Thanks to Chris Comish for the attunements to the 12 planetary and 8 cosmic rays.

After you are attuned to the rays their is a very easy method to use the rays. Sit or lay in an comfortable position and say or think "first planetary ray ON".

If you can feel subtle energies you can feel the energy of the Ray. This works for every planetary and cosmic ray. You can say the activation sentence more often to strengthen the effect and repeat it after a time so it works longer.

I find the rays very effective for personal development, purification and ascension purpose. You can use the Rays on others. Say or think "first planetary ray on for (Name)" then it flow for them. The first 7 rays I experience as the very fabric of our reality here on earth. From my point of view their are the primal energies which manifests in many different forms.

If you call upon a ray you are calling in the pure form of the topic that the ray is about so you are purifying and developing the aspects of you and your life which this ray stands for. Every ray has it special aspects, divine attributes and ascended master or cosmic light being.

Please read the manual from Chris Comish about planetary and cosmic rays if you are interested in this.

In the attunement process which is described in the manuals of Chris Comish i added after receiving the attunement:

I ask MY MIGHTY IAM PRESENCE to spin my MER KA BAH for permanent integration, anchoring and utilization oft the (Number of Ray) planetary or cosmic Ray.

It is wise to repeat the attunements after a while because then much higher frequencies can be anchored, integrated and utilized by you.

Because it will take at least 120 Minutes to do all attunements again their is a way to actualize the rays which is quicker but not so profound as re doing all attunements:

You can say: Master El Moray, Master Kutuhmi and Dwahl Kuhl, Master Serapis Bay, Master Paul the Venitian, Master Hilarion, Master Jesus (Sanada) and Lady Nada, Master Saint Germain and Master Sanat Kuamra please update and actualize my attunements in the planetary rays in which you attunented me for my highest joyful good.

It may take 14 Minutes to actualize all planetary Rays.    

Some of my experiences to the rays:

1 Ray: I like to call the first Ray to purify my own power, will and also for grounding. I find it very use full because it helps me to accept and develop my power. It also helps to release imprints of misuse of power which can make that you reject your power. Their is no blessing in being powerless specially not in a world which needs your divine assistant. I found a synergies of this Ray with the energy system my power mastery from Mariah Windsong Couture which can be found in her Book Attune to Divinity. I use the first Ray after i used the techniques from my power mastery and found the effect astonishing.

2 Ray: I found this ray smoothing and gentle, feminine and i like to call him when i have to just let things be and not overdoing something. I found a new to me and very useful way to use the second ray. When ever I feel anger or something in this direction i say 2 planetary Ray on loud or mental and so on the topic is purified with love.

3 Ray: I like the 3 Ray very much it helps with personal initiation and the master of this ray is Seraphis Bey and so i experience an Egyptian energy in the ray which i like because i am connected to the ancient Egyptian times. I also feel that this ray enables to make intellectual discussions in a constructive manner and that it heals the sacral chakra area of the body.

4 Ray: This ray I felt harmonizes my entire energies so that they work together in harmony which leads to synergy. This ray also harmonizes relationship and all other aspects of life. Great to connect the lower aspects with the higher aspects.

5 Ray: The 5 ray helped me to be concrete with things. It helps me like and know concrete facts about many things.

6 Ray: This ray helps to release imprints of misuses of religion and i like the feeling of devotion and idealism.

7 Ray: The ray of magic, transformation and freedom! It helps to purify many blockages about magic and also the disbelieve of things like magic. It can awaken others when used for them. Their maybe some clearing and ascension symptoms you experience while working with the Ray especially for the topic the Ray stands for.

8 Ray: The higher cleansing ray is a great blessing. I experienced that this ray can clean anything and it works on many levels and from i call it meta perspective.

There are two ways I like to use this Ray. For general use i just say or think 8 planetary rays on and then my higher aspects and Sanat Kumara who is the master of all higher planetary rays and other light beings and the energy of the ray itself works on what is the best now. The ray is very good to clean the subconscious and often I was astonished by there were something cleansed I could not describe in words, and I was not copiously aware of before.

A second manner to use the ray is to use a topic. Just say or think "8 planetary ray On for the topic of (name of topic)." Topic really can be anything even physical symptoms or illness. The ray cleanse even karma because it cleanses entire situations from your past and now.

I got the information that it can even clean the future but his is not tested yet by me. It is wonderful how this ray works. For example if you tell as a topic an illness, it will cleanse all things with is not in alignment with God and your highest purpose and good on the topic of the illness even all situation which leads to the illness in all times, the karma related to it and I witnessed that even in the akashic records related things were deleted after there is no use for it to remember things that never happened.

You can activate the rays also in everyday situations and you can ask that a ray flow to completion so that the ray works without your conscious focus on a topic. Every of the higher planetary rays can be used on a topic. This is true for the lower rays also but i especially found it uses full to use it with the higher rays.

In terms of serious topics it is wise to reactivate the 8 ray often in a session and then wait a few days to see what's happens.

9 Ray: The ninth ray helps to attract the body of light and to develop your full potential. It is the ray of joy and joy is a very vital aspect. If you feel joy in doing something this is a good hint that you are on your way. I use the 9 Ray after clearing work to fill up the cleared state with joy and greatness of my highest potential. I like to use this ray after as was in crowded places like cities or in situation where people do not believe in the highest version of themselves and project this on others to align me with my spiritual growth and the self realizing of my highest potential. You can use the ray on a topic to develop something: For example “9 planetary Ray On topic my telepathy”.

10 Ray: The Ray of anchoring and Lock In. Yes i love this ray. It locks in things you have learned. After I received a powerful wake up call 5 years ago my spiritual development felt as it was beyond the speed of light and many things must be locked in and anchored and this ray is especial there for. When something is anchored and locked in it is secured. You can use the 10 Ray on a topic to. Just use for the topic anything you wished to lock in or anchor in you.

11 Ray: I am in the progress of understanding this ray, so I can only give you my first experience. It seems like it cleanse blockages and low vibration imprints in relation to love and wisdom and first connects and then transforms these aspects to a higher state of unconditional love and universal wisdom. It is also a very strong clearing ray which works even deeper as the 8 ray. It feels really good when I used this ray and I feel that it helps me a lot in my process of being an ascended and enlightened being in the new golden Age. It is possible to anchor this ray into structures like houses or places or temples or garden to make them to a bridge into the new age. Say: 11 planetary Ray please anchor into this (name, or just point with your finger on it).

12 Ray: The golden Ray of the new Age contains all other planetary rays and cosmic light. I like to call this ray because it anchors the new age in me and increases my ability to be in Christ Consciousness and it smooths the work with all other rays because it contains all rays. It can also use on a topic so this topic becomes cleared in the unconditional love light of the new age. It is a Ray of the bigger picture for me and a Ray that gives hope to all of us.

To be continued for the cosmic rays...

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Thanks for sharing your experience! The information was very useful. Reading about the feedback of people after taking attunements is informative. Also, thanks for mentioning the ways your are using it. I'm interested in some of these rays.

Will wait for your experience with the Cosmic Rays.

Thank you for your appreciation! I will write about the cosmic rays soon.


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