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Something Beautiful Is Seeking To Align For You This Month

By Melanie Beckler



Can you feel it?

I'm feeling such a shift in the air right now, as we say goodbye to January and welcome the second month of this year.

Winter is far from over in many locations, but as we step into February we can celebrate that soon, the time of Winter's rest and retreat will come to a close and all of nature will be alive and buzzing with new growth and life once again.

The forces of light, growth, and warmth are strongly stirring within the Earth.

What will this month hold for you?

Something beautiful is seeking to align for you in your life.

Stay open! Open to inspiration. Open to new possibilities.

Open to living in alignment with greater LOVE.

But also keep in mind...

That Spirit cannot create for you what it is trying to create with and through you..

In other words...

You have a role to play in anchoring the highest Divine Possibilities for your life!

I talk more about this in your NEW Free Angel Card Reading here:

With love and bright blessings,


Video Link: February Angel Card Reading - What Will This Month Bring You?

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