Non Physical Ascension seats- love seat of Sai Baba - any other which you know & tried

Many of you from Dr Joshua Stone books/articles already tried various Physical Ascension seats either in meditation or intending the soul/etheric body to visit them while in waking state doing normal daily activities. I have only read few articles related to any of Joshua's materials from internet. So i dont remember/know much of non physical ascension seats, only Sai Baba's ascension seat. I tried Sai Baba's & its more soothing. I also had thought that just like master/avatar Sai Baba we could try connecting to any masters,gods/goddesses,angels while in waking state like this, i guess few of readers might have done this, i also tried 2/3 others & felt small energy shift. I request you to try this, ie to connect with few of your favorite divine beings in waking state & comment your experiences so that many valuable insights could be learned

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Hello, I work with the acension seats :-), their are many of them.

You can try the acension seat in Shamballa which is real great to visit and also good for the begining of visiting ascension seats. It is under the guidance of Sanat Kumara. You can just say: I aks to be taken to the ascension seat (name it) and staye their for (length of time).

All Acension Seats in the list are wounderfull.

If you like you can althought visit: Dwahl Kuhls Synthesis Ashram and Saint Germains Ashram and maybe we meet their :-)

Hey Vishnu! 

I have also tried most of the ascension seats in Dr. Stone's books, and my favorites are definitely the Light Synthesis Chamber of the Arcturains and Helios' ascension seat in the solar core. The reason for this, is that they both give a lovely sensation of wellbeing that is hard to explain. This is especially the case for the light synthesis chamber, that just makes u feel real goooooood :D 

All the best 

You can also visit the Archangel Ascension Seats


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