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The Aquarian Christ Transmission: Clear Old Programming & Receive New Blessings of Light By Steve Nobel

Steve Nobel:
Two thousand years ago the Piscean Christ-Avatar planting a seed of light deep within the density of the 3D Matrix. This created a new possibility of light and it also created considerable volatility and chaos as the new seed of light expanded within the old dense paradigm.

Now we are at the promised time of ascension, the return of the Aquarian Christ-Avatar. This time the return is not in one World Teacher but come through a collective awakening of consciousness.

In this remastered transmission (originally recorded over the Easter weekend 2018) connect to your own personal karmic story with the Piscean Christ-Avatar. Then clear all karmic programming, agreements, trauma, and interference.

This allows you to open up to the final part of the transmission where you connect with the energy of the returning Aquarian Christ-Avatar.

Video - "The Aquarian Christ Transmission"


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