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Information About Sirius

Astrologically Sirius consists of 3 stars, Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C. Sirius is most commonly known as the Dog Star and is a member of the constellation Canis Major. It is approximately 8.7 light years away from earth and is one of the most brilliant stars in the night sky.
On the etheric level, Sirius is one of the more advanced training centres (universities) to which Ascended Masters travel to. It is also one of the seven paths to higher evolution which each soul chooses upon achieving ascension. All souls are more that welcome to Sirius for if you have arrived here then it is a step forwards in your development. There are many different reasons that souls arrive at Sirius. It can be about healing, spiritual education, spiritual development and deep transformation on many levels. For me it was everything, and I am pleased I was able to access this level of healing and education that was required.

"The Healing Chambers" on Sirius
On first arrival to Sirius, you will be over lighted to the necessary place that is right for you. Here you will receive a transmission which is delivered to you directly either on the etheric plane or in your meditations. It could be a healing, teaching, guidance or just you making a connection to a part of your true spiritual self that needs re awakening.
As you can see there are many chambers and levels connected to Sirius, so I will explain about these healing chambers. These are exactly what they say they are, "Healing Chambers". You can access these chambers by making a connection to the powerful energies each room vibrates at. These rooms are over lighted by the many beings of Sirius. They are magnificent beings who are gifted with the esoteric knowledge of God, as these beings vibrate with the mantle of God and Goddess consciousness.
Each chamber is unique as is each master who over lights the chamber. Each chamber vibrates at a certain "frequency" or at certain creation codes that are imprinted within your divine blueprint. That is why you are drawn to certain chambers, you are responding to a "call" made from a soul level. Here in these chambers, you are given healing, guidance, help and initiations to what ever level you have requested it. Sirius is just one doorway into the galactic core of our known Universe. It is a step up to a greater evolution for yourself and your spiritual family. As you evolve, so does your over lighting team of healers and masters. Who knows, one day you could be one of the next teachers healing teaching, over lighting and guiding souls along their path.
There are many Ascended Masters connected to Sirius, and also beyond. These Masters are known as "E.T" masters. These great beings are actually Ascended Masters who have evolved from planetary level to universal level. Their energy is vast, quite immense but as we are still evolving to that level of consciousness, the physical body would not be able to hold that level of vibration. These beings true nature was as humans but they have evolved through time and space into multi universal masters. These beings are of a high vibration, loving nature and are called Christed Beings "one who is fully anointed with the light". You may have heard some of these groups of enlightened beings, the Pleaidians, Ashtar Command, Andromeda, Sirians, Vega and there are many others waiting to come through. These beings are ready to make contact with you. So many of you feel their presence in your heart and soul.
Many of you know that you are highly evolved powerful beings from other dimensions and some of you are still awakening to these connections. It is time now to move forwards on your journey. It is time to reclaim your heritage and stand in the power of your glorious divine being. It is time to reawaken and remember who you are, and it is time to reconnect yourself to your true spiritual nature as an empowered divine being!

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