • Connect with and experience the divine flow of the Creator.
  • Contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator.
  • Experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator from within your being as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies currently hindering you.
  • A focus on love as a foundation rather than a goal, therefore being able to live and create from this deep-seated space of love.
  • The ultimate goal, I, Lord Merlin, wish to support you in embodying is the recognition of the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

Meditation for Use During the Six Week Program

First focus upon breathing deeply, then allow yourself to repeat the following words: ‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. Please allow me to remain physically present upon the Earth as you transport my awareness to your ashram on the inner planes. Let us enter together into your Chamber of Divine Magic. As we sit together support me in seeing, sensing or acknowledging the divine magic of the Creator within and around me. Please intensify my abilities to recognise the divine magic of the Creator, enhancing my inner trust and inner connection with the truth of the Creator. With each breath I inhale I am connecting on a deeper level with you Lord Merlin, divine magic and the Creator. Thank you.’

I am here to support you in the coming weeks if you wish to invite me forth,

Lord Merlin

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I Am The Light. I Am The Love. I Am That I Am ! By Blossom Goodchild & The Federation of Light

Federation of Light's Message (In bold) .....

Hello, my friends. Your chorus of ‘I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.’ rings True throughout my body many times daily and certainly takes any negative thoughts away, the minute I change my thinking to that retort. Thank you. I believe it is helping many.

This is very satisfying to hear as we welcome you this day. We would say that this can be used as THE KEY to your Well-Being during these times. To use it. To say it. To feel it … at any given point whether feeling happy or sad … even desperate or confused.

When Happy and saying it … it will expand your Happiness into a much Higher Lighter place.

When sad … it will lift your spirits and your confidence.

When desperate … it will take you out of the darkness.

When confused … it shall give you Peace.

‘Chant’ this Blessing in ALL situations, Dearest Souls and feel too, the Band of Light Souls that are joining forces with you in that very moment.

As the Energy of these words increase … the POWER behind/within them, shall do so also.

As we stated in our last communication … you ‘upon the ground’ are now able to FEEL so much more of the Higher Energies that are entering in.

This statement allows you to connect up with those of LIGHTER resources and gather strength into yourselves and your Planet.



So many of you are now fully awake and able to conduct one’s thoughts into the Higher level that is required in order to gather Energies into large blocks … Large containers if you like.

Video - "Overflow Love - A Simple & Powerful Practice" By Melanie Beckler

Hold the phone a minute! That takes me back to many moons ago when you talked about large containers of ENERGY LIGHT (metaphorically) that were being stored, on ships I think, or at least that is how you presented them … and would be distributed at the correct time (or something along those lines).

This is correct. We are happy to see your memory serving you well.

Indeed. As sometimes I can’t even remember what I went into the next room for!

These containers of Light Energy have been opened now. We are expressing it to you as easily as we can, to try to explain.

Imagine many containers of this Light Energy … marked perhaps in boxes on levels 1, 2 and 3.

Over the last few years … level 3 boxes have been exposed and released into your atmospheres. Many of them … all over your Planet.

Then it moved onto level 2 boxes being distributed … and yet understand, not ALL places of your Planet were ready to accept level 2 and were still absorbing and adjusting to the Energies of box level 3.

Higher Energy places that are able to accept level 2 boxes have been doing so and being Enlightened by them … Joining forces with them.

We do not speak ‘necessarily’ about particular countries … per se … for it may be that in one country there is much conflict and yet, they may ‘live’ alongside the most glorious Energy of mountains. The mountains would be able to absorb these box Energies and filter this Energy out from them in a more appropriate/more ‘dealable with’ … manner.

Whereas … some countries may have greater amounts of areas where the Energies can be ‘poured directly in’.

This, of course, has no bias, no prejudice, no judgment. This is simply about necessary filterisation, in order for Energies to be able to find their way correctly and in proportions that will cause as little disruption as possible.

Why is it though … that we seem to be so affected by ENERGIES? It is the ‘saying of the year’ when one is out of sorts … ‘Oh, it’s these energies playing havoc with us?’ Surely, if they are of Loving Higher Energies we should be leaping around everywhere, sucking on rainbow lollipops!

Dearest Souls, we have spoken in the past of these times to come … which are upon you now and yet, with respect, are just beginning to unravel.

The Higher Lighter Energies coming in are not that which are causing havoc within your Beings.

Yet, it is the balancing out of them WITHIN YOUR BEINGS that is causing the unease.

Would you not say you are having good and bad days?

Oh, yes siree Bob!

Would you not say you are feeling emotions at each end of the scale?

Oh, yes siree Bob! Yet, getting through them with the ‘I AM’ statement!

That which you are experiencing is the releasing of the old … the very old … not just from this lifetime’s experiences … yet, from ALL lifetime’s experiences.

IMAGINE THAT. No small undertaking!

And on top of that …you are not just doing it for yourselves. You are doing it for the many who do not yet have the awareness to KNOW … THEY should be doing it also.

And yet, in order to release your Planet and all who sail in her … into her NEW position … all that does not serve the LIGHT must be transformed/transmuted/dispersed.




So, when it is that you may feel you have had enough … and frustrated with not seeing the change taking place as you would like … Simply …


When you feel defeated within your soul POWER repeat over and over …




FEEL IT … KNOW IT … and your strength shall return YOU to Being very much on course.

When ANYTHING is shaken … it causes disturbance.

Imagine as if your entire Planet has been shaken up like a drum with inside your washing machines. First turning one way, then the other. Sometimes being showered with water (Love) … Sometimes the water being drained from it … then spun around at such a pace/speed that one feels they have lost all control.

We don’t have to imagine very hard … for that is exactly what it feels like sometimes!

Yet, Dearest Ones … what happens after that ‘cycle’?  The drum STOPS and all its contents are hung out Peacefully in the sun to be dried off after their cleansing … as the gentle breeze blows them this way and that … refreshed … renewed. READY!

Nice analogy. So, back to these containers, if I may? When do the level 1 boxes arrive?

Not yet! They are of a far greater Energy …

Far out! I just picked up on what you are about to say … I wonder how many readers did the same?

Yes, you picked up correctly, Blossom.

The level 1 boxes come with ‘THE EVENT’.

Well actually, to be more precise … we would say they come before, during and after.

Without question when the ENERGY OF/FROM these level 1 boxes are opened … you will not/cannot … fail to notice the difference upon your Planet … regarding THE FEELING OF WELL BEING.

I am going to try to break this down a bit. White Cloud mentioned that THE HAPPENING/EVENT, whatever anyone feels comfortable in calling it … would come at a time when we really felt we could not take any more. So, I am assuming things would be very topsy turvy at that point? And if the Energies from level 1 box start coming through … Would not our washing machines explode?

For some! Dearest Souls … These Energies affect Each One differently according to one’s own individual Vibration.

When this time arrives … and it will … it will … much clearing/cleansing/purifying/detoxification on all levels will have taken place/arisen. Leaving many souls MORE THAN COMPLETE AND READY.

These boxes are numbered … on/within … levels for a reason.

Yes, your world is to undergo massive disruptions/disturbances. It has to … to bring EVERYTHING to the surface that HAS TO BE EITHER REMOVED OR CLEANSED.

Yet, are you not gaining strength? A knowing within you like never before? And as your days move forward … this KNOWING … this STRENGTH will magnify continually. For the more you understand it and accept it … the more of its reality shall become you.

Therefore, for those that are ready … for those that have been waiting … for those that are in position … they shall purposefully be able to receive the Energies from box level 1 in its fullness.

So … not everybody will be able to?

No. Depending on their ‘level of Energy awareness’ within their soul Being. Again … may we state … this is not to do with judgment or unfairness … this is to do with self-chosen positioning.

So many will require the assistance of those who are the forerunners.

So many of you will find yourself in ‘leadership’ positions. Many leaders, many, many leaders will be required. Some to lead small groups, some to lead large … yet, so many souls will need help in understanding what is taking place and what they are to do with this new happening within themselves.

So, when we feel these Higher Energies (level 1) coming through … we will know that ‘IT’ is on its way , will we? Yet, what kind of difference shall we be looking for … for things feel oddly different in these very days of NOW?

THE LEVEL OF LOVE YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.

THE LEVEL OF JOY YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.

THE LEVEL OF KNOWING YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.


Already you can feel the Energies getting stronger /Higher.

Therefore, you KNOW that so much is taking place on levels that you cannot be ‘notified’ of at this juncture.

Yet, we ask you to continue to TRUST … YOUR SELVES.










Nicely timed. On the hour exactly. How do you do that when you have no time?

Simply conforming to yours.

In Gratitude. In Loving service … I AM.

Blossom's video of her channeling -

Video - "The Golden Mantis Race Transmission - Connecting To A Higher Level of Love & Wisdom" By Steve Nobel -


Embracing Challenge & Fear By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends,

Sometimes life is easy, sometimes challenging and fearful. Today the angels takl about embracing the challenges to receive the love beneath them, and I'll share the story of my latest deep dive as well as tips to handle your own challenges and fears.

Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each and every one of you upon the earth is here to grow ever closer to the understanding of your unity with the creator and one another. Each one of you has times of glorious flow, and times where the growth you are on earth to do propels you into seeming chaos. Yet, even in these seeming times of chaos, you will see in retrospect, that a greater order was emerging in you life, and a greater understanding of the beauty, the truth, and the light that you are rising up from within.

Each of you is like a diamond, polished at times by the gentle touch of life's sweetness and at other times, made brilliant and strong by the challenges life offers. Each circumstance in life is your opportunity to more clearly know the God within, the love within, and the light within.

You are all striving to re-experience your indelible connection to the Love of the Divine that gives you life.

When you face financial fear, you are forced to discover your true abundance in order to create more. When you face health challenges, you are forced to surrender, care for yourself, listen to your guidance, and release old fears or negative emotions that block health from flowing in your life. When you face relationship challenges, you are learning to love and accept yourself first, and then to forgive others for "they know not what they do."

In each seemingly unloving circumstances, you are being driven ever closer to a deeper love of God, self, and others.

So when you find yourself in times of challenge, rather than panicking and trying to figure out your own solutions, sit, breathe, receive our love, and then trust that the very power that creates universes – given your faith, trust, and surrender, will also assist you in returning your life to greater order. With faith and focus on the outcome you desire, you will be guided gently and kindly to your solutions.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Source Code Attunement - Streaming In Pure Source Energy"

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

Three weeks ago I was in a glorious state of heavenly bliss. I'd just gazed. I went up north and was able to enjoy a beautiful hike. I spent hours in prayer for the planet and every one of you, and nature even put on a blissful display of a huge heart cloud with the sun shining behind it when I ended my reverie with the Divine. I was on top of the world.

I really felt serious about wanting to deepen my union with God. I made a statement to the effect of "If there's anything in me blocking me from feeling God's love more deeply, I want it out by the roots." I forgot to say "joyfully and gently."

I broke out two nights later in a gum, jaw, and tooth infection that was so quick spreading, painful, and terrifying I was shaking in fear all night. I knew it was serious. I felt it creeping into my head and by morning I felt like a chipmunk whose cheeks were stuffed.

I was very well cared for. Loving doctors got me on a heavy dose of antibiotics. A dear friend picked them up for me just to make sure I got on them sooner rather than later. Out of the blue, some of you psychic folks sent me dear, encouraging gifts without even knowing why. I needed them. During the weekend, I did nothing but rest. I witnessed God's love everywhere, and yet I couldn't stop shaking with fear. I did what I know to do... I dove inward.

I literally took my consciousness into each tooth and sent light into the areas of infection. I saw many terrifying past lives where I'd died painfully. I felt the fear, that was trying to tell me, in spite of all rational thought, that it might happen again. I surrendered, rested, watched videos of Braco, Amma Karunamayi, meditated, prayed, and slowly started to stare these fears down, one by one. I chose life... again. I chose healing.

I talked with the angels through a dear friend and they told me I really had stirred up everything inside of me that represented my fear and upset with being attacked time and again – physically – in past lives, and spiritually/emotionally, in this one as well. They were right. I did fear pain, even though I've faced it time and again. And while I'd always offered love to those who attacked me I had stuffed a torrent of tears. I let them come to the surface and cried for hours. With each bout of release, I felt better.

The angels reassured me it would all be well but told me I'd need a root canal. That struck more fear into my heart! I told them I wanted a miracle.They told me if I had absolute faith I could have one but that I had too much fear at the present moment.

So I resolved to face those fears. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my dentist and a tentative root canal, pending the exam. I surrendered to God completely. I used all my will power to get control of my mind. 

I got present, started giving thanks for everything and everyone. I blessed the infection. I blessed the dentists. I blessed the dear souls who had assisted me. I prayed, "OK God, I'll face my fears and get this root canal. May all who work upon me be your hands, mind, and heart. May this be an incredibly loving experience. May I feel your presence through the whole thing!" I felt God's love flowing once again, deeply in my heart. I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally I was present and knew everything would be alright.

Within minutes I was called back for xrays. My dentist looked at them, looked at me, and told me I didn't need a root canal at this time! I looked at the xray and the teeth looked well rooted and fine. I was sent home with a warning to come back if the infection erupted again. I think I had my miracle. Talk about manifesting in the flow of grace! I am continuing to heal and am holding steady in my faith :)

The challenges do strengthen us. They reveal our areas of illusion and they drive us, out of necessity, deeper into our light if we are willing to embrace their true purpose. I hadn't even known I was harboring such deep fear of attack, pain, and suffering. It came up, by the roots, literally and spiritually. It wasn't easy to face. Nonetheless, the help was there unceasingly throughout the entire process.

Ironically, my old computer which had been in the shop was ready for me to pick up the very same day I had my good news. I got control of my biological mind and my electronic brain returned too... cosmic humor!

In all challenges, God is with us. The light is there. The love is there. The guidance is there. It is only our job to go within and connect, wait for guidance and do our best to love life as we can while we are being slowly and gracefully moved towards a more loving experience of life.

Here are some pointers to help you in challenging and fearful times of life:

1. Do anything possible to return your energy to peace

Life's challenges can easily send us into the fight/flight/fear mode. For many the first reaction is either to freeze or to spin into high gear trying to solve the problem. That's fine if you know how. When you don't however, or even if you do, the best first course of action is to find peace in the midst of the chaos.

Literally sit and breathe slowly and deeply. Meditate if you can. Ask God to rise up within you. Ask your angels to harmonize your energy. If you are afraid, breathe slowly in and even slower out. Listen to beautiful music. Watch inspiring videos on YouTube.

See if you can just sit with the fear and realize it won't kill you. Its just a fragment of your soul or psyche that is freaking out and trying to protect you.

You are safe in God's arms.

2. Appreciate everything you can

In the midst of challenges, there is still so much love to be seen and appreciated in life. In the midst of a bad infection, with a broken computer, a dead vacuum and news that a dear friend may be dying, I still saw so much love. Loving souls helped. License plates like HUGS2U showed up in front of me. The yard is blooming and the clouds are beautiful.

Remember, your challenges might seem like they loom over your entire life, but in truth they are just a passing adventures in a life with so much else to appreciate. Contrary to popular opinion, there is much to love and enjoy even when things aren't easy.

True appreciation elevates the soul and will help you hear your guidance more easily. 

3. Bless the Challenge & Focus forward

Even before you have the gift of hindsight to see how you've grown, trust you are growing. Bless the challenge. Thank it for teaching you. That isn't easy in the throes of it, but do your best. Bless the solution before it happens. Focus on it with confidence.

As the angels said through my friend Summer Bacon (, "Walk by faith, not by sight." I knew they meant focus on the solution I wanted in faith, not on what was currently going on. It really works.

I pray your life is going smoothly and gracefully. If not, know you are loved, guided, cared for, and that, if you're willing, you will emerge from whatever is going on stronger, happier, and more connected than ever before.

Love you all!

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Video - "Activating Your DNA & Light Body | Heal & Upgrade Your Cells"


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