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Soul stealing


So , i have a problem , i have spirits in my head and around me that at times and when i use them , steal my soul parts , i dont know how to prevent this and dont know how to retrieve my soul parts.what i do is pray archangel michael to protect me from soul stealing , and pray angel raphael to retrieve my soul part for a soul retrieval. I dont know what else to do

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  • Sophia- Anything that wants to separate feeds on fear and separation. To heal raise your vibration. Love will heal you. Be Love. Separating spirits cannot tolerate Love. Call upon your Higher Self to heal you as well as the angels. Here is a list of qualities I am working on that may benefit you to remove anything not for your highest and greatest good: Be humility, gratitude, satisfaction, faith, oneness, forgiveness, healthy boundaries, mindfulness, acceptance, right thought- right action, equanimity, generosity, humor, unconditional love, compassion, empathy, service to others, being love in action, compassionate action. Take attunements here as you are guided. Stand in your I AM Power and state to the spirits- I command you in the holy name of All That Is, God, Our Father, Our Mother, Our One Infinite Creator, Adonai, Elohim, Yod Hey Vav Heh, I command you in the name of the Creator, In the Name of Unconditional Love, in the name of my I AM Presence to be gone! Visualize Archangel Michael removing the spirits from your fields. Visualize Archangel Raphael healing your fields. Call upon Archangels Gabriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel to heal you. Call upon the Violet Flame to heal you. You have the power in the name of the Creator and the name of your I AM THAT I AM to be healed. Accept love in your heart and it is done! May this help you. Wishing the highest love and light for you for your highest and greatest good. Namaste.

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