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Solar Light Particles By Emmanuel Dagher
Energy Forecast For September 2023

Heightened Solar Activity


For a good while now, and more so recently, the Sun has been highly active, and that heightened activity has been directly affecting the Earth’s magnetosphere.


The electromagnetic charge and overall vibration of the Sun is very high now and climbing higher, in addition to the increase in the number of very powerful solar flares.


This activity affects the vibration and electromagnetic charge of the Earth, which then affects all living beings on the planet.


All of this activity is part of the increasing vibrations occurring throughout our Universe, including vibrational lifts to all planets and star systems, as well as our own.


The powerful solar Light particles reaching us now are speaking to us energetically, assisting us in moving up in consciousness, in every part of our being.


This is a big journey for our minds, emotions, and bodies to adjust to, leaving us feeling the inner and outer shifts in ways that can be a bit unsettling at times.


For example: Are you finding that your thoughts are all over the place?

Do you feel a bit more emotional, and more tired than usual?


Are the highs feeling extremely high, and the lows—well, you get the picture!

Are memories of the past coming up for you, more so than usual?


If so, know that you are not alone. This is what occurs as so much solar energy enters our planet’s atmosphere, affecting all of us at the same time.


It is helpful that at this point, many of us have come to realize that everything is energy.


So, with this awareness, we know that when there’s some type of energy shift happening (i.e., geomagnetic storms, etc.), everything and everyone is affected by it on some level. 


How else is the solar activity affecting us?


On a global level, the Earth is experiencing potent purges and movements that are assisting Her in preparing for the rapidly evolving consciousness of all Her citizens.


This process is not all butterflies and rainbows, as we’ve seen these past few months with the intense weather patterns, fires, political landscapes, and protests regarding outdated institutions, to name just a few.


However, it is all part of a healing process that’s ushering us into a higher global state of consciousness.


Since we are all interconnected, we as a collective, along with the Earth, are all evolving together.


On a personal level, many of us are also experiencing a great deal of physical and emotional purging that are pushing us to embrace a higher state of being.


Yes, many are feeling disheartened and tired. Yet once we’ve arrived in the not-so-distant future, we will look back and recognize how much growth took place in the minds and hearts of humanity during this time.


It’s important right now more than ever, to not get caught up in the fear campaign created by a select few, created by them to help them believe they have power over others.


As mentioned earlier, you may have noticed that your emotions are all over the place, and not only in response to what is happening out in the world.


One moment, you may be feeling content, balanced, and in your power, and in the next, you’re feeling frustrated, disconnected, and upset.


When this happens, be extra gentle and loving with yourself, as you are most likely experiencing a big healing purge. /.


The mind tends to resist change, because it fears what’s on the other side of it (the unknown). The mind just wants your assurance that it will not be left behind.


So when you notice fear come up, just know that that’s the mind asking for you to reassure it that you have its back, and that you will keep it safe. This gentle redirection of awareness can help you have more compassion for the mind, while creating space between you and the mind’s old coping habits.

Here are some things to help you navigate the intensity of these high energy times:

  • Taking peaceful walks
  • Sitting in nature or under a tree; placing your feet in the grass or earth
  • Listening to music that makes you feel good
  • Dancing / singing
  • Journaling your thoughts and feelings
  • Spending time by a river, lake, or ocean
  • Meditating
  • Performing random acts of kindness in your community / being of service
  • Take a sea salt bath with calming lavender essential oils
  • Laughing
  • Being mindful of your words and actions, and how you’re treating yourself and others
  • Breathwork
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Working with a holistic or healing practitioner
  • Getting a massage
  • Making sure you are hydrated and are eating life-enhancing foods
  • And above all, remembering that you are never alone, and that we are all in this together!


Right now, the lessons, teachings, and gifts we were meant to gain from this and all other lifetimes—the languages, levels, and dimensions of our consciousness, starting from our first point of conception—are being taken on at a highly accelerated rate.


Remember the days when we were given the opportunity to learn our lessons over long, drawn-out periods of time?


We are now processing our personal lessons far more quickly.


The sooner we learn the lessons we were meant to learn, the sooner we can shift out of the patterns keeping us from anchoring a higher state of consciousness.

Even though at times we may feel the current changes are a little too much for us to handle, it’s important to understand that our Spirit knew prior to coming into this physical existence that we would do everything in our power to re-member the Divine Magnificence within ourselves and others.


And that through this remembrance, we would usher in a highly evolved existence based on Love, kindness, and respect for all life. Despite the many changes that can involve!


Video - The Pleiadians Can Create A Stellar Orb For Your Own Healing !




With any healing or activation, there is usually an integration period that follows. If you find yourself feeling a bit more emotional, or more in your mind than usual, or if you are still in patterns that reinforce fear or separation, just know that these are not you anymore.


They are simply the mind’s way of processing and assimilating the new breakthroughs we have co-created in our consciousness, and in the consciousness of humanity.


We will also continue to see a great deal of things come to the surface over the next few months, to be released out of our collective psyche.


The key here is to remain steadfast in knowing that it’s all happening because increasing levels of higher Light are continuing to anchor into the world, moving us in the beautiful direction of higher consciousness.


Depending on where each person is in their level of consciousness, everyone will integrate in the perfect way for them, in their own time.


Being gentle with ourselves, and also honoring the journey of others, wherever they are now (even if it’s not where we “think” they should be), will greatly help to accelerate the mind-healing breakthroughs we have brought into our reality.


Another thing we can do at this time to quickly integrate a mind-healing breakthrough, is to ask questions such as:


Who am I, outside of fear, lack, and separation?

Who am I when I choose to embrace my ego/mind as an extension of my Spirit Self?

Who am I when I am free to love and be all of me?

Who am I when I let go of the need to judge?

Who am I when I fully know and trust that my Spirit is keeping me safe, always?

Who am I when I remember my Divinity?


Once all of these changes sink in fully, the breakthroughs that took place this August will be looked back upon for years to come as a major turning point in humanity’s shift into higher consciousness.


If you haven’t already felt the difference, you will soon.


Tying Up Loose Ends


So, where are we energetically right now?


Having just experienced a major releasing period on our journey, we now have the opportunity to tie up all the loose ends in our lives.


We may notice people and circumstances from our past coming back into our lives (if only for a brief moment), giving us the opportunity to fully resolve all discord, debts, vows, obligations, oaths, contracts, resentments, regrets, and any other imbalances that have still needed tending, therefore keeping us from moving forward.


As we tie up the loose ends, it’s natural that we would go through a re-evaluation of sorts, to see what is really important to us going forward.


Some ways this might manifest for many, is through the realization that we are no longer in the environment, location, partnership, career, or other situation that is best for us.


At the same time, an awakening of deeply buried desires that were once very important to us are coming back up to the surface for us to connect with and bring into fruition.


For many years, many of us ended up settling for relationships (with family, friends, partners), careers, and situations that required us to dim our Light and sweep our own desires under the rug, as if they did not exist.


As we realize more and more that it’s important to honor our truest desires (which are also the desires of the Universe, wanting to express more of itself through us), we begin to see ourselves parting ways with the old reality we once settled for.


Now as we move through the months of September and October, solutions to many of our personal and global concerns will begin to make themselves present.


The only requirement asked of us is to remain aware, open, and willing to work with ideas and concepts that up till now, may have seemed out of reach or beyond the realm of human capability.


Video - The Song Of Pure Awareness -


Creating Balance


As we move through the next chapter of our journey, we are being asked to create a more balanced existence.


As we enter a more balanced existence, we will notice that we no longer need to take extreme measures in order to evolve and grow on our journey. We will be able to align with a gentler, more relaxed approach to living our lives.


Creating inner balance can sometimes seem like a foreign concept to the mind. The reason being, that humans have amassed within themselves thousands of years of narrow mental conditions acquired from cultural traditions, social structures, and belief systems.


These mental conditions affect both the conscious and subconscious mind. Many tend to keep us in a state of inner imbalance, which we have come to accept as normal.


We may not even be aware that these conditions are simply a learned behavior.


For example, since the beginning of our experience on this planet, we humans have collectively internalized beliefs rooted in the idea that in order for us to expand, grow, evolve, and attain our desires, our life must be challenging and hard.


This belief is a coping mechanism the mind uses to remain rooted in patterns of survival, which it uses to protect itself.


The belief that we must struggle or work hard for what we want has also served as a kind of initiation for the mind, helping it feel more accomplished and satisfied after overcoming outer obstacles.


But these beliefs have nothing to do with who we truly are.


They are just energetic patterns the mind has identified with for eons, so it could learn lessons, grow, and evolve.


We can be grateful to our ancestors, and all aspects of ourselves from past and present, for choosing to believe that things had to be limited or hard in order for us to grow and learn from them.


Because all of that brought us to where we are now—to a much more enlightened awareness about ourselves, others, and the world around us.


The energetic baton can now be passed from our unconscious self to our Awakened Self.


We can now begin to see that moving through life and its challenges can be easy, joyful, and even fun!


As we move into higher states of consciousness, our Spirit gives us the opportunity to let go of the need to believe life has to be hard in order for us to grow.


From there, we can begin to achieve a balanced state of being.

Are you ready to move in this direction?


If so, just affirm to yourself and out loud to the Universe, “I am ready to expand and evolve with ease, grace, and joy. And so it is!”

With heartfelt gratitude,

Till next time,

With love,

Emmanuel -


Video - Live In The Divine Love Within Your Sacred Heart !








Melanie Beckler:

Setting intentions and consciously bringing your vibration into resonance with what you are choosing to welcome in your life.

One powerful method for doing this is utilizing affirmations.
Consciously infusing your consciousness with the qualities of the Divine you are now choosing to claim and call forth:

I Am That!
The harmony of the early morning hours offers us a fresh canvas, and morning meditation, and affirmation are both powerful ways to very consciously set the tone for the day ahead.

With each positive affirmation, you're not just setting your intentions for the day but also aligning your vibration with that of abundance, love, and possibility.


Listen to this new Morning I Am Affirmations track every day for 21 days as a part of your morning routine to empower positive blessings in your life.

You can listen as a meditation, or put it on in the background as you're getting ready for work, making breakfast, or diving into whatever other tasks you do in the morning.

With love and bright blessings,











Andara Wholeness Activation By Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved Heart,


We are at an unprecedented Now moment in which we are becoming our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth through our ability to keep our Loving Heart’s open and align through the Sun and Sun’s behind the Sun as the Light of God We Are. A point of surrender and rebirth, in which our Higher Selves enter into our bodies and guide us through the Quantum and Earthly realms.


As our Bodies come online with New Earth, with the Overlighting of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Rays of Creation, we activate the Stargate of our Loving Heart, to expand our Higher Heart Portal through the Three-Fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.


We additionally activate the Pineal Gland, and then further expand into our Power Center, or that which we call our Spiritual Sun Vortex. With deepening levels of Love, sovereignty, freedom, power and compassion, we release judgment, addiction, lesser than and better than consciousness, power issues, and old timelines no longer needing to be experienced.


This facilitates a big shift in consciousness as we shift from our head to our heart, synchronizing our Higher Heart and Higher Mind so all flows as one again.  With this, the antakarana, the rainbow bridge of light, widens and activates through the crown chakra and up and down the spinal column as a Pillar of White Photonic Light.


Additionally, the first seven chakras clear, release and unblock to open up through this increased spin rate of Photonic Light. The bottom chakras open to clear and dissolve old programming, whilst the upper chakras to the back of the body start to detach from the lower chakras as we deepen into Christ Consciousness.


As our body expands with Photonic Light (Soul Light) and the spin rate of each cell increases, our chakras grow huge and merge into One Chakra, creating the Solar Crystalline Light Body (Rainbow Light Body) and the 12 Chakras activate along the spinal column, with the spinal column becoming the central operating system of the body. 


To facilitate this initial process of clearing and unblocking the first seven chakras, we work with the Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid. You can call upon the Sirian High Council to help you with the clearing and unlocking of the first 7 chakras.


The Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid is a beautiful Sirian Plasma Light sphere with Andara Crystal frequencies that activates through each of these seven chakras to clear, release, unblock and increase the spin rate of the chakras, with the sacred geometry primarily that of the star tetrahedron, which additionally assists in the Merkaba activation.


This is where we work through all judgment, as well as lack of worthiness/giving our power to others, as we recognize and dissolving old and unconscious beliefs through the Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am.


Essentially, the Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid aligns us deeper into Zero Point and Photonic Light Infusion. It facilitates the merging, integration, and embodiment of our Galactic Higher Selves, as well as activating the Sirian Light Codes of the Divine Masculine with a softness and gentleness, power, compassion and strength.


Additionally at this level, the first Seven Rays of Creation expand as seven rays of Light above the Crown Chakra, bringing online the first seven DNA Templates.

These Ray frequencies are Divine Will, Love-Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, Harmony, Divine Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Magic. 


Once this process completes, initially through the Higher Mind and then through the Loving Heart, with the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, we activate the vortex of our Higher Heart, called the Golden Heart, and expand our Loving Hearts through the Three-Fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.


Video - Solar Crystalline Light Body & 12 Strand DNA Activation


This facilitates the infusion of Golden Light into the Soular Plexus (Seat of the Soul), which expands from within the Solar Plexus and Diaphragm center. As this Yellow Golden Light becomes a Golden frequency, the infusion of White Photonic Light descends as a Pillar of Light through the Soul Star Chakra and into the Crown Chakra, up and down the spine, and out the Earth Star Chakra and brings online the 12 Body Chakra System in a Rainbow infusion of colors and Light.  


To bring online these 12 New Earth Chakras, we again utilize the Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid of Plasma Infused Light that spirals into each of the 12 chakras along the spinal column and then extends from the Crown Chakra, where it forms a spherical vortex and wheel with 12 equal parts.


 From Yellow to Gold to Rainbow Light, and the higher colors of Magenta and Rose, Aqua, Silver and White, the new hues of color and Light, of the Solar Crystalline Light Body come online.


The Perineum Chakra ignites in a beautiful Maroon and Golden Light

The Base Chakra expresses with Red and Cherry 

The Sacral Chakra merges Orange with Golden Hues

The Hara Chakra moves through the Orange Brown to Golden Amber Browns

The Solar Plexus deepens from Yellow into Golden Hues 

The Diaphragm expands from Lime Green into Golden Green hues and Diamond Light 

The Heart Chakra expands with Emerald Green and Golden Green Hues

The Thymus Chakra, as part of the Higher Heart expands with Pink and Rose 

The Throat Chakra expresses in deep Blues, light Blues and Aqua 

The Causal Body Chakra, as the Base of the Skull, expands with Magenta and Violet and Silver Hues

The Third Eye expresses in Violet and then Silver Rays along with the Eye Chakras, which become Silver in Color

The Crown Chakra deepens from Indigo to Golden Purple Hues  

Above the Body we have the Soul Star Chakra, our Transpersonal Point of Clear White and Diamond Light  

And below the Body we have the Earth Star Chakra, Black with Purple Hues plus hand, feet and knee chakras that further align to New Earth.


Whilst these colors may change with new levels of our Light Body activating beloved hearts, it gives us a good sense of what many of us will be experiencing with the Solar Crystalline Light Body and 12 Body Chakra System.


We then experience the additional Five Higher Earthly Rays activating as we deepen into the Quantum realm and inner plane Ashrams of Light.  This further creates a 12-Pointed Star above the Crown Chakra, holding the frequency of these 12 Rays of Creation, which along with the Chakras, continuously activate the 12 DNA Strands, or rather 24 DNA Strands, as each Strand is a double helix.


The next level of our New Earth realities for Initiates is the ability to experience greater levels of initiations (tests) and the ability to utilize these Rays of Creation as a Multidimensional Map to all that is experienced within our New Earth Realities.


Video - Rays of Creation -










In the center of the heart, a chakra blooms,
A radiant energy, like springtime's perfumed plumes.
Love, the essence that it holds within,
Above all things, where to even begin?
It's a wellspring of compassion, deep and wide,
Where empathy and kindness reside.
The chakra of love, a powerful force,
Connecting us all, on our earthly course.
It teaches us to forgive and to heal,
To understand the pain that others feel.
With love as our guide, we find our way,
Through the darkest night, to the light of day.
So let this chakra's energy flow,
A boundless love that helps us grow.
Above all things, let love be our creed,
For in love's embrace, we find all we need.
Certainly, here's a longer poem about the chakra of love:
In the realm of chakras, shining bright,
The heart's own center, a radiant light.
Above all things, it stands supreme,
The chakra of love, like a beautiful dream.
A vortex of energy, it spins and twirls,
Unfurling compassion like precious pearls.
Its essence is love, pure and divine,
In this sacred space, our souls entwine.
Above all things, it teaches us grace,
To see the beauty in every face.
Empathy's well, it deepens our care,
With open hearts, we're willing to bear.
The wounds of others, the pain they've known,
In this chakra's presence, we're not alone.
Forgiveness blooms like a gentle flower,
In the heart's embrace, we find our power.
It whispers of unity, of love's grand scheme,
In the tapestry of life, we're but a seam.
Yet, this chakra reminds us, we're all connected,
Through love's sweet thread, we are protected.
Above all things, let love be our guide,
In its embrace, our fears subside.
It heals the scars, it mends the rifts,
With love as our compass, our spirits lift.
So open your heart, let love flow free,
In the chakra of love, find harmony.
Above all things, let your love unfurl,
For in love's embrace, we transform the world.
In the chakra of love, profound and deep,
A realm where our innermost feelings sweep.
Above all things, it holds a sacred space,
A sanctuary where love finds its grace.
This energy center, in the heart's abode,
Is more than a feeling, an expansive code.
It's a symphony of emotions, rich and pure,
A radiant light that's meant to endure.
At its core, it's a wellspring of compassion,
A boundless love, not bound by fashion.
Empathy flows like a gentle stream,
In this chakra's presence, we're part of a dream.
Forgiveness, a key, to unlock its power,
In the heart's quiet depths, like a hidden flower.
For above all things, it's forgiveness that frees,
A balm for wounds, a salve for heart's ease.
Connected we are, in this intricate dance,
In the chakra of love, we find our chance,
To transcend the ego, the self's confines,
And embrace the oneness that eternally shines.
In love's grand tapestry, we each have a thread,
A unique path in life, where we're led.
Yet, this chakra reminds us, we're all the same,
In love's warm embrace, we share a name.
Above all things, it's a guiding light,
Illuminating our path, even in the darkest night.
It heals, it mends, it makes us whole,
In love's deep current, we find our soul.
So delve into this chakra's depths with care,
Discover the love that's always there.
For in the heart's embrace, we truly find,
The depth of love, both human and divine.
Video - Ascended Master Kuthumi's Transmission For Living Anchored Into Your Full Divine Presence -




New Transmissions From The Celestial Realms For You !

By Steve Hutchinson


**I am delighted to invite all of you beautiful people to check out my 2nd YouTube Channel that will exclusively have transmissions and meditations that I have channeled myself to help spur the healing & ascension of Mother Earth, and every human being. There are only 4 new ones there so far - but they are powerfully uplifting **
Here is the link for my new channel: Steve -Joyfull 1 -
So when you have a chance - here are 4 new transmissions that I have uploaded there for you to enjoy:
1.The Pleiadian Stellar Orb Can Be Created For Your Own Healing -
2.Healing Deep Rooted Energetic Blockages With Saint Germaine -
3.Live In The Divine Love Within Your Sacred Heart -
**And if you enjoy any of the videos below, I humbly ask that you give it a 'like' and even subscribe to my new YouTube channel. **
Thank you. I love you all and send You Infinite Blessings with the Creator's Energies of Love, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance.









God Exists In All Circumstances By Shanta Gabriel


Shanta's Message:


We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel challenges us to expand our perspective about what we see in the world around us and remember a deeper Truth.

Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.

The idea that God exists in all circumstances can be a very challenging concept. This is especially true when faced with some of the more horrendous experiences people are having around the world.

It is difficult to see how there could be a benevolent Universal Presence working in these situations and yet, another name for God is All That Is.

God is a word that is probably the most volatile and misunderstood word in any language. More wars have been fought in the name of God than for any other reason. For me, when I use the word God, coupled with my understanding from Archangel Gabriel, it means an infinite, All Pervasive Presence of Divine Love and Intelligence.

My challenge in every situation of my life is to remember this Divine Truth as quickly as I can re-focus my attention and begin to pray — not only for the situation and the people involved but also for myself, so I can see from a more expanded perspective and stay in balance emotionally.

I have found the most difficult times for me are those moments when my soul is learning the biggest lessons I came on Earth to receive. At times it is not easy to surrender to this process and recognize there is Divinity working within and for me, but since my commitment in this life is to my Soul's Highest Wisdom, it is imperative that I remember. My life depends on it.

We all want so much to believe that we are not alone, that there is a Presence that exists to support us in life. We feel disconnected and yet in our natural state, we are swimming like a fish in the Divine Substance of All That Is. God is the presence in which we live, move and have our being. There is nothing for us to seek, when in fact this Universal Presence exists all around us, within us and as us — always.

Sometimes when I have separated myself from my divinity, I asked from this deep need in my heart to truly know at the core of my being that the Divine Presence exists within me and within all things. There were times when I ached to Know, truly Know with a capital K, that this is true. It is this longing that draws God to us, but it is our willing acceptance of the Infinite Intelligence and Love being offered that makes it real in our lives.

As always, that is why Faith is important and is an integral part of our life-sustaining, daily Spiritual Practice.


Video - Holy Womb Healing With Cosmic Mother Sophia




Prayer to God - which is your Divine Presence within you:

Divine Presence,

Shanta GabrielThank you for increasing my Faith and my inner knowing. I AM grateful that I have assistance to be open so I can have a personal experience of an Infinite Loving Presence in my life.

Please work in and through all that I AM and all that I do in every moment. Help me to stay in alignment with your Love and Intelligence so I can see that there is a true Divine Order that exists in all life, no matter how it appears.

Thank you for guiding me and lifting my consciousness to a Divine Perspective. I am grateful for all that I need to thrive in my life. I ask to truly Know, to the core of my being, that all my needs are met with Grace and Ease and I AM cared for eternally. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
August 27, 2023


Video - Deepen Into Self-Compassion & Self-Love With Quan Yin



Archangel Gabriel's Message:



Dear One,

The Light of God is always shining and this Divine Light exists in all people, all things and all circumstances. Awareness of this Light will bring it into your consciousness, enabling you to see from an enlightened perspective.
The Divine Presence is the very energy in which you live, move and have your being. This energy is infinite and all-encompassing and exists in all situations. This truth may be difficult to remember at times. In fact, it may appear as though there is nothing but darkness. However, remembering this Divine Power is available will bring Divine Light into every dark circumstance.
Energy follows thought. If you think of God in any situation, the very thought produces illumination, as though a candle were lit in a dark room. When you ask for Divine Order, that prayer directs this high-frequency energy so that you will be surrounded with heavenly light and spiritual solutions will flow through your entire being.
Awareness of Divine Light enlightens every situation. Each time you turn toward the Source of true light, you are blessed. When even one person turns toward the light of God, the earth is blessed. This blessing creates change. At times this change can be instantaneous, at others healing can occur in a less obvious way. Have faith, and know healing happens in accordance with Divine Timing. Always affirm the greater truth in every situation in order to bring your awareness back to the Divine Presence.
When you call upon your guardian Angel, you focus upon Divine Light in the midst of your darkness. Your guardian Angel, and all Angelic messengers from God, are here to assist you in bringing more Light and Love into your life. No matter what it looks like, no matter how dire the circumstances may appear to be, you will receive immediate assistance when you call on the Angels for help. Ask for what you truly want in your life. Do your best not to focus on how bad things seem to be, but turn your attention toward the Light, and you will indeed find the situation enlightened.
By being aware of the simple truth that God exists in all situations, you can bring Light into your life. Turning your attention toward the Divine by the use of your breath can change the energy frequency in your world. Remember to create a cocoon of protective, nurturing light around you by giving yourself time to breathe balanced breaths and to pray for the qualities you want to see manifest in your life. These you can place with intentional respect in your protective energy field.
Where your focus goes, energy flows. The question is: do you want to dwell in darkness or in light? It is your choice. Return through your breath to a divine Cocoon of Golden Light. You will come to the place where you are safe, surrounded and filled with God’s love at all times. Your world will begin to change when you turn your attention to this loving Presence of Divine Eternal Light.
This may all seem too easy. However we will ask you to remember that your message from the Angels today is:

Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
August 27, 2023

Video - Healing With Crystalline Rainbow Light & Ascended Master Quan Yin -



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