Recognising Your Pathway To Embody Your Soul & The Creator By Steven Hutchinson ... And ... This Next Doorway Of Light Has Been Seeking You...And...Embody the Light of the Divine Being You Are

Recognising Your Pathway To Embody Your Soul & The Creator By Steven Hutchinson

Let's all send a sacred request into the Universe of the Creator to be heard by and touch your Soul & Soul Group and all sacred loving Star Beings. This request comes from our hearts and souls, from the essence of our being, and the source of our truth. We request that the sacred loving Star Beings who wish to be of service now to assist me and all ready to accept your assistance in consciously embodying our Soul & The Creator, and in recognising our most appropriate pathway to do this.

I know myself to be already connected to my pathway of returning to oneness with my Soul & The Creator. I know this because I recognise the presence and influence of my Soul & The Creator daily.

I place my trust now in the Star Beings and my Soul & The Creator to support me and all of us in gaining a greater sense of understanding, inspiration, and enlightenment regarding the physical manifestation of our pathway to the Creator and how we may embody our Soul & The Creator upon the Earth.

May my pathway to do this shine like a beacon guiding me forth to experience multiple awakenings, transformations and synthesis with the Creator. Unfold my conscious awareness of the Creator in me and in all every moment until I reach a point of continuous communion with and conscious awareness and embodiment of my Soul & The Creator.

Star Beings, I request that you support me in my expanding awareness as you oversee my awakening and self-discovery of my Soul & The Creator. Make me alert and aware of the physical actions, connections and encounters that reveal to me & help me embody my Soul & the Creator, and that help reveal my pathway that encourages me to be in harmony, balance and serenity with my Soul & the Creator and my pathway to the Creator.

Go within and ask now, what is my pathway to my Soul & The Creator on the Earth? How can I remember my oneness and unity with my Soul & The Creator? How can I embody my Soul & The Creator?

Write down any insight that comes to your awareness

Aligning Each Of Your Energetic Bodies With Your Inner Power

We call upon the Pleiadians Emissaries of Light to place millions of Energetic Blue Stars into your mental body. Breathe in and our of your mental body and let yourself feel how the scintillating Blue Stars are energetically uplifting and cleansing the mental body, releasing negative thought forms and beliefs, and helping release all negative perceptions of your power. Call forth your Inner Love & Power & let them merge with the Power of the Blue Stars... and let go & be healed.

Now Ask within:
‘What is the purpose of connecting your inner power & love with your mental body?
What will connecting your inner power & love to your mental body promote?
What quality/qualities require to be expressed from your inner power & love to your mental body?

Feel the quality/qualities growing and expanding within your being.
Emanate the quality/qualities until it connects into the blue stars in your mental body.
The blue stars within your mental body expand and radiate your love & power, grounding it into your mental body. This creates shifts throughout your entire being.

Then you can do this same process with each of your energy bodies, one at a time...asking the Pleiadians to place millions of Blue Stars into your emotional, etheric, & spiritual bodies...then follow the same process & go within and ask the same questions.

This practice can be achieved many time as you will recognise new aspects of your inner power & love.

Call Forth Special Activations from Pleiadians

➢ Request the anchoring and full synthesis of the highest vibration of each of your energy bodies and physical body into all aspects of your life.
➢ Request synthesis and balancing of all your bodies, and between all your bodies, with the purpose of you receiving a constant flow of light, love and enlightenment from your Soul & The Creator.
➢ Request an updated version of the Creator’s Blueprint of your Soul that's divinely perfect for you to be anchored and activated within your being now.
➢ Request the expansion of your ability to consciously receive information, knowledge and wisdom from your Soul & from all Divine Beings of God's Love & Light.
➢ Request to hold within your hands, heart or third eye the Pleiadian Crystal of World Service to re-pattern your being and perceptions and discover your place/role within spiritual World Service.
➢ Request Pleiadian light downloads to assist you in receiving, embodying and manifesting all you wish to experience on the Earth and the guidance of your soul & The Creator.
First create an intention of that which you wish to receive, embody or manifest. Then state your intention to the Pleiadians and ask to receive the most appropriate Pleiadian light download. Enjoy the process of receiving.
➢ Request from The Mahatma the Divine Energy for you to embody from the most appropriate vibration & dimension of the Creator that will help you connect with the Universe of the Creator in a more expanded way than you have ever experienced before.
➢ Request from Lord Buddha & The Pleiadians the awakening & embodiment in your Higher Heart Chakra the divine healing energy of your Soul & The Creator.
➢ Request from your Soul & The Pleiadians the awakening and embodiment of the Divine Energy of Serenity throughout your Whole Being.
Thank You My Soul & The Creator & The Pleiadians & all The Divine Beings called upon for manifesting everything requested in my Whole Being ... And So It All Manifests !
Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love & Light to all of you,
Video: "Fully Embody & Manifest Your Soul & The Creator In Your Life Now ! By Steven Hutchinson" -

This Next Doorway Of Light Has Been Seeking You - As you are seeking it!

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Everything that you see in the landscape of your eyes and heart is yours.  It belongs to no other but you.  The responsibility that you hold for your world is held within your line of sight every minute of every day.

By adhering to laws of purity, you will heal your internal and external worlds.  By adhering to laws of divinity, you will by-pass the speed limit of earth limitations. 

This next doorway of light that you enter into has been seeking you – as you are seeking it.  All things that your heart desires are made manifest through your yearnings, however, these manifestations do not always take the form you so instructed.

View your daily events as a heart’s desire that has manifested on a tangible level.  Look forward to each morning with a knowing that you will surpass the previous day's limitations.  It matters not how you entered the field of inquiry.  It matters only that you enter.  The stages of judgment that you place upon your self are yours for the birthing and yours for the dismantling.

Seek not the approval of those in your world, those in your family, or those in your heart – but seek the approval of your soul and your fine light.  For never in your external world will others hold you up to the light that you are so destined to hold.  It is in this knowing that you will by-pass many obstacles that you have self-imposed from your beginning. 

Each day give to your self – a quality and quantity of love that you feel comfortable in receiving. You give to yourself truth that you feel comfortable hearing. the Universe – your Mother/Father/God – does not ask you to learn through negativity or fear or pain, That is a human choice.

Every morn with your first breath back from the light realms declare “on this day, I will receive all that brings me joy and light and love. I am not available for this day to be bad or negative or filled with worry. I will not allow this day to destroy my dreams, my hopes, or my hearts desires. 

I will embrace this day with the fullness of my divinity.  I no longer choose to learn the hard way. I choose Light,knowing that what I set my thoughts upon in this day shall be rendered free to manifest, and so it shall be.  

I will fly with winged horses far above what keeps me limited.  For it is I and not another that clips the wings of my soul and drowns my dreams.  On this day, I cease blaming others for what I do not have, for what I do not feel, for what I do not experience.  For the voice of the divinity within me is loud and clear.  

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - PO box 217 - Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 -

Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings of Light !"

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Embody the Light of the Divine Being You Are

Embody the Light of the Divine Being You Are By Melanie Beckler

Breathe and allow your heart to open, for this heart opening remains the key for you to truly experience all that you are. To enter inward through your heart center, drawing upon the great bank and reserve of all that you have been, of all that you will be, of all that is known and all that is unknown, tuning into your power within the infinite, the power within the greater all, and your direct connection with everyone and everything, with All That Is, with God, Source, Light, and Life.

Through your being and through your awareness you are the container for all of this. Through your heart level of awareness you empower this greater presence and Divine embodiment to shine through you.

Allow your Divine presence to brightly shine within and to ripple out from your heart center into every cell of your physical being.

Shine forth your light into the outer world, to bring your outer reality into harmony and sync with the divinity you carry within.

And so, within and around you, with awareness and presence, the Divine can be felt in all. You witness all that is Divine. The miracle in every moment, the light and silver lining in every situation … The harmony, prosperity, peace, abundance, potential and truth can be seen, felt and experienced in the external when you embody and shine forth this same divine presence from within.

You know how to do this, for this is who you are. Embodying your divine being is your birthright. And although yes, you have been entangled in societal beliefs and conditioning and often constructs of mind, fear and even energies of manipulation.

But understand that you as an empowered divine being can choose to cut these cords and release these attachments and let them go, more fully allowing the brilliance of your inner radiance to shine through, to express through all that you do.

Keep your heart open, keep shining bright, hold the field of love, and see the blessings of the divine in the external as a mirror of the divine being you are.

Melanie Beckler

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Video: "Tune Into & Embody The Flames of Love, Light, & Power of Your Soul With Melanie Beckler"

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