The Flame Of Your Inner World By Pamela Kribbe & Jesus/Jeshua ... And ... Embrace Your Whole Being & Divine Heritage ... And ...

The Flame Of Your Inner World By Pamela Kribbe &


I am Jeshua, a brother and like-minded person. Feel my presence with you; I’m not a stranger. We are deeply connected to each other. The fact that you inhabit an earthly body and I do not, does not create a great distance between us. Feel it in your heart.

The distance that arises between people stems much more from fear and distrust than from whether or not to be physically present together. Feel the inner connection you have with the Christ consciousness, the consciousness of love and connectedness to each other.

A step back, one step inward, is most often preparing for something new that is to come. This is now playing out on a global level. It is a necessity that also plays out in your individual lives when a step is taken inward, whether or not it is enforced by a crisis, a situation that seems to come from the outside. That situation fills a function, is not a hindrance, but a door that opens to the inside world.

Just feel your own inner world for a moment. Go inside. Imagine that inside you is a living, transparent space. It runs throughout your body; it is much larger than your body. It’s your energy field.

It’s like a large house that you live in, only it is in continuous movement. There are flowing currents, moods, vibrations, that surround you. This is your house, your energetic home. Your body is included in it. In fact, the state of your energy is the foundation, the basis of it. The body responds to this, flows and moves with it. It is in a way secondary in that it follows the laws of energy. Matter follows energy.

Descend with your consciousness into your own energy field. Go inside. Close yourself off for a moment from the many outside stimuli. Take your attention to your spine, but start a little higher, at the back of your head and something even higher, where there is a kind of channel that connects you to a higher sphere, the sphere of your soul.

It connects you to your inner knowledge, which extends beyond time and space, beyond the physical. You simply become aware of that place there, just outside your body, but intimately connected to it. Then slowly travel down your body with your attention. Feel the energy behind your neck, and between your shoulder blades. Draw your attention down your spine as it were. Feel the area behind your stomach, also called the solar plexus, and behind your lower back, to your tailbone. Feel this channel, this energy field, all the way to Earth.

Feel that you are connected to the Earth. Feel the power of the Earth. You’re here to bring something to Earth. You feel an inner urge to share something, give something, or express yourself. That urge comes from your soul, it belongs to your being. Feel equally strongly the channel that runs through you connecting Heaven and Earth. You are a bridge between the two worlds. Sense what you have to give.

To envision this, imagine being on a stage. You sit or stand on a stage and you feel calm and strong. You are not afraid. You’re in touch with that channel in you, you are connected.  You are safe. Feel that security. You are in your own interior space and there you are safe and at ease.

Then look at who’s in front of you. It is a space, a type of room that has people present who have come there for you. That doesn’t make you scared or nervous. No, you sense deeply that it is meaningful. You’re not there to perform or be recognized. You’re there to share something essential with them. You’re not higher or lower than them either. You’re there in your natural role or function.

Look then at what it is you are doing. What do you have in mind? What do you have to do or say there? Maybe there are people who spontaneously come to you and ask you something. What are they asking you? What do you give them? What do you share with them if you follow your inner urgings?

Look especially at the feeling in it. Do you share knowledge, wisdom, gentleness, understanding or encouragement? Feel what’s naturally flowing out of you. Feel how natural this is for you, as easy as breathing.

You are all here to share something of your unique soul quality with others. This means that you stand out, that you no longer follow the beaten path, but follow the voice of your heart.

This can incite fears. But at the same time, listening to that inner current brings you closest to yourself and to a sense of fulfillment and joy. The fear that you may experience here is a fear of exclusion. As soon as you start living from your soul, you start acting and thinking and feeling from a flow that is no longer based on the old collective thinking, old habits and fears. You’re introducing a new sound, so to speak.

I call on you to believe in that. There is a need for a new sound. It is a necessity, because only from the contact with the soul, the inner space, can the consciousness on Earth change and grow.

I thank you for being on Earth here and now. You are brave. It requires courage to stand out and follow the voice of your own heart. But you’re supported in this. If not because of the collective energy, which is still stuck at certain points in ancient energy, the support comes from the field of lightness and readiness, which is now in the process of landing on Earth.

You can call it Christ consciousness or simply light, clarity, connectedness, love. This field is getting hands and feet and grounded because of you. There is a new birth happening in this day and age. Don’t be fooled by the negative sounds you hear. Feel the candle flame of the new and let it burn in your own heart.

Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Infinite Blessings of God's Christ Love & Enlightenment & Infinity Healing & Violet Flames & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect of Each of You in Every Moment !

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Manifestation Meditation - As Above - So Below" -


May be an image of sky

Embrace Your Whole Being & Divine Heritage By Monika Hankus & Archangel Metatron

Greetings beloveds! I Am AA Metatron and I come to you with a message of Universal flow, peace, and ease. I come to shower you with my white Light in your life's journey. You go through massive changes at the moment.

You live in unique times of a great awakening that is taking place upon Planet Earth. Awakening to your soul’s Truth, to your inner wisdom, to your divine heritage. Open your heart and allow the Universe to speak through you. Heal your old wounds and open yourself to the beauty that lies within you. I invite you to live your dream life. Now is your time.


And in this time you are asked to embrace your whole being and stay together with beloved Gaia. Take small steps every day and feel that you are showered with love vibrations that come from me.
Stay centered. Feel that you are washed with new light codes. Feel that your lower aspects are cleansed and you reach higher. Feel that only the divine love, peace, and serenity of your mind remain with you.
For those that are holding old ways, there is special support. Simply step forward with heart intention, let go of old wounds, feelings, emotions. You are asked and invited to leave it all behind. Let the Universal force guide you.
Know that I am with you, supporting you on your Path giving you guidance and protective Light. Don't be afraid of new. Just trust, believe, and know that there are so many guides, angels, masters who hold you in this process.
And now imagine yourself being washed by the waves of eternal love. Feel lighter, happier, without your hard concerns. Be in this state as long as you need. Breathe and enjoy it.
And now come back to your life and feel the difference. Know that I am with you now and forever. That was my message for you. I leave you now. You are loved!.
Deepest gratitude,
Infinite Blessings with Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !
Steven Hutchinson
Video - "Super Quick Arcturian Healing Light Chamber Meditation" By Steve Nobel

Breathe Deeply The Raindrops of Divine Healing, Love, & Well Being ! By Melanie Beckler

And so let yourself relax now and breathe deeply as raindrops of Divine healing, love and well-being pour down upon you and wash away the residue of past challenges, grief and guilt.
Let the rain wash away past tensions and struggles and negativity, yours or others, conscious or unconscious, absorbed or remembered. Let go and let this Divine cleansing rain heal you, soothe you and bring rejuvenation to your being.
Imagine that this Divine rain is quickly filling your energetic reserves. It fills your bank of vitality and fills you with light."
~Archangel Haniel, Ascension Angel Messages
Learn More about Archangel Haniel - "Grace of God" Here >>
In this guided angel meditation, Archangel Haniel connects with us to support you in realigning your energy with the love, insight, wisdom and healing power of the Divine.
Simply relax and listen as your energy is cleansed and uplifted empowering you to cocreate positive changes in your life.
This meditation is also available as a free .MP3 download here:
With love and bright blessings,
Infinite Blessings of Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !
Steven Hutchinson
Video - "Divine Alignment Meditation With Archangel Hamiel" By Melanie Beckler

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