What is Sacred Geometry? It is the Divine Love and Light that connects and supports all of creation.

A great introduction is found here:


There are plenty of items to research: Golden ratios, Fibonacci sequence (interesting that 144 is one of those numbers which corresponds with the 144,000 mentioned in sacred texts).

Examples of Sacred Geometry:


Sea shells

Snail shells

Spider webs

Pine cones

Tree trunks once cut (the rings)

Our ears

Our fingerprints




Our noses


Ice crystals (Snowflakes)

Trees have a pyramid shape (small branches on top, big branches on bottom)

Grid lines on Earth


Our eyes

Our mouths

Our hands

Our feet

Our whole body shape (head to feet = diamond)

Ice crystals (Snowflakes)


honey combs

turtle shells


Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets

Search your favorite shape in nature in an images search in a search engine and you may be surprised about the oneness and interconnection of life. 


Photo above from https://tumamocsketchbook.com/2021/05/what-is-the-golden-spiral-to-...

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Everything in life is connected. Namaste. 

 I never understand geometry ,also spiritual geometry .What are the mean of triangle ,rectangle etc mean and it's number ?How you make this ,how you understand specific shapes .Thank you

Triangle is the sign of the trinity- Will, Love/Wisdom, Activity or Father Son Holy Spirit/Shekinah etc. Creator in manifestation. Spiral is how energy progresses through dimensions. Pyramids (triangles) are lined up with Great Central Sun to attract spirals. 


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