The Healing Chambers Of The Archangels Are Here For You Now ... And ... Unite Your Hearts To Birth Freedom Into Our World Now ! By Sonja Myriel RAouine ... And ... Jolt Of Awakening By Natalie Glasson

The Healing Chambers Of The Archangels Are Here For You Now ! By Natalie Glasson

This is Part 1 of a 3 part webinar that Natalie Glasson has gifted us with. This 1st part is free and blesses us with the powerful healing energy of the Archangels & the Creator, and helps awaken our own healing energy within our heart.

You are invited to allow yourself to be transported to the inner planes of the Creator’s Universe to three sacred Healing Chambers to receive a powerful transmission of healing, light, love and consciousness.

Whether you have a situation in your life you wish to transform, an area of your physical body that causes suffering, a manifestation you wish to create, or you feel stuck and unclear - these three Healing Chambers are available to help you manifest the healing you need.

While each Healing Chamber will offer a unique and potent healing transmission, experiencing the three Healing Chambers can promote a powerful shift within you, manifesting your fulfilment and Divine Truth.

Begin a journey of healing, creation and manifestation with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Celestial White Beings. Each community of beings will share with you meditations, techniques, wisdom and sacred energies to support your healing, transformation and further spiritual awakening.

Open yourself to receive the wealth of sacred energies, support and assistance available to you now. Create a shift within your being and life allowing you to release that which limits you and embrace the abundance and essence of your being waiting to be embodied.

Allow yourself to receive the powerful healing transmission of three sacred communities as they guide you and share their truth. The Archangels will support experiences of liberation ... the Ascended Masters will guide you to further embrace divine union ... and the Celestial White Beings will promote your inner experience of bliss.

Before the webinar begins please contemplate that which you wish to shift, transform, bring healing to, or reawaken within your physical body, reality and/ or ascension.

To enjoy, purchase, and download Parts 2 & 3 of Natalie's healing webinar series called "Healing Chambers" - click on this link:

And if you enjoyed Natalie's healing meditation video with the Archangels, please give us a thumbs up. Thank you.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to all of you,

Steven Hutchinson

Video - Archangelic Healing Chambers Webinar By Natalie Glasson"

Unite Your Hearts To Birth Freedom To Birth Freedom Into Our World Now !
By Sonja Myriel RAouine

This week, let us TOUCH upon the HEARTS of ALL of humanity as we SEND OUT our VIOLET FLAME POWER and BLESSINGS, cleansing and purifying the Earth's atmosphere, transmuting back to LIGHT all darkness that is ready to take the step towards LIBERATION and FREEING all LIFE from the pressing sorrow created by dark forces who thrive amidst blind hatred, aggression and FEAR.

Today a very dear friend of mine sent me a note, informing me that trade unions in France are calling for strikes in ALL areas. This seems to be an orchestrated event, set into motion with the intention to seed violence and hatred into the hearts of humanity, which should spread all over Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, to begin with).

NOW is the TIME to CONSCIOUSLY UNITE in the SPIRIT of unconditional LOVE,

in remembrance of WHERE WE COME FROM,


out into the world TOGETHER!

Prepare the SPACE, go WITHIN, enter the Sacred Space of your HEART where you find the Threefold Flame and let it GROW until it envelopes you as a whole. See how the UNION of the Pink Flame and the Blue Flame BIRTHS the VIOLET FLAME, overlighted by the Yellow-Golden Flame of Wisdom and Christ Consciousness and REST in this powerful energy until you are ONE with it.

Now connect HEAVEN and EARTH and go to the HEART of Mother Earth. Enter the Crystalline Violet Light Temple where you find us all gathered around the HEALING and elevating PRESENCE of the 7th Ray. Bathe in the LIGHT of COMMUNITY and JOIN POWER with the BEINGS of the Violet Flame who are HERE to teach us, to lift us up, to show us how to WORK TOGETHER, in-SPIRED ... in-SPIRIT!

If you are a visionary, SEE, if you are an empath, FEEL, if you are clairaudient, LISTEN!


This weekend holds the potential to open the path to a new kind of FREEDOM, unspoken of, up to NOW! MAY LOVE and COMPASSION CONQUER the HEARTS of HUMANITY - NOW!

And thus all darkness must depart - or SURRENDER as well! Indeed, dark hats, this is YOUR salvation, too! Take the FIRST STEP: allow your HEART to BEAT to the universal rhythm of EVOLVING LOVE RETURNING HOME!

So BE it - and so it IS.

Sonja Myriel RAouine

Video - "Soul Alignment Meditation With AA Michael & AA Metatron" By Melanie Beckler


Jolt of Awakening by the Galactic Logos Melchior through Natalie Gl...

Galactic Logos Melchior's Message .....

Greeting and divine blessings I share with you to support your ascension journey now. I am the overseer and Logos of the Galactic Level. I receive the light of the Creator and deliver it to the Galactic, Solar and Planetary Levels of the Creator’s Universe.  I blaze to you the Divine Silver Golden Light of the Creator’s Vibration that I embody and share with the Creator’s Universe.

I come forth to share with you some insights into the Ascension period you are currently moving through. In these times there is a need to focus upon maintaining the balance and alignment of your being, the peace and love within you as well as a sense of purpose for your actions, reactions and thoughts.

By preoccupying yourself in these areas of your spiritual growth - this will completely stabilise you as powerful waves of light charge through the Universe of the Creator and penetrate the Earth. These powerful energy waves are beginning now and will continue into the beginning of the New Year of 2019.

The purpose of these energy waves is to jolt humanity into a new awakening and higher expansive awareness in preparation for the New Year. Jolts of awakening are essential to cleanse the collective consciousness of humanity and allow space for new wisdom and understanding to emerge.

Many people who have not been interested in their health, the wellbeing of themselves and others, and the spiritual nature of their being will feel drawn to exploring these fields with greater depth, perhaps for the first time.

Others will feel that their being and reality is being cleansed of all that is no longer needed or that blocks the realisation of the Creator within.

For some it may feel as if extreme transformations and shifts are taking place within their beings and lives, causing awakening and liberation as well as confusion and uncertainty. Those who are clinging to and resisting change, inner awakening and transformation will find the journey most extreme and challenging.

The outcome will be that the vibration of the collective consciousness of humanity will rise allowing new wisdom and awareness to become present within people at a physical level on the Earth.

Video - "Jolt of Awakening By The Galactic Logos  Melchior"

Sustaining Inner Balance

Many of you are devoted to your spiritual evolution and remaining in the light of the Creator. For you, the energy waves entering will not feel extreme or shocking. However, you will experience the energy waves impact upon your being.

As you focus upon remaining balanced and aligned, recognising the peace and love within your being and creating purpose in your actions, reactions and thoughts, you will experience an enhancement in all that you are as a spiritual being in a physical body.

Your recognition of your expansive energy, inner enlightenment and united connection with the Creator will be empowered, enhanced and truly experienced for you upon the Earth. Focusing your attention upon your spiritual evolutions, especially the areas I, Melchior, wish to explore with you will stabilise you completely in the presence of the energy waves allowing you to be a source of support for others who are feeling unstabilised by the current ascension conditions.

Balance and Alignment

To remain in balance and alignment with your being is to harmonise with your true self. Harmony within your being manifests when you are aware of the light, love and wisdom that naturally flows from within your being.

You are a beacon and expression of the Creator, and there is so much within you waiting to be shared, whether with yourself or others. When you follow your inner guidance, and when you allow yourself to follow your inner happiness and release yourself from self-imposed limitations - you become harmonised and in balance with your truth.

Remaining in balance with yourself is to recognise when you are battling with yourself, judging or criticising yourself, as well as blocking your inner guidance. Being in balance is to be aware of who you really are, or seeking to discover who you are in your every day life. There is no need for you to have all the answers or to understand yourself fully, the simple desire or focus to will support you in remaining balanced and in harmony.

Alignment with your being is to ensure you are connected with your soul and soul group, as well as your guides. This simply requires you to create a request each day or every few days for your entire being to be aligned with your soul, soul group and guides. Alternativity, you can meditate to experience this fully.

Alignment with the Creator to receive all the necessary Creator qualities and guidance will also benefit your ascension now. Alignment can be experienced as a request/ intention, or during meditation, inviting the Creator to embrace you fully. Alignment and balance are especially important when you are feeling stuck, confusion or insecure.

Peace and Love

The energy vibrations and qualities of peace and love naturally exist within your soul and being. When you become entirely focused outside of yourself and into your physical reality you distract yourself from your inner peace and love as well as the strength and power these energies hold.

When you recognise the peace and love within your being, you view yourself and your reality with clarity, an expansive perspective and a deeper understanding of what is taking place. Without peace and love you look for answers outside of yourself, feel confused by situations or challenges in your life as well as close yourself off to opportunities and the divine flow of the Creator manifesting in your reality.

The acknowledgement of your inner peace and love as well as focus upon radiating your peace and love allows for you to feel supported, loved and guided in every step of your life. Thus, you experience fulfilment, the joys of life and a deeper connection with those around you.

You could say that love and peace are the foundations to your being and existence, so take time to focus upon and recognise love and peace. Let your reactions be from love and peace and your creations born from the same. Become a beacon of love and peace and observe your life transform.


Many light workers worry and concern themselves with discovering and living their true or soul purpose upon the Earth. Instead, I, Melchior, invite you to change your perspective. Give a sense of purpose to the actions you create, your reactions to yourself and others as well as your thoughts.

You do not need to know your purpose. Instead choose what you wish to focus on and create, and then gift this purpose to your actions, reactions and thoughts. If you wish to be a beacon of love, enthuse your actions, reactions and thoughts with love.

If you wish to change your career, become more creative, or help those who are suffering. Let this be your purpose. Give the purpose you choose to your actions, reactions and thoughts. Your sense of purpose will empower you, supporting you in creating fulfilment in your life. When you create a purpose, your soul flows with greater ease and you easily find yourself achieving your soul’s purpose without realising it.

Be a sense of purpose of your choosing in your life, rather than seeking your purpose.

In Service to Others

Each of these areas of focus, awareness and action will support you in easily remaining balanced as the energy waves penetrate the Earth. Even without your focus on the areas I have shared, you will recognise the presence of balance and harmony within your being.

You are being supported so that you may support others. There is a need to extend your compassion, love and understanding to those who feel off balance or confused in the coming weeks.

Patience is required and an understanding that they are experiencing a deep cleansing and an awakening because of the new energy wave which has been labelled the ‘Jolt of Awakening.’ To extend anything other than love and peace to those experiencing turmoil would be a disservice to yourself and to others.

It is time for you to realise your loving strength in your listening, forgiveness and patience, recognising the shifts and transformation, for this can provide support in yourself and others. Let yourself be a beacon of love and peace, you do not even need to say anything, it is time to simply hold the space for others to awaken.

I am holding the space for you,

Melchior, Galactic Logos


More from Master Melchior -

Free audio download of Natalie's message -

Video - "The Aquarian Christ Transmission" By Steve Nobel

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