Solstice Meditation by Anrita Melchizedek ... And ... Remembering Love Within All Things By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Message for December Solstice 2018 By Solara An-Ra

The Activation of the Planetary Goddess and the Healing Symbols of Isis
Solstice Meditation by Anrita Melchizedek
As the Flames of Divinity and the awakened Souls upon this sacred earth, we release the vestiges of our human mis-creations through loving our inner family; our hurts, betrayals, disappointments and pain whilst holding the Flame of Divine Love within our loving hearts.
Embraced within our Divine Presence, we deepen into the sovereignty, magnificence and sweetness of our Soul Light. We are here, we are present, sharing our Light, no longer hiding and no longer suppressing. The Planetary Goddess ignites her Flame of Divine Love as we expand our Heart Flames and integrate and experience our Beloved I Am Presence and the Beloved I Am Presence of all awakened Souls upon this sacred earth.
As we come together as One Unified Field of Light at the time of the Solstice, we take a moment to observe our fluid ever changing dance with one another, as we expand our Heart Flames ever deeper into the conscious awareness of the initiations of Light being experienced on the inner planes.
From the space of Divine Love, and the place of our highest calling to unify as One Heart, we receive the support of the Sisterhood of the Rose and further accept the invitation to experience the sacred healing symbols of Isis and her Healing Flame of Light through our inner Temple of Light. We recognize in this Now that all that lingers within the secret chambers of our heart is ready to be unveiled and revealed through the Flame of Divine
Love and through thLight of the Goddess.
Isis, known as the Goddess of Great Healing, the Lady of the Words of Power, the Divine Queen, the Great Goddess and Mother of Creation, brings forth the healing and activation codes that ignites the Flame of Divine Love every deeper within our loving hearts. This activity of Light further assists in the re-emergence of the Planetary Goddess of Light through the activation and actualization of the Flame of the Divine Mother within all Souls choosing the Path of Divine Love, the Path of the Rose.
So as we come together at the time of the Solstice as One Heart, let us set our sacred space, as we experience this healing and activation session with Goddess Isis, and with this, the clearing, the releasing, the transmutation and the healing of the lower bodies of all humanity.
To start with now, we just breathe deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as we breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as we breathe out. Breathing in love and breathing out love.
Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the nose or mouth.
 Now, we bring in a Pillar of Light around ourselves and connect through this Pillar of Light and a fluorescent tube of Light, our antakarana, to our Higher Self of the Light, and now our Beloved I Am Presence.  
As we breathe through this fluorescent tube of Light that comes in through all dimensions of light, we are bringing in the energy of the magnificence and preciousness of ourselves as these sacred Flames of Divinity through our Beloved I AM Presence and Higher Self of the Light and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High. 
And now we ground this energy through the body as it comes into the crown chakra, down the spine, out the perineum center and into the earth chakra center.  And now, we connect through the Solar core and the Sun and from here, into the Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun.  From this center of Love, we bring ourselves into the loving heart.
Visualizing this beautiful Golden Sun within our loving heart, we now ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth as we experience the Unity Grid of Divine Love within us and around us. And now we feel ourselves connecting at a Higher Light level with all awakened Souls, with the Light workers, wayshowers and starseeded ones, assisting in their own way through the Solstice energies in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.
Good. As we continue to breathe deeply into the body, breathing in love and breathing out love, we sense this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love grow ever brighter from within our loving hearts, as we deepen into feeling and experiencing the full range of our emotions.
As we just feel into what may be coming up for us at this time, we take a couple of deep sucking breaths, in and out, while possibly moving the body backwards and forwards and from side to side.
We honor the shadow and we honor the Light. We honor what the shadow aspects within ourselves are showing us as we integrate the Divine Feminine archetype of Light. 
The Divine Feminine archetype ignites through forgiveness, compassion and Love. In the knowing of ourselves as these Flames of Divinity, and in mindful awareness, through deep appreciation of ourselves, we move through the pain body and these related issues. 
For when we let go of our perceived disappointments, blame, hurts and betrayals through acceptance and understanding of the journey as initiations of Light, the Flame of Divine Love burns ever brighter within our loving hearts, and aligns us ever deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God as sons and daughters of God.
Isis now appears before us, and surrounds us in her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light. She is dressed in a beautiful white flowing robe with gold embroidered symbols across this robe. She has magnificent white wings, and wears a vulture headdress combined with cow-horns encased in a solar disc.
She sends us her Love and lets us know that she is delighted to be our guide on this journey of Self Love and healing. We now find ourselves deepening into our loving heart, as Isis now comes forward and activates her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light within the vibrant red flame of the base chakra.
Isis now places within our base chakra, the healing symbol of the rattle. She lets us know that this symbol serves as a gateway to bring in all Soul fragments that have left in pain, or shame or just for the experience of it. As we move our bodies and as we find ourselves releasing all that no longer needs to be experienced in the density of lower emotions, we now state:
By divine decree, under the Law of Grace and Love and in accordance with Divine Will, through this Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Isis, I now completely rescind any and all vows, contracts and agreements, that I or anyone else in this body has ever made, or that any of my soul extensions have made, or anyone in my genetic lineage in this or any other lifetimes, across space, time and dimensions that affect me negatively at this time. I release into this Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Isis, any and all energies, entities, attachments, mechanisms, structures, implants, programs, codes, beliefs, thought-forms, curses, judgments, perceptions or pictures of reality that have supported or maintained these vows, agreements, or contracts that I now longer need to experience in this Now. And so it is. And so it shall be.
Video - "Let The Light Language & AA Metatron spin the Metatron Cube For Your Spiritual Upliftment"-
Isis now activates her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light within the sacral chakra, combining this now with this beautiful orange flame of Light. She now places within the sacral chakra the healing symbol of the Healing Rod. This symbol assists us in releasing the planetary false beliefs between men and women and also assists in the healing of our relationships in all timelines, past, present and probably future realities as we deepen into the knowing of ourselves as Flames of Divinity.
We now state: I ask for complete karmic absolution and release of all my karmic contracts. I understand that Mother/Father God and my Beloved I Am Presence is guiding me in this Golden Age of Light. I now rescind & sever any and all vows & contracts I have taken with anyone pertaining to the perpetuation of the false beliefs between men and women and any other vows or contracts that I need to heal in my relationships in this Now. I now declare these vows & contracts null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across space and time, all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, and all dimensions. And so it is. And so it shall be. 
Isis now activates her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light within the solar plexus chakra. She now places the healing symbol of a sparrow hawk feather within the solar plexus chakra as this flame merges into the yellow flame of the solar plexus. This healing symbol assists in clearing our lower bodies, old false beliefs and judgments as well as assisting in the rejuvenation and regeneration of body parts and organs as we walk the Christed timelines.
We now state: I request the assistance from Lady Isis and her Healing Flame of Light to release any false beliefs I may have such as:
The belief in pain and separation.
The belief that I will be punished for my errors and transgressions.
The belief that I must transmute pain through my physical body.
The belief that I am not worthy or deserving.
The belief that I am not supported or able to manifest my heaven on earth. 
I forgive myself and others, knowing that I am deserving and worthy as this Flame of Divinity.

I now request the assistance in the healing of my lower bodies, any of my body parts or organs and the false beliefs, addictions or judgments that may have affected my physical body or lower bodies.

I further ask that Isis's beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light now activate within my physical body and through my: 
Liver...Pancreas...Kidneys...Gall Bladder...Lymph System...Bloodstream...Nervous System...Bones...Glandular system...Spleen...Heart...Lungs...Genital System...Muscular System...Colon...
Small and Large Intestines...Brain...and...Stomach
We now affirm: I release all residual karmic debts and mis-qualified energy within me and within my physical, emotional and mental bodies. I now resolve all conditions with grace and ease as I take on the Patterns of Perfection of the Crystalline Solar matrix of Divine Love. And so it is. And so it shall be.
Isis now activates her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light within our hearts chakra, merging into this beautiful emerald green flame of Light. Isis now places within our heart chakra the sacred healing symbol of the Ankh, as we come into the knowing of the re-unions of the heart with our soul clusters, whilst honoring our pre-birth agreements and dissolving lower timelines.

Isis's Flame of Healing now washes over our pain body, our grief, our heartache, our betrayal and pain. Isis understand our grief, for she has experienced her own grief.
Isis now says: "You have the strength and courage to rebuild and create your lives in the knowing that you are initiates of Light and wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light. Your strength lies within your heart. Do not let despair defeat you.
You are strong, and have chosen many of the challenges you have experienced to create the gateways of Light for yourselves and others. Allow this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love and my Healing Flame of Light to activate within your loving heart. You are so loved and appreciated. Feel this Love now in the knowing that you are Love".
We now have a sense of the kundalini energy activating through each one of the chakras as we move our bodies backwards and forwards and from side to side, as we now affirm: I am an open heart in this Golden Age of Light. As I now activate the kundalini channels, I use this healing energy to heal my body and energy field, as I lift my vibration into the higher dimensional fields of Light. And so it is. And so it shall be. 
Isis now activates her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Flame through the throat chakra, and now places within your throat chakra the sacred symbol of the Throne, merging into the beautiful blue flame of the throat. As this occurs, we now experience the merging of parallel realities of ourselves as initiates of Light; as the High Priests and Priestesses in ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Mayan and Aztec cultures.
We now state:
"Isis, Queen of Light,
your Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Flame of Light
shines through the veil
between what is, was and will be.
Life of the Nile, Weaver of Fate,
Guide my wanderings through past, present
and future,
as I travel the hidden all through all timelines of Light.
May my vision be true, and my path
guided by your wisdom
in the knowing of my Self as an Initiate of Light.
Good. This healing activation further takes us into the memories and the knowing of our service work in this and other lifetimes as well as activating a deeper sense of our Soul purpose and Soul note. So, we just allow ourselves to bring into this Now timelines of our highest potential through the expression and utterance of our Spiritual reality, as we see beyond the veils of illusion and the knowing of our heart's passion and heart's joy. And so it is. And so it shall be.
Isis now activates her Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Flame through the third eye, and now places within the third eye, the sacred symbol of a Solar Disc, which merges into the beautiful indigo Flame of Light.
This symbol creates a merging with our multidimensional selves, whilst simultaneously activating the pineal and pituitary glands. We have a sense once more of breathing deep into the body, feeling sense the kundalini energy igniting through the 33 vertebrae of the spine, and through the base of the brain, and into all the nerve endings and now into the brain itself.
We now experience ourselves merging with our multidimensional Selves and now, our Higher Self of the Light, and all 12 Soul rays of which we are one, our Soul family of the Light. And now, we merge with our Beloved I Am Presence and all 144 Souls, of which we are one. 
Isis now activates her Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Flame of Light through the crown chakra. She places within the crown chakra a thousand-petalled Lotus, as we align into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, in the knowing of our ability to achieve Self-Mastery in this Now. In the knowing of our ability to embody our Higher Self and then our Beloved I Am Presence. This is the path of both the Spiritual and physical ascension.
And now, the Shekinah energy activates through the kundalini channel, taking us into the Divine Feminine aspects of Creation as we feel our loving hearts connecting now as One Heart in the activation of the Planetary Goddess archetype of Light through the hearts of all humanity as we breathe in love and breathe out love.
Isis and the Sisterhood of the Rose now surround Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love and now this Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Flame of Healing. The Sisterhood of the Rose now place their beautiful Pink Rose within the hearts of all humanity, as Isis places her beautiful Healing Flame of Light around each Soul on this earth plane. And now, we just bring a focus to our respective countries and all other places that we would like to focus on, as we assist in activating the Flame of Divine Love within the hearts of all responding Souls. And so it is. And so it shall be.
The activation and actualization of the Planetary Goddess of Light now occurs at the height of the Solstice, taking us ever deeper into the Love within our hearts, and the knowing of ourselves as these sacred Flames of Divinity.

We now thank Isis and the Sisterhood of the Rose, as we find ourselves coming back now, fully into our bodies and into our sacred space. We ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection open to our Beloved I Am Presence and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. In our own time now, we gently open our eyes, being fully present in this Now, looking through our master eyes at all of Life around us. Sitting in the eternal Divine Presence of our Loving Heart.

Video - "The Activation Of The Planetary Goddess & The Healing Symbols of Isis" By Anrita Melchizedek -

Remembering Love Within All Things By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel reminds us to turn away from outer appearances and find the grounded presence of Love within us and within all things.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Your job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony
but to hold to the Love within all things.
Shanta's Message .....
At its deepest essence, Divine Love is inherent within all things. Purposefully coming back into our centers and allowing ourselves to see this as our Truth is a powerful spiritual practice.

Awakening within us all is a connection to the divinity that is the deepest part of our true nature. We are here in this time on Earth to blend our human selves with the most Divine Love that exists in all the Universe.

It is very reassuring when we remember that this Love is always present, guiding us through lives that are changing more quickly than we can comprehend. I know that when I turn away from outward circumstances, come back into my heart and pray for it, there is a Peace that enfolds me in surprising ways.

I have absolute Faith that we are not alone and that we are being led through life's changes by a Love that never ends. With every breath I take, may I and all beings remember this deep and abiding Truth.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for helping me to feel your Love filling my heart and soothing away the fears that rise unbidden in my mind. Please increase my Faith and my ability to chart my life's course with a deep connection to my inner guidance.

I am grateful that my mind is open to new possibilities and Creative Solutions in all situations, no matter how they look. Allow me to Know truly with every step I take that I am protected and that I proceed with the Grace of pure Divine Love. Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Video - "Angelic Alignment From Archangel Gabriel" Via Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Messages #45


Your job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony but to hold to the Love within all things.

AA Gabriel's Message .....

Deep within you and all around you is Divine Love. When you are free from distracting thoughts about the surface appearance of the world, it is easier to remember this truth. Even if you are in a situation that appears to be upsetting, know deeply in your heart that God's Love exists within all things. When you remember this higher wisdom, the outer world of appearances has no choice but to fall in line with your focus of attention.

It has become a scientific truth in the study of quantum physics that the particles of atomic fields arrange themselves into form when the focus of the scientist's attention is there. Before this focus of attention, the particles were waves of energy with unlimited potential. Many books have been written which describe this process in detail. This field of unlimited potential, waiting for your focus of attention, is why your thoughts are so powerful. This is why you can create your new reality by holding a vision of what you want to see happen.


The universe will be creating your reality according to your thoughts, whether you are paying attention or not, so having a conscious awareness of the future reality you choose to create is very potent.
Imagine a world of Love in your thoughts, and focus your attention on this as truth, and you shall have it. Know that with God all things are possible.
This means it is possible for the world to live in Peace and Harmony, for all people to have enough food to be healthy, and that all can live in joy-filled Abundance. Despite appearances to the contrary, this is Divine Will for all human beings.
Your deepest beliefs will affect this process.
It is good to be aware of the subconscious thoughts that run contrary to your future visions.
Your thoughts are the vehicle to create a world of Love and Peace for yourself and all others in alignment with one of the greatest truths in the universe - that God exists in all circumstances and Divine Love is within all things.
Hold your mind on the power of God's Love, ask for a miracle if you need it, and allow this Universal Presence of Love to show you a reality where Harmony and Beauty are all that exist.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Your job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony but to hold to the Love within all things.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Video - "Love Frequency Reset - AA Michael" Via Melanie Beckler

Message for December Solstice 2018
from the Star Councils of Light

By Solara An-Ra


We are greatly pleased with the level of energy absorption and integration on your planet as the December Solstice 2018 approaches. We speak about the percentage of the galactic transmissions to your planet which you are able to receive – consciously or unconsciously. If you consider that the light beaming down to your planet now is like a galactic precipitation – or rainfall of light droplets – we measure the percentage of this which is accessible to you.

Some of you, in your meditations and moments of higher states of awareness, are conscious of the galactic precipitation. Some of you perceive the energy transmissions as codes or glyphs floating in your atmosphere, moving one by one into a level of activation in your individual Greater Light Body – and you are then able to integrate these codes on some level or other.

Know that we are assisting you; understand that we are opening your third eyes and psychic awareness so that you are able to perceive the precipitation and work consciously with it – for these codes which some of you perceive are intelligent, and contain vital energetic components towards your awakening.

Those of you who access and begin to channel Star codes in the form of Star language, which you call Light language – you are aware that even without understanding what is transmitted, nevertheless, the energetic change and frequency shift that you experience through being open to channel these codes is enormously powerful.

What has made the difference in terms of your ability to perceive and integrate or work consciously with Light Codes, is the release of energetic disturbances that you have allowed over these preceding years. Your openness to change and to heal yourselves; your willingness to be of service as healers, frequency keepers and agents of change in your world – these factors have allowed a release of miasms* and negative energies or entities, that has subsequently facilitated an opening to the Light codes within your physical DNA and 3-D biology. And so your natural multi-dimensional skills and gifts are being realised or activated through these new downloaded codes, even as we speak.

Those of you receiving this message do not understand the concept of multi-dimensionality, and so we will simplify it thus: - You are Living on a 3-D planet in a 3-D or physical body – but your original blueprint, or design, shall we say, allows you access to powers and understandings or perceptions far, far greater than you have ever imagined. As your pineal gland awakens further and further, your consciousness expands to include perceptions of worlds beyond your physical earth.

For most of you, it is through a practise of meditation or inner alignment that your extra-sensory perception begins to open. You find that with your eyes closed and in a state of stillness, you start to access a world beyond your thoughts – a world, indeed, beyond that to which your normal functioning mind is habituated. It is as if, with your eyes closed, and the stilling of your monkey-mind, an infinite space of consciousness opens and is made accessible to you.

Through practises such as chakra meditation, you begin to perceive that there is an ‘energy physiology’ within you, beyond your biological physiology – you experience that there are swirling energies and mechanisms within you. And it is these, indeed, that are a part of your original multi-dimensional design. You are designed, energetically, to awaken beyond the confines of your physical mentality and your physical body.

This shamans of old induced trance-like states through drumming and chanting, that allowed their community to enter into these ‘other worlds’ and perceptions. In your present time-line, plant medicines are used for the very same purpose – but there are few who understand how to truly work with the plant medicines; how to truly use these teachers intelligently to open into multi-dimensionality.

From our perspective it is desirable that you are first able to enter the other worlds through pranayama and meditation techniques, before using the sacred plants. In this way you are able to use medicine journeys more intelligently, and to integrate the guidance received so that it leads you forward on your paths of awakening.

We have already suggested that during the Solstice~New year portal you practise a form of ‘Angelic Higher Self Activation’ such as given in the last transmission. The affirmations given in that transmission were:

“I am ready for positive change!

I activate my path of service.

I take my place as one of the Order of Melchizedek.

I am here to co-create and manifest the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia.

I ask the most appropriate Higher Self aspect to step forward now.

I choose to embody my Crystalline, Angelic Higher Self aspect now.”

We will add here that this focus on embodying your Higher Self is not possible without your true healing – the release of harmful miasms stuck in your physical and energy bodies. Some of these unhealed energies & entities became attached in other lifetimes, and some have developed in the present one.

Many of you are acutely aware of the presence of unwanted energies attached to you, and are confused and depressed about how to heal yourselves and be free. We will remind you now, as we have so many times before, that everything is about frequency.

When you visit an effective healer, your vibrations is lifted and your frequency is raised – and it is through this shift that your healing is made possible. But there are many, many different ways of raising your frequency without visiting a healer – and when your frequency shifts upwards dramatically, miasms must be expelled, for they no longer have a comfortable ‘home’ in which to reside. You raise your frequency by:

·   Embracing change and releasing fears around change. When you are in a cycle of regrets, victimisation or anger over past events, repeat constantly “THE PAST IS DEAD!” while joyfully releasing all ideas that what happened in the past is sure to repeat itself.

Your future holds endless opportunities for abundance and expansion and joy! The given affirmation  “I am ready for positive change!” is designed for this purpose.

Feeling and expressing gratitude.  Being appreciative of what is already in your life; of all the gifts that are already yours, large and small alike, raises your frequency without fail. The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is acknowledged by all wise beings for attracting towards you the good things that you desire to manifest – like attracts like; the most primal Universal Law.

Choosing to be of service. When you let go of selfish desires for long enough to extend your loving energy outwards into the world, a magic phenomenon occurs. The joy, healing and kindness that you offer others bounces back to you and you receive the same from multiple sources. As you give, so you receive.

The given affirmations  “I activate my path of service. I take my place as one of the Order of Melchizedek. I am here to co-create and manifest the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia” are designed to assist the realisation of this path of service.


And so you see, dear ones, that we have expanded on our last transmission, by explaining that the affirmations given are sure to both raise your vibration and to play a crucial part in your healing process. The result of this positive uplift in frequency is to make it easier for you to both experience and download the higher dimensional codes of your awakening.

The Time Is Now! 


love love love as always dear Light Tribe!
Solara An-Ra
Frequency Keeper for Gaia

Video - "Equinox 13 Chakra Activation Meditation"  By Soara An-Ra


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