The Anchor - Jesus/Jeshua Via Pamela Kribbe ... And ... Trust In The Divine Plan - AA Gabriel Via Shanta Gabriel ... And...Reprogram Yourself To Manifest Who You Wish To Be By Ann Albers & The Angels

The Anchor - Jesus/Jeshua Via Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends of mine,

I am Jeshua, an old friend of yours. I greet you all, and I am thankful and joyful to be here in your midst. Feel my energy, my presence. I am an equal, a kindred soul. I want to embrace you as comrades, and to not stand above you, but to touch you, heart to heart.

Feel my appreciation for you. You have been courageous, searching every day for the core of yourself, your "I" and what you are. You are looking for the anchor within yourself. You know deep down that you cannot truly live on Earth until you have found this core of yourself, and the peace that is there to quietly find your way in life.

To find and to experience this anchor in yourself is perhaps the most important step forward that you can make in life as a soul on Earth. If you can find your Divine Self here, amid the swirling, confusing energies on Earth, and taste the silence in your heart and hear your soul speak, then you are living from your inner strength, from your Highest Divine Self.

The light of your soul then resides in your earthly body and you are literally enlivened by it. Instead of living from the outside inward, always reacting to external stimuli, you begin to live from the inside outward, from your truth that is to be found time and again in the silence. How to connect to that truth in yourself is what I want to talk about today.

I just spoke about external stimuli that take you away from your truth, your anchor, your resting point in yourself. Those stimuli do not only come from the world and the people outside you, they also come from parts of you that have internalized those stimuli, which are now located within you: in your head, your thoughts, your patterns of behavior.

You have compulsive ideas about yourself. For example, you believe you should behave in a certain way in order to be a "good person", or a "nice guy". You have ideal images you think you must live up to, but doing that puts a pressure on you.

Almost everyone does this continually as a result of urgings that do not come from your soul, nor come entirely from outside yourself. These urgings sit "under your skin" in your energy field. They are the most difficult urgings to get rid of on the inner path to tranquility and peace within yourself. It is these inner stimuli, these requirements and ideal images that you have taken upon yourself, and that you really believe apply to you, which keep you away from Divine Self and the voice of your soul.

I want to ask you to now create space in your energy field, which is made up of these thought patterns, habits, behaviors, and automatic reactive patterns. I ask you to not do this from your mind by thinking about it, but by initially connecting with the ground beneath your feet and with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Consciously become aware of your feet and the force field that lives in and around your feet. Feel that no matter what you think and do, and whatever you are concerned about, you are all the while being supported by the energy of Mother Earth.

Feel how this goes on by itself, and allow yourself to be supported by it. Feel how the Earth flow connects to you, slowly enters through your feet and flows up through your lower legs and knees, your thighs, your hips, your pelvis. Feel the quiet, stable power of this energy.

This energy of the Earth is quiet and yet is very specific, for it flows exactly to those parts of you that can use extra stability and security. Can you allow yourself to be embraced by the Earth, by her strength and her wisdom?

Feel how that power eases the busy thoughts in your head, the desire to steer and control life. When you are connected with the Earth flow, you let go of that desire and begin to think with your heart and not with your head.

Give it a try. Feel carried by a quiet stable Earth current that surrounds your legs and your hips, all the way up into your abdomen. Feel how you can let go of everything else and that you are being sustained by this current.

See what happens to the energy in your head and how much quieter it becomes. Imagine that all this thinking, pondering, and mulling over runs off you as water off a duck. Your head becomes less active and more quiet.

You can experience, in the center of your head, a point that observes without thinking. It is simply a presence, a consciousness, that does not reason, but observes. Feel how pleasant it is to simply be there, and that you do not have to do anything: you are alert and present.

Now direct your attention from that quiet point in the center of your head to the area of your heart, of feeling. With the "eye" in your head, carefully search the area of your heart, the subtle refined energies that abide there.

Have no expectations or judgments about what you see. Some of you might experience a feeling of warmth in the heart, while others might experience a sense of something closed off. Maybe your heart is afraid to open and that is quite understandable, because in each of you live old fears and convictions that make it difficult to keep your heart open.

Now, while you feel supported by Mother Earth, and a quiet place is created in your head, we are going to look at those old fears or negative thoughts that keep you from again opening your heart.

The most important thing is that you observe from within yourself, and not through external influences, or thought forms, or by judging something as a "should be", but with a pure, open look.

Feel that space in your heart for a moment, a space that is full of eternal beauty that belongs to you, to your soul. See there the light that you are and have developed through the many lives you have already led on Earth and elsewhere.

You do not have to know exactly where and how, but realize that you are a developed being through your many experiences and lives where you have discovered and explored many aspects of yourself and have brought them into consciousness.

Feel for a moment the wealth in your heart, feel the refinement and nuances with which you can think and feel. You can there see colors and images of nature, such as flowers, etc – although it does not matter whatever you see. Just know the wealth is there, even though there are parts of you that are still kept under lock and key, because you are afraid to let this wealth be seen by yourself and by the world.

It is there – I see it – and this is why I love you so much and appreciate you so deeply. I also see the pain you experience when you seal off parts of yourself: your own wealth and abundance, your own love and light. It is painful to live that way!

Although it sometimes seems safer to lock away parts of yourself, feel for a moment what this does to you. Feel the light, the joy, the enthusiasm that naturally wants to flow, and wants to be seen and connect with the world. Feel the inspiration that lives deep within you.

We are now going to open a door whereby something is released in you for which the time has come. It can now flow and manifest in you in a good and fine way in your life. Imagine for a moment that you see in the area of your heart a rusty old door that opens with much difficulty.

Feel the energy of this door, which you have put there yourself in order to survive emotionally, or even physically. There are all kinds of reasons in your past, in your childhood, or even in previous lives, why you have put this door there, and why it felt safe to do so. But it now hurts more than it helps – it is time to open this door.

Imagine for a moment that you now turn toward this door. Feel the stillness in your head, and know you are simply going to be there and observe what has been kept hidden for so long. You open the door slowly, while you still feel the power and the firmness in your feet that Earth gives to you, so you know you are being supported.

It is now time to be open to a larger part of your soul, to who you are. What wants to come out through this door? Perhaps you first see some clutter, old energies tumble out that have been bothering you and want to be seen: fears, doubts, something dark perhaps? Look at them with a balanced ease and welcome them.

Behind those fears or clutter something infinitely beautiful is hidden that so very much wants to again be included in your open heart. Ask if it wants to show itself, as it has a message for you. It is a part of your highest self, your angel-self that wants to come out and wants to be received in your life.

Send light, love, and understanding toward the door and to the opening, so you can create a bridge whereby what is hidden can come out, and then dare to see it.

Dare to see how grand and beautiful it is. Often you are afraid of your own strength, wisdom, and beauty. You make yourself small in your mind and do not really want to see what is there, but let it appear, and do not be too modest or doubt its potential, because this is the energy for which you have been waiting in your life.

It may help to imagine that energy in the form of a person, so see whether a male or a female figure appears. That can tell you something about what type of energy wants to now flow into you and can help you to open your heart.

Look at him or her, and hear what that figure wishes to tell you. Let that figure speak and then anchor into your heart the energy of this person, who is a part of you. Imagine you completely allow this person into your heart space.

Allow a renewal to take place in your life. You cannot accurately predict what will then happen, but trust and surrender to this process. Once you connect with your heart, and the doors are open that have been closed, you will make the connection with your soul and feel your inner guidance. You will then find that anchor, that core within yourself, which you need in order to feel where you now stand and to sense where you are going.

Now connect head, heart, and abdomen with one another. Feel again the carrying power of the Earth and connect with her. You will be surrounded by helping energies in your life and the Earth is one of them. Trust her! She wants to create a path for you, she wants to receive you. You are welcome here, and you are not alone!

Please connect again with that quiet, still center in your head, where you do not think, but simply perceive, alert and present. And finally, connect again with your heart, that very sensitive organ in the center of your being that is the channel for your soul and carries the pain of the past.

Have compassion for your heart, for what it has suffered, but also have appreciation for the enormous potential that lies within it: the wealth amassed from many lives, the depth of your emotional life, of your soul. Value your own heart.

Then feel how these three centers work together and become aligned – head, heart, and abdomen – and simply let it happen; you do not have to think about it. Feel how the flow from top to bottom brings you back to your core.

But if you feel there is still some resistance or discord, that is okay, because that is why you are doing this. This inward look helps you to become aware of closed parts of yourself and to open doors. Let all be as it naturally is.

Thank you for coming here today. I share my energy with you.

Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan 

Video - "Awaken & Expand Your Highest Divine Self" -


Trust In The Divine Plan - AA Gabriel Via Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us how important it is to have faith that there is a Divine Plan within all things.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Trust in the Divine Plan, Bless it and
Bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Shanta's Message ..... 

It is sometimes extremely difficult to remember that there is a Divine Plan at work in our lives. In fact, I have heard it said that if we could just relax into it, there is no way that Life would not take us to our most Divine Destiny.

When there are situations that appear so dark, senseless and violent that we can't imagine that Divine Order is there, it is at those times that we must employ Radical Trust that God is working in and through all people and situations to bring forth the Highest Good for all concerned.

When we can't think of anything to do because the situations are so disturbing to us, the process of blessing is very powerful. When we bless something, we confer energy upon the subject of our focused intention.

This is a very powerful tool for a number of reasons. One, it gives us something to do so we do not feel so powerless in the situation. Two, it actually works to bring the power of Divine Light into the field that looks so dire. Divine Light contains the intelligence of God. That means that the Divine Intelligence inherent in the Light we send into any situation will know exactly what is necessary to bring about Divine Order. Light also carries Divine Love within its field. We know that Divine Love is the greatest healer of all. The Light we send carries God's Love to heal all the hearts involved in the situation we are focused upon.

These are powerful tools we can bring into our world at this time. When we remember to pray for Divine Order in every situation, it helps to settle our minds and know that there is a Greater Power at work. We can then relax control and allow the flow of this divinity to work in and through all the situations that seem so big that only a miracle of divine proportions can bring about benevolent outcomes.

We have access to those miracles with our thoughts, prayers and the blessings we send to every person and situation in the world. It is Divine Order.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for lifting my thoughts and intentions into the realms of transcendent awareness. May I remember that God is working to bring Divine Order into the world at all times. Expand my focus of attention and trust so that more love can circulate through my energy system and radiate from my heart.

Please send the blessings of Divine Love and Intelligence into all situations that are needing Light to be uplifted. Thank you for blessing with Divine Light all those who are personally involved in events that seem so difficult to understand.

With every breath I take, may I be blessed by the Light of True Understanding so that my heart can radiate Divine Love into the world at all times. May all beings live in harmony with Divine Order, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Video - "New Moon May 4th-5th - 5 Things You Need To Know About This Profound Energy Shift" By Melanie Beckler -
AA Gabriel's Message .....
Dear One,
When you trust in the Divine Plan, you are moving into the Universal Flow of Good. You are acknowledging that there is an underlying energy within all things. This is the energy of God, and it is part of the Divine Plan for all beings to live in Harmony, Love and Abundance. You can trust this.
When you bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation, it increases the spiritual energy flowing through whatever you are focused upon. Blessing brings more love through the energy of Light to the person or situation, which brings an immediate improvement.
Divine Order exists as the underlying truth within all beings and all situations. It is a powerful affirmation for life and can be used as a mantra to remind you of the greater truth within all circumstances. This means repeating the words "divine order" to settle your mind, and to bring you peace. When you don't know what to do, claim "divine order" and your mind will align with this powerful reality. Divine Order is being in perfect alignment with God on every level of your being. Remembering Divine Order, and proclaiming it, assists the energy around you to fall into perfect alignment.

These very simple steps of trusting, blessing and remembering can bring you peace of mind in upsetting situations. The more often you remember, the stronger you become. Your inner sense of peace will become unshakable because you have aligned yourself with the ultimate truth at all times.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
April 28, 2019
Video - "AA Gabriel Meditation - Expanding Your Spiritual Power"

Reprogram Yourself To Manifest Who You Wish To Be

By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends!

The angels share some wonderful ideas about reprogramming the unconscious and conscious mind, and I'll share a wild, crazy story about how I put that to use to ward off a spiritual challenge that could otherwise have easily become quite a physical one as well.

Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Before you go to bed tonight, take a few moments to think about who you wish to be. Ask yourself, "What parts of me would I like to leave behind as I ease my spirit back into the realms of Oneness tonight? What within me must be released so I can resurrect greater love, greater health, greater abundance, greater expression, and greater joy tomorrow?"

Focus on the "you" that you wish to be as you awaken in the morning. Do you want to be healthy, happy, filled with enthusiasm? Do you want to wake up feeling loved – with (or without!) a partner in the future? Do you want to wake up in an abundant reality giving thanks for all your blessings?

Imagine waking up that way. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up happy, healthy enthusiastic in a life where you feel grateful for your first breath each day! Imagine waking up feeling loved and loving! Imagine feeling wealthy in spirit and abundant in your material world. What would it feel like to wake up in that reality? Let your imagination run wild as you drift off to sleep. Take these feelings with you into your dreams.

The moment you wake up, see if you can resurrect the feelings you had before bed. Imagine you are waking up to a glorious day, feeling better than yesterday, happier, more abundant, grateful, and enthusiastic.

Even if you have to face tasks you'd rather not face, say to yourself, "This is the day that the Divine has made! I will make it the best and most loving day possible... no matter what!" Bring your light and good feelings into the day! Bring your feelings of abundant gratitude.

Tell yourself that your life is getting better and better every day, in every way.

Don't look for evidence. Make a decision to embrace your resurrected reality. Declare it. Feel it. It lives within you. Even if externally you are still unhealthy imagine the healthy self inside, coming to the surface more and more each day! Feel it.

Even if externally you still go to a job you don't like, imagine waking up feeling joyous about your work. Make a decision to trust the guided journey until you get there. Even if you are surrounded by unloving souls tell yourself, I am loved! Imagine it until you feel it.

Decide to embrace your new reality even before it shows up in your life.Allow the parts of yourself that seek evidence for the negative, that expect disappointment, that doubt in your eventual victories to die, as a deeper, truer, more joyous version of yourself is resurrected from the inside out.

Now breathe in fully and deeply as you mentally root yourself in this reality. As you go about your day, see how long you can stay "resurrected" in these new feelings of love and light.

When you seed the unconscious mind in sleep and strengthen the muscles of you conscious mind by day, your life will become progressively easier and more beautiful.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages from the Angels" width="650" class="CToWUd a6T"/>

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I channeled the angel message last week but didn't have a personal story to go with it, so I asked the angels for different message last week. They told me to save this one. Little did I know I'd have the perfect story this week!

This is a long story - another episode of the mystic-reality-show that is my life, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy. There is a happy ending, I promise! This is one of those, "well Ann isn't perfect yet and she's still having challenges and learning" stories :)

I continue where I left off last week... I was happier that ever, feeling wonderful, and on top of the world, when I accidentally tired myself out and let down my guard. I decided to go grocery shopping late one night after a long day of work and deep cleaning my house. I forgot to put the light of protection around me. I normally don't need it when my own light is bright, but I was a bit tired and forgot.

Now let me say before I go on, that this sort of thing didn't happen to me when I was "just talking to angels" years ago. However, as I started working more and more in the Oneness, the angels cautioned me, "Ann, Oneness, means oneness. All of life, in all dimensions. You have to learn to dance with ALL frequencies if you want this. You have to learn to see love and be love no matter what. Anything less might attract those other energies lost in illusion." In plain terms, that means that I either stay in my light, intended to be surrounded by the light of protection, or risk lower vibrational energies jumping onto me and clinging. When I started gazing five years, ago I had to become even more impeccable with my energy.

Sometimes I still forget. 

So there I was in the grocery store, and I had my coupons with me. I had the urge to just leave the unused ones on the shelf, but I felt a tug from some part of my soul to approach an elderly couple that looked very unhappy and offer the coupons to them. It wasn't an intuitive or angelic tug. Those feel joyous. Instead it felt like some part of my soul just wanted them to know they were loved. Usually that feels wonderful. This night it felt exhausting. I wasn't listening to my present day self. So I went over to hand them the coupons, and immediately got jumped by a spirit that had been attached to the woman.

By the time I got home I was breaking out in stinging nerve pain and shingles. The spirit was still attached to my liver and gallbladder and that hurt like crazy. I knew I was in for a long night. My first question to the angels was rather ungraceful. "What the...?"

They told me that the spirit who jumped me was a past life fragment of the woman. In a past life, she was in a crowd jeering righteously at a witch burning. Apparently I was the one getting toasted. This fragment of her soul had not gone into the light, they explained. It was in the astral plane, and recognized my spirit. It was angry that I was alive! They explained this was why I had the urge to "make nice" even when I didn't honestly feel like it. I was basically trying to say at some unconscious level, "Its OK! Forgive yourself. I'm fine." Goodness. I know the angels aren't kidding, but sometimes I still feel crazy and like my life is a multidimensional freak show!

However, there was no time to question or feel victimized by the story. I still had one rather unpleasant spirit aiming hatred at me. I did what I know to do. I told the spirit I loved her and wanted her to go into the light and be happy. This one was stubborn however, so I envisioned the light filling me and emanating from me, and sent her so much love that she finally took off.

I then commanded the shingles to leave immediately. I have had enough experience with that to know it is my body's over-reaction to angry energies. To heal something quickly I know I have to be no-nonsense, focused solely on the outcome, and have full faith. The stinging stopped and the bumps started going down. I had a moment of incredible satisfaction.

I decided as long as I was "cleaning house" I might as well command my liver and gallbladder to completely release any trapped anger and frustration at myself for choosing to be a martyr in many lives and to do so immediately. I forgot to intend "joyful and gentle." My body listened. I instantly went into a full-blown gallbladder attack. I didn't even know that was a thing until that moment!

On one hand I hurt so badly I could barely breathe, but on the other I was incredibly amused because I realized that I'd just created this quite powerfully. I felt the angels swarm in around me. They looked at me with tender love and intense compassion for my own spiritual insanity.

I heard them clearly, giving me step by step instructions for the next several hours.  "We'll get you through this Ann. You're going to clear some obstructions you didn't even know were in there. It's going to hurt like crazy, but you'll be OK by around 1 or 2am. Drink tons of water, but don't gulp." Like midwives coaching a mother giving birth they got me to breathe, sip, and progressively relax until my liver and gallbladder did indeed clear something that needed to go!  I don't know what I would have done without their exact and tender guidance.

In bed finally, I did the programming exercise. "I release martyrdom, frustration with myself, pain, and all illusions that are not born of the light! I wake up feeling amazing, clear, and deeply aware of the Presence within." I imagined the feeling. I fell into a deep and restful sleep and woke up feeling like a new woman, albeit a little tired and achy from the misadventure.

Something deep and old had finally been released. I no longer felt like any part of my soul was frustrated or angry with myself about the choices I've made throughout lifetimes. I can now look back at things this life that were once deeply upsetting and feel only love and gratitude for the souls involved and lessons learned. It feels remarkable. I intend to go deeper into this, imagining every night that I wake up the next day filled with more love and light.

Thankfully, most of you will never have to go through such extremes. My work in the Oneness, and especially the gazing does lend itself to standards of impeccability with energetic and personal boundaries that I am still learning to uphold.

Nonetheless, for all problems great and small we can die unto the old self and resurrect an even better one, starting with intentions before bed and then with firm resolve throughout the day.

Here are a few pointers to do just that....

1. Before bed, review your day

What would you do differently? How could you be more loving to yourself or others? More faithful? More focused on what you want? Don't beat yourself up. Just review as an observer.

Who would you like to be tomorrow morning? Imagine you are already that. Imagine waking up healthy, happy, and enthusiastic. Imagine yourself as the most loving and gracious soul. Imagine being a person who takes impeccable care of yourself. Imagine whatever "you" that you want to be. As you do so, feel as if it is real.

2. Anchor the feelings in the morning

The second you wake up and remember, recall the feelings you had the night before. Imagine being the you that you want to be. Resolve to do your best to "be" this person today.

This is not about resolving what you are going to "do" or accomplish throughout the day. It is resolving to "be" a certain type of person – loving, gracious, feeling abundant, loved, healthy, whatever you like.

3. Reinforce throughout the day

Throughout the day check in. Maybe you can set reminders on your phone. Are you being who you want to be? If not don't beat yourself up. Just readjust.

This is a powerful exercise that works with both the subconscious and conscious mind to help you shift and transform into the person you truly want to become, and it works... even in my crazy life!

Love you all!

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