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Mother Mary's Blessings Flowing To You


I am visiting Mother Mary's House in Izmir, Türkiye, today and would like to share her blessings that will flow through me with whoever intends to receive them.


You can benefit from this blessing even if you receive this email late. Sacred gifts work in magical ways, in your highest good, with your awareness and intention. 


I will meditate and share with her what we are doing together.


"Dear Mother, we are working on the collective evolution, creating a world of love, truth, compassion, kindness, and peace and holding the light for whoever needs it at this time of transition. We support our Earth Mother and say 'yes' to our soul's evolution and mission."


Since arriving here, I have connected with multiple energy streams carrying the vibes of many sacred traditions.


The energies of Lemuria and Atlantis can be felt through the water, and the Goddess's energy can be felt in a very clear way with nature connection.


I have been channelling a lot of love and light to our Earth Mother and the collective, will continue to do so.


Wherever we go, the mission of the New Earth and New Human continues to expand and spread with us in new ways.

If you are willing to participate, state your intention to receive what serves your path and mission in your own time. Just hold the intention. I will do the same.


We are leading the New Earth mission by aligning with it and embodying it.


I hope to deliver a workshop in Turkish for the lightworkers here regarding aligning with the New Earth consciousness, our roles and leadership during this Shift. Upon my return to London, I plan to organise one in English.


*Some photos are below, to say "hi". Got the swim suit here. It has white and pinkish roses.


Mary, Mother of All ~ This is a non-denominational Healing Meditation to connect with your Sacred Dream and the Unconditional Love & Grace of the Divine through the consciousness and Spirit of Mother Mary. Mother Mary is here for everyone, regardless of religious tradition. A sacred space will be created for you to lay down your burdens, surrender your worries and pain and spill your heart to her in prayer as well as to receive her Divine inspiration, Blessing and Energy Healing.



Video Link: Mother Mary's Meditation: Sacred Dereaming Healing, & Grace -



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with love and joy,

Nusra Sahin
Founder& Teacher
School of Multidimensional Consciousness



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