September's Earth Magic and Wisdom...By Melanie Beckler


Happy September!

Are you feeling the winds of change stirring within the Earth and within you as we quickly head towards the Equinox?

Nature offers such a profoundly beautiful reflection for us as we journey through our lives on Earth!

The guidance now?

Change and let go.

Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere and feeling the first stirrings towards autumn...

Or in the Southern Hemisphere observing the first signs of the Earth waking up and moving into Spring...

We're now experiencing one of those magical points of the year where Nature is seasonally rebalancing!

Pay attention and tune into Gaia's wisdom of effortlessly moving through change to bring that same energy of re-balancing, ease and willingness to flow through change into your own experience.

Breathe in the new levels of Light and open your heart to receive the inspiration, activations and downloads available to you in the moment.

Remember that you are deeply guided and supported...

It's just about tuning into that level of awareness!

Trust in the process, let go of any attachments as to what has been, and surrender!

Surrendering isnt about giving up... It's about releasing the outcome to the Divine and allowing the highest possibilities to unfold as you trust and are guided by joy, love and Spirit.

Have a beautiful now and a joyful abundant September!

With love and blessings,


Integrating and Embodying Ascension Light

Integrate and embody ascension light... Click to learn a simple process for receiving and integrating higher levels of light and ascension energy now.

A new stream of ascension energy and Divine light frequency is here!

With new and higher levels of light emerging from within the Earth, broadcast through the Great Central Sun, and opening within you!

This means there's an opportunity…

To activate your light body in a new way and align with the highest possibilities for your life in the physical now…

Are you ready to open and integrate new levels of your Divine Light codes?

This serves to activate your highest embodiment within your physical being, and reconnects you with your innate gifts, soul passions, and really, with your most radiant life!

So… To receive the light upgrades…

To experience the activations, and to truly use this energy surge to increase your radiance…

Create an opening for higher light in your life … By making time to enter inward!

Video - "Receiving Activations of Light - Simple Ascension Meditation Process" By Melanie Beckler -

Breathe, relax and tune into the light already shining within you…

Turn your attention inward to consciously tune into, feel and bask in the light already brightly shining within your heart center…

As you simply feel and experience your inner light within your heart, call forth an elevated positive emotion within you!

Focus on the sheer joy of creation…

On incredible gratitude for being alive.

Focus on what it would feel like for your deepest dreams and for the highest and most vibrant possibilities for your life to be made manifest.

Really feel this within your heart center. Opening your heart and allowing your heart light to expand in 365 degrees around you!

Call forth from the infinite an elevated feeling of gratitude, joy, presence, and love.

And allow your heart light to expand.

See, feel, hear, know, and experience your heart light brightly shining within in a very real and very powerful way.

And know that focusing on the light in this way allows it to expand and calls even more forth!

Let your energy open and expand as you now imagine you're breathing light in from 365° all around you.

Allow the light to fill your surroundings, fill your aura and light you up from the inside out…

Imagine, call forth and experience the light flowing into, waking up and illuminating your every cell!

Shine as the light being you are!

Let your vibration lift, and allow an entirely new level of your light emerge.

Bask in the light of your open heart.

Now feel your heart light flowing down…

Traveling down through the layers of the Earth all the way to the core.

Connect with the healing, nurturing, wise, and empowering light of Gaia Mother Earth.

Send your love and blessing to the Earth…

And receive the healing, love, and light of the Earth that will most serve…

Allowing the Earth energy to flow up in through the bottom of your feet, up along your spinal column…

Filling your entire core with incredible life force energy… Golden Divine Light.

Now once again tuning into your heart center…

Allow your energy to flow upwards…

Up out the crown chakra at the top of your head…

Up through your Soul Star chakra… Up into the light.

Up above the light, above the realms of angels, up into the Cosmos, up through stars, and galaxies…

Up into direct presence with Source.

Feel your connection with Source, God, All That Is.

Receiving whatever it is you most need now…

As you simply bask in the light of the infinite, the light of Source.

And now allow this light to flow down…

In a brilliant pillar of Divine light.

Lighting up your Ascension Column… Your Ascension Pillar…

A brilliant pillar of Divine light that is all around you… within you… Reaching up into direct oneness with Source… And reaching down into direct oneness with


You at the center…

Your heart open…

Shining with light.

Breathe in and feel your energy flowing upward… Uniting with Source, the Infinite, All That Is.

And as you exhale feel your energy grounding… Flowing down… United with Gaia, Earth, and all of life.


And feel the light within and all around you.

Be the light.

Be the lightbeing you are.

The bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Rainbow Bridge fully awakened through love, gratitude and presence…

Allow your light to shine…

And now send forth the blessings of joy, love, gratitude, true fulfillment, radiant light and infinite possibility towards humanity, towards the Earth, towards your family, friends and acquaintances…

Flow forth love, light, gratitude, peace and wellness out into the infinite to reach, bless and uplift All That Is.
Reconnecting with the grids of crystalline light flowing throughout Creation…

Reconnect with the new streams of light consciousness flowing into this present moment here and now.

And allow the light in.

Let it light up your heart, inspire your mind, clear your energy and activate the highest levels as to what is truly possible for you on your ascension path, and in your life…

Experience what is really possible for you to be, embody and experience and feel gratitude for it in this very moment here and now!

The light is here, but it's up to you to choose it, to consciously attune your energy to the higher levels, and to allow your next levels of light and embodiment in.

… And when you do, know that you will certainly begin to see affirmation of this within and around you.As your light shines bright and flows forth ripples of blessing and positive energy to benefit all!

And so it is.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

Video - "Experience The Levels & Dimensions Of Your Christ Consciousness"

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